Xenoblade deserves a new Smash Rep and doesn't get the respect it deserves.

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Oct 25, 2017
So we had a disappointing reveal of yet another Fire Emblem character in Smash, which brings the grand total of FE characters in Smash to 7 (8 if you want to count Chrom being an echo fighter). Like with many people I was extremely disappointed with the news, now don't get me wrong I really enjoyed FE: 3H but to have another FE character be a smash rep honestly feels like it staking the piss. It also makes me feel like Nintendo just see's the Xenoblade series as an afterthought or just doesn't give a damn about it. Like we get it Three House's was a big success and it's understandable that they want to celebrate and help promote it. Do you know what other game did really well, Xenoblade 2. It sold close to 2 million copies and yet all it gets is a few mii costumes, spirits and songs. Yes I understand it didn't make the cut because it came out after the cut off point but how does that excuse Three Houses which released closed to 2 years after XC2. Xenoblade 2 absolutely deserved a proper rep before Three Houses did.

Now putting XC2 aside, what about Xenoblade X? Sure it didn't sell anywhere near as well as XC2 but it still sold over 500,000 copies which for a JRPG on a dying console was really good (which also absolutely deserves a Switch port). The most logical representative would be Elma, who would be a perfect fit for the game. Her gameplay can consist of being able switch between Dual Swords and Guns and create copies of herself, she could make for a really interesting character. Hell with Byleth's reveal Cross could be an interesting character to add, yet after 4 years since XCX release both get completely shafted.

Most of Nintendo's other properties have at least 2 characters representing them yet Xenoblade only has 1 with that being Shulk who's game is close to 10 years old now. In that time span we have had 2 more Xenoblade games (3 if you count Torna) and nothing to show for it. All we Xeno fans are asking for, is just give us some love too yeah whether it be Elma or Cross, Rex w/ Pyra and Mythra.

Fortunately with Fighter Pass 2 announcement along with the Xenoblade Remake, hopefully there may still be a chance.

(I apologise if my post comes across as a rant or hostile, I just want the Xenoblade series to get it chance as well)
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