Earth Defense Force 5 is coming to PC via Steam on July 11th

Oct 27, 2017
The most reliable weapon is still the UT Gatling series from the Fencer. Theres nothing like firing bullets for 2 straight minutes and shredding an entire horde, may it flying or ground based, in the process.
Oct 27, 2017
The most OP weapons in the game are DLC and high non-DLC Phalanx. It kills an Erginus in two charges on Inferno.
For Fencer it's DLC shotgun plus Jackhammer + dash-hop. Almost like a cheat, but sooo much fun.
Same can be said about Buster Shot for Ranger which should be on the number spot for all "best shotgun in a videogame" discussions.
Air Raider is OP overall if you bring the right stuff to the missions. Don't sleep on Beam Shot (single shot laser)which is fantastic against frogs, because it one-shots them and gives you this fun risk-reward mechanic, where you can shoot again if you hit but have to wait when you miss, so you can create some sort of combo-shots.