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Youtube Rewind 2018 is up.

Oct 29, 2017
Isn't there like one or two "high profile" animators left on YouTube that aren't complete bastards?
Are there any animators actually left that make full length cartoons? Like Arin and Oney checked out years ago, and so did the rest of the folks from Newgrounds.
I guess if you count Storytime Youtubers as animators, but man thats really fucking stretching it.
Oct 27, 2017
lmao all the actual Youtube big names are racist so instead we get a bunch of no-name vloggers doing fortnite dances and trying to persuade people that Youtube is actually super progressive
Oct 25, 2017
Lol at people in the comments asking where PewDiePie is.

Also lol at YouTube giving a shout-out to women while their parent company proceeds to ignore the concerns of thousands of women protesting them.
Oct 25, 2017
How is baby shark a thing now? It's been around for like a bunch of years to the point where it's an inside joke within my family

May as well have grumpy cat (doot doot do do doo doot) on here then
Baby shark as far as i know got popular again tha so to the baby eating sugar thing and when people realized they sorta aped it from baby shark

But you can tell looking at this video where the cutoff date was as that league of legend korean pop song video wasent in it
Oct 29, 2017
As usual I don't know the vast majority of the people in it, but I love that. I like getting an insight into the thousands of different ways people use & are connecting with YouTube.
Oct 25, 2017
Love the ratio on this one.

This year they did include 2D animation, but I bet Youtube still has rules/algorithm that punishes animation creators.

Edit: the platform that showed a dead body and promoted and sheltered the youtube creator of that video is super progressive and full of empathy you guys!
Oct 25, 2017
When the Rewinds were about viral videos ft. random YouTubers they were a lot better than "look at all these creators."
Kind of feel that way, but hey, people wanna scratch their own backs.

It's kind of amazing I actually recognize as many of these people as I do. I get that the youngins basically have replaced a lot of TV with Youtube, but still amazes me when you present it out there.
Oct 26, 2017
I use the internet a hell of a lot but I doubt I even know 10% of the stuff in this video. I did learn though that Mukbang isn't a genre of porn which surprises me honestly.
In Korean it makes perfect sense.

Muk is short for "먹다" (mukda), which means "to eat", and Bang is short for "방송" (Bangsong), which means broadcast/televise.


Attempted to circumvent ban with alt account
Oct 25, 2017
Hm..didn't think they could do any worse than last year, but guess i was wrong. Man, youtube has really gone down the shitter
Oct 25, 2017
remember when the site admins hyped up a forum change and then it became a shitshow of nazi-enabling thread reorganization that drove minorities, women, and developers away? and then they changed it back after like 3 hours or whatever?

fun year
??? Did I miss something or is this post satire?
Oct 25, 2017
That was a lot more Fortnite than I expected, and I expected quite a bit. I did appreciate them celebrating the better parts of YouTube creators and culture, even if it's always a bit self indulgent in this videos. It was fine overall, I've never been that impressed with any of these, but they also aren't really for me despite YouTube being my main source of media consumption (but just like dorky science shows, gaming docs, and music).
Oct 25, 2017
That video need more Trixie and Katya.

Truly the queens of youtube.

I need an ASAP science make over with Trixie and Katya.
Oct 27, 2017
The rewind video exceeded my expectations.

It was far worse in every way than I previously thought possible.

I thought I was having an "old man yells at cloud" moment then saw like/dislike ratio on the video. So it seems I'm more in tune with a typical YouTube viewer than I thought.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Wait, so Will Smith dreamed up the video but then they jump to an island and say "we are in charge this year!"

Clearly Will Smith is in charge!
Oct 27, 2017
I know Safiya in that vid.
Also really proud of Katya and Trixie being officially "mainstream". Who would have thought two dragqueens would end up being so big on the Internet?