Dark Souls Remaster coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC on 05/25

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by GAMEPROFF, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Pantaghana

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    Niceeee, native support for [email protected] Wonder if there are any other changes and how extensive they are, wouldn't mind if powerstancing and ascetics were introduced.

    What's this about dedicated servers? Don't DS2&3 already have dedicated matchmaking servers?
    Or will this be a new thing where DS1 PvP arena will be server based?
  2. Curufinwe

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  3. Blackie

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    Glad the rumor of Dark Souls for Switch (and other systems too) finally panned out. Will be my first time playing, extremely hyped! One can only hope that DS 2 and 3 will follow at some point :)
  4. SRTtoZ

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    In for Switch, PS4 Pro and PC copy (hopefully the PC version is free or way cheaper because I own it already) but the only thing I worry about is the shit triggers on the joy-cons. This might be a game where a Pro is mandatory, but those dpads suck so there really isn't a best option here. Still, Dark Souls on the go is too hard to pass up.
  5. headspawn

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    The collectors edition thread says 4k/HDR for PRO.
  6. Martin

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    Grabbing it on switch day one! Can't wait playing it in the train D:
  7. Vertpin

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    Where was HDR confirmed? I don’t think the press release mentioned anything of it.
  8. NinjaCoachZ

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    So torn. I've been semi-curious about trying Dark Souls. I'd love the flexibility of the Switch version but PS4 is the one with 60fps. Hmmm...
  9. Vertpin

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    Double dip. It’s $40. The PS4 version is 60fps with a ton of graphical improvements, new engine, new SFX. The Switch version is vanilla with the MP changes but portability. Best of both worlds!
  10. iRAWRasaurus

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    They have.
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  12. Falconbox

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    upscaled 4K.
  13. Vertpin

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  14. I guess I’ll play DaS on the toilet.
  15. Vertpin

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    You know it’ll be great.
  16. Holy mother of sun, that box trilogy. I want those bookends
  17. Strafer

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    Farming has never been better. :)
  18. RoboitoAM

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    That would be $32 at Best Buy via GCU before tax.
  19. Matsukaze

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    I can't possibly keep my money in my wallet. Let's go.
  20. GRW810

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    Never thought I'd see Dark Souls on a Nintendo console. Well, before From Software were announced as Switch developers. But still, my mind is blown.
  21. Conkerkid11

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    Oh wow, this is one rumor I didn't think would come true.

  22. headspawn

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    Now pray to the sun they patch DS3 for 4k/HDR and maybe give BB a patch. Feels like there is hope now.
  23. gcwy

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    I seriously doubt DS3 remastered will run at 60fps on base consoles.

    Switch isn't getting any enhancements?
  24. Nephilim

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    The Switch version won't have all the graphical enhancements then? Nor the new engine?
  25. SentosEdge

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    Me waiting for the remaster:


    SENPAIatLARGE Member

    The switch trailer was in the ds3 engine tho.
  27. Chauzu

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    Nothing is confirmed really so this is just speculation.
  28. Dre G Writer

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    60 FPS for the original Dark Souls for PS4, count me in.
  29. Bumrush

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    Switch preorders are $59.99? Is that real?
  30. Mikebison

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    It makes sense when you play it. But the inter-connectedness of the world is something they haven’t really nailed since Dark Souls. There are parts where you’ll open a shortcut and your mind will be blown when you realise where you are.

    SENPAIatLARGE Member

    Oh so were making shit up now.
  32. Cronogear

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    Will this finally be the game in which From fixes their awful framepacing issues?
  33. Clix

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    Placeholder. Namco confirmed 40 bucks,.
  34. SRTtoZ

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    Did you pull this from your ass? I see nothing that says the Switch version is vanilla DS1. That would make very little sense, especially with 6 player MP.
  35. Bumrush

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    Sweet, very good price point
  36. Salmone_D_Oro

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    So they don't even bother to make a different game on Switch ? Is this a joke ? I mean , Bethesda did the same with Skyrim but...i really don't understand how this is a good news . If this was Demon's Souls it would have been a different story .
  37. FiraBud

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    I'll need to see it before taking a bite, most of it sounds like nothing you can't do with mods on PC.
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  39. dEvAnGeL

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    Remaster is welcomed but the worst news we could get is that FROM is doing it, it doesn’t matter if the ramaster runs at 120 frames, their inability to fix the frame pacing issues will end screwing this up.
  40. Kasey

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    Glad to see the best Souls game get the remaster treatment. Day 1.
  41. Vertpin

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    Huh. I swear I read in the release from Namco that the Switch version is handled by another team and it’s just a port with the increased player count online. However, the Remaster for Steam, PS4, and Xbox One were that but also running in the dark souls 3 engine with new SFX, visuals, and updated textures and done by another team.
  42. Falconbox

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    Where did they confirm?
  43. Stencil

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    I can't even believe it. Are there any known changes happening?
  44. Strafer

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    You really are fond of chatting with me, aren't you? If I didn't know better, I'd think you had feelings for me
  45. Chauzu

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    Huh? As a Nintendo fan I want nothing more than getting the same as everybody else. I wouldn’t be opposed to From and Nintendo collaborating on an exclusive but that’s another thing. This is a multiplat game.
  46. Buying on Switch

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  48. Hoo-doo

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    Meh, i'd be into it if it were Demon's Souls.

    I finished Dark Souls and loved it but i'm probably never playing it again.
  49. Yunyo

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    Can't wait to be honest. DS1 is my favorite DS, and an actual working online system will do wonders.