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XXXTentacion Rejected for Grammys In Memoriam Segment

Sep 14, 2018
how many white scumba... oh, i see there's already a pedo defense force for a white guy.

and i don't even care for XXX but the racial bent on this is just like when Spotify decided to punish bad people, but only the Black ones.
Oh is there someone here advocating for letting white domestic abusers off the hook? What's the point of this dumbass whataboutism in a conversation about the consequences of terrorizing a woman of color? Go vent somewhere else.
W☥ke twitter will be up in arms framing this as an attack on the black community while the rest of woke twitter will rightfully point out that he regularly and violently attacked women in the black community.

The cycle goes on and on.
Woke with that symbol means “Hotep” right?

Tell that to his family. It’s crazy how people who don’t even know you can be happy you got shot. Don’t quote me either, I’ll end up getting a ban if I spazz out.

PS I never even listened to his work.
Can we not with this shit?
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Oct 25, 2017
I liked him meh

And from my understanding, the reason his trial went on for such a long time is because his ex at the time admitted to lying about stuff - I've forgotten the details though.

Regards idc, still liked his music.
I'll take celebrity worship and the human psyche for $500, Alex.
Oct 25, 2017
Good. A pos doesn't become a hero when he dies. I don't know why we struggle with this so much. You don't have to shit talk them when they die, but you also don't need to lie about how great they were.