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You are given the power to revive one classic JRPG franchise out of Suikoden, Chrono, Breath of Fire and Ogre Battle. The others will never return.

Ye shall be as dogs.

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Jan 24, 2018

Suikoden. With Murayama writing and Ishikawa art. I'd ask for Miki Higashino on music again but she's retired now. :(


Feb 23, 2019
I am one of those snobby collectors that can’t stand the oncoming inevitability of an all-digital future. I know, I know, beggars can’t be choosers. I keep hoping one day a physical complete copy will pop up.
Oh then I know what you mean, spent $180 for Suikoden 1, and $250 for Suikoden 2. Luckily, I started on Suikoden 3 and continued on with 4 and 5 and got those when they were new at $60.


Nov 27, 2017
Kitwe, Zambia.
Breath of fire. Crono is barely a franchise in my eyes. It was done and dusted

BOF was brutally murdered by Capcpom. Competent Capcom can do it right.


Oct 25, 2017
Oh then I know what you mean, spent $180 for Suikoden 1, and $250 for Suikoden 2. Luckily, I started on Suikoden 3 and continued on with 4 and 5 and got those when they were new at $60.
Sealed or complete? I’m not that snobby, yet, that I need sealed but complete is a bare minimum for me. I got lucky with S1 — found it at a thrift store before the practice of looking everything up on Ebay became prevalent — and S2 — buddy in college sold me both S2 and Disgaea 1 for $40 total. S3 I think I found at one of those unannounced Circuit City clearances where a bunch of games were $10 if you actually scanned them. S4 I believe was through FamilyVideo.com back when they has really nice deals on used games online. S5 has eluded me. Also, I’m strangely proud of you for forking out $250 for S2 — a fan of my own heart.


Oct 27, 2017
Chrono doesn't need another game, and I'm, really only emotionally attached to BoF, but I don't think I could kill the rest of those franchises just for BoF76.


Oct 31, 2017
As I didn't play that much the other series, I'd go with Chrono, but only a remake of the first game.

SE seems to be doing good with remakes (VII looks good enough), while their new games aren't that great, so I don't trust SE to create a good new Chrono game tbh.


Oct 27, 2017
Athens, Greece
I admit I haven't played any of them - actually I played Chrono Trigger DS but didn't manage to capture me.

Voted Ogre Battle because I always wanted to play Ogre Battle 64.


Oct 26, 2017
Suikoden, without a question. I couldn't finish a single game in other titles despite spending more than a dozen hours in both BoF (4) and CT, but admittedly much less in Ogre Battle. While Suikoden and its amazing persistent world that shares a lot of common characters won me over.

Well, Kiseki already surpassed it in my opinion, but if Suikoden never died after 5th game it might have been a great alternative. Otherwise only Kiseki and Yakuza (on a lesser scale obviously) scratch that same continuity itch for a large RPG series to me.


Oct 28, 2017
Suikoden for me. There is no other series I have so much love for. I would love for Konami to sell the rights to someone who understands the series.


Oct 25, 2017
*points to avatar*

That Suikoden ever went away was a travesty. While not a severe cliffhanger, there has been one going since 2002. I want to explore Harmonian culture and history so bad.


Oct 27, 2017
Suikoden for me. Chrono Trigger didn't come out until the DS version here and I have to admit it didn't grab me as much as I expected, that might have been sky-high expectations though.

I like Suikoden very much. Played the first two through PSN on the Vita which were excellent. The less said about Tierkris on DS the better though.


Oct 25, 2017
Here is the thing, Chrono Trigger is the GOAT and if I could get the dream team together again to make an actual worthy sequel to it that would be amazing. That said if they try to pick up the pieces of the broken mess that is Cross or they actually can’t get the dream team back I don’t want it.

My vote is for Suikoden, a series that had a lot of plot lines building towards what I presume would have been the final game in the series where we went to Harmonia and all the true rune users would show up for this grand finale.

I like BoF and Ogre Battle (more the tactics ogre half of the line) but we have tons of games that scratch those itches for me. Suikoden is a story I’m invested in and want to see the conclusion they had planned.


Oct 27, 2017
We have enough BoF and Suikoden's, but Chrono really only had 2 proper games both of which are vastly different form one another. It's the series that deserves another chance the most I feel.


Oct 26, 2017
The Netherlands
This thread has gotten me very interested in trying out a Suikoden game. Would you guys recommend starting with the first one? I could get that on Vita for € 5 which is a pretty low barrier to entry.


Oct 27, 2017
Ogre Battle, easily. There aren’t any modern RPGs with similar gameplay and I’m always down for a new Matsuno story.

The Chrono games are fine as is and if Chrono Cross is any indication it’s not like a third game would be anything like the previous ones. The last two Suikoden revivals weren’t exactly popular and Breath of Fire doesn’t really stand out among other JRPGs (except Dragon Quarter, but a follow up would rob that of its uniqueness). Anyway the real answer is Grandia
Oct 25, 2017
Suikoden since if you do another Chrono game the fanbase will bitch endlessly about it not being like Chrono Trigger regardless of how good the game is.


Oct 26, 2017
Ogre for sure. Tactics Ogre are the finest tactical rpgs ever made by humans and I would fight everyone in a five mile radius for a chance at a new game.


Oct 27, 2017
This thread has gotten me very interested in trying out a Suikoden game. Would you guys recommend starting with the first one? I could get that on Vita for € 5 which is a pretty low barrier to entry.
Yes, start with the first one, it is a charming game that isn't particularly long either and is excellent in its own right. Many will say the series peaks at the 2nd entry and while I think 2 is better than 1, I highly recommend playing 1 first for several reasons. I played the first 2 on Vita as well.

I still haven't played the PS2 entries, I wish they were portable. I just can't do JRPGs on TVs.

Anyway I am torn between saving Ogre Battle or Suikoden. To be clear I mean Ogre Battle and not Tactics Ogre. I think there is a ton more potential with Ogre Battle.

I feel Chrono Cross was the perfect ending to the Chrono series and I don't trust modern Square to make a good AAA JRPG anymore. I think Suikoden has more modern potential with what they could do on new systems so I pick that by a hair.
May 10, 2019
Professional RPG liker coming in to say I'd set every single one of these on fire for Mystic Ark to live again.

But of these four, the Ogre series is the right answer.


The Fallen
Oct 27, 2017
None of them would come back as they were back in the day so I don't know if I'd want any of them back. If looking at making a completely new game today, separate from all that came before, I guess I'd go with Suikoden. Hopefully Konami would have a good team to put on it.


Nov 7, 2017
Meh, I didn't like the direction after Cross so that's out. BOF is a good series, but not quite worth the other two. Suikoden and Ogre Battle is hard...I think I'd go with Ogre Battle just because there are very few strategy RPGs anymore.


Oct 29, 2017
Suikoden would be my choice a million times over. So much nostalgia for 2 and I would love a remake. If they announced a Suikoden Collection and Mother 3 western release on the same day, I'd be more hyped for Suikoden.


Oct 25, 2017
Difficult. Very difficult.

Much as I love Chrono, it doesn't really offer much different from what we get from other RPGs. I think we could afford to lose that.

I've only played BoF1: I liked it enough, but the only things I thought were particularly distinctive were the on-field abilities and the way there's a True Ending. I don't know how much those kept around in later instalments; I think I'd be happy to lose it, but if those aspects did persist again, I'd have to rethink.

So Ogre Battle vs. Suikoden. High-end tactics RPG versus in-depth hundreds-of-characters challenge. Both somewhat distinctive in this day and age, and neither completely replaced by others - I think I'd - very tentatively - say to keep Suikoden. We still have a variety of tactics RPGs that aren't quite the same sort of thing as Ogre Battle but are at least all alternatives, but I can't think of anything that quite brings the same structure to the table that Suikoden does.