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Y'all, fingernails are weird.

Fingernails bad?

  • Yes.

    Votes: 60 25.5%
  • Nah

    Votes: 175 74.5%

  • Total voters
Oct 4, 2018
Fingernails are FINE, in fact, they're very useful for detatching flat LEGO tiles from each others,
my older brother used to always ask me for help with them, because he had made the bad habit of chewing on his fingernails, so his were very weak for that work.

On the other hand (ha!), toenails ARE weird, and a mildy unfuriating nuisance
  • they serve no pratical purpose
  • they hurt like hell when you stub them
  • they can get hooked on your sock's strands, which is uncomfortable as hell
  • (only somewhat in the case of my pinky, especially for older people) they get swallowed by the skin and/or grow in weird clumps of keratin
Oct 27, 2017
I inexplicably let my nails grow out until they're around 3-4mm long, but they can't really get any longer because they inevitably start getting obnoxiously wavy at the tips, the middle finger especially. I work with my hands a lot too, so it's probable that I'll inadvertently snap off the tip of a nail at some point, resulting in a silly straight edge on the end of a nail. I think the longest I've ever managed to let a nail grow was 5mm.