1. Nirolak

    Member OP

    People were suspicious that Rage 2 had multiplayer based on some scenes in the trailer, and it sounds like it probably does.

    Presumably this would also be true of Just Cause 4, which we're pretty certain also exists.

    Source: http://avalanchestudios.com/careers/P_AAAAAADAAADCFdqh3I9G2M/

    For reference, one of the scenes that made people think Rage 2 probably had online:


    There's also a few with a caravan of vehicles.
  2. Falchion


    Multiplayer with Rage 2 feels like a necessity so I'm glad to hear that. I could see coop Just Cause 4 being awesome too.
  3. vypek


    With how receptive they were with the JC2 multiplayer mod it does seem like something they'd want to do on their own at some point. I guess it might be the NY team handling that if their next title is JC4 (which seems very likely).