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Oct 25, 2017

Discuss the game. Releases, strategies, fucking Spyrals destroying MR4, and the anime/manga too.
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Oct 27, 2017
Southern California, Mexico
So I decided to try to get back into this game after not playing seriously since elementary and middle school (I played until some time while GX was still on TV).

I have been out for a while but got the urge to play again so I dig around and find that this ygopro thing that lets you play for free with whatever cards you want. I look around online to see what cards kids are using now days and a lot of the decks seem stacked heavily towards what is in the extra deck. I don't know shit about the new synchros or XYZs or pendulums or link monsters so I don't bother fucking with any of it. Instead I make myself a Dark Magician deck with the following cards:

Monsters - 16
Dark Magician (x3)
Dark Magician Girl (x2)
Apprentice Illusion Magician
Alexandrite Dragon (x3)
Skilled Dark Magician
Defender, The Magical Knight (x3)
Magician's Rod
Magician's Robe
Magician of Black Chaos

Spell - 19
The Eye of Timaeus (x2)
Dark Magic Attack
Dark Burning Attack
Dark Burning Magic
Thousand Knives
Dark Magic Expanded
Dark Magic Veil
Dark Magic Curtain
Dark Magic Inheritance
Dark Magic Circle
Magic Formula
Black Magic Ritual
Card Trader
Cosmic Cyclone
Twin Twisters

Trap - 5
Magician Navigation
Dark Renewal
Eternal Soul
Magic Cylinder
Shadow Spell

Extra Deck - 8
Dark Magician, The Dragon Knight (x2)
Dark Magician Girl, The Dragon Knight (x2)
Amulet Dragon
Dark Paladin
Dark Flare Knight
Buster Blader, The Dragon Destroyer Swordsman

Side Deck - 5
Mirage Knight
Dark Siege
Time Wizard
Dark Eradicator Warlock
Buster Blader

So I take these cards out for a spin on that ygopro thing and holy shit has this game become insufferably obnoxious. Here is an example of two games I played. In the top example, I took the first turn, in the second I took the second turn.
In both these games, I actually ended up winning by timeout because the other person just took too damn long with their turn. Is this how everyone plays now thanks to the new card types? This is annoying as shit. It is like everyone is running an Exodia deck and trying to burn through as much of their deck in as little time as possible.


Oct 25, 2017
Yu-Gi-Oh! can't be forgotten, come on!
Broke: Yu Gi Oh is a card game for children.

Woke: Yu Gi Oh is a card game for lawyers.

Had an itch myself to play some card games. I was searching through the forums for threads, but the only one that seems active on era is the Magic one.

Maybe there should be a general card game OT so that the communities aren't split and it remains somewhat active.

This OT seems dead, unfortunately.