New character design by Saudi woman chosen by SNK to be featured in upcoming game

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Choppasmith, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Choppasmith

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    Pardon me if this messy. I'm on my phone. I couldn't find a thread.

    SNK apparently held a character design contest and they picked the design from a woman in Saudi Arabia.

    Short video of KOF Producer talking about the character

    It didn't mention where this design will be used. I assume it's for KOF XV.

    Edit: More info

  2. Sir Guts

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    Yup, that was yesterday and we're proud of her here :D
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    that design kicks ass
    certainly better than other fighting game companies have been producing this gen
  4. Maxey

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    I like it.

    Hopefully they don't botch the in game model.
  5. FiXalaS

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    I like the design a lot
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    Thar's pretty damn cool.
  7. Drizzy Finks

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    That is awesome. Nice character design as well.
  8. gcwy

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    Looks really good.
  9. Sesha

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    That is cool. I wish more companies would do this.

    What do you mean? What's wrong with Rashid and Shaheen?
  10. psychowave

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    Looks badass!
  11. Razmos

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    That's a great design
  12. TheEnd

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    This is coming from an Arab, but I don't think that an abayah wearing female Arab characters is a good thing. On one hand I'm glad that they went with a female Arab instead of going with a male one, since Tekken 7 and SFV already did that, yet the fact that she's completely covered is super disappointing, even if she's getting alt costumes, this will always be her default and the look that'll stick with people's heads, so I guess SF EX's Pullum and SFV's Menat remain the best designed Arab female rep right now.

    Now it's NRS turn with Mortal Kombat.
  13. FiXalaS

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    Its a reason why I love the design, feels very unique and not many designs are similar to this.

    plus isn't this the first female arab in a fighting game?
  14. DJwest

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    Hopefully SNK forgets about the XIV experiment and goes back to 2D for XV
  15. Kolx

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    The design looks very cool. More developers should take input from fans.
  16. Beef Stallmer

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    I like the design but I hope they go back to 2D art vs the recent 3D title :-(
  17. TheEnd

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    No, I already mentioned a Saudi one from EX, Tekken and SF also have Egyptian ones.
  18. Golnei

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    That's not something that should be adopted as a general rule or anything (professionals are in these positions for a reason) but it can be good to open things up occasionally - DOA's annual fan costume creation competitions are a reasonable example.

    On-topic, the design looks interesting; I'm looking forward to seeing how they translate some of it into 3D - the flying fabric, tattered cloth and sentient scarf apparition seem like they'd be much more suited for Skullgirls-style traditional 2D.
    Also, have they released this artist's name?
  19. Hx]

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    Having arabian woman as a fighter is ummazing
  20. FiXalaS

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    I believe this is her
  21. CQC

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    Menat, Street Fighter V.
  22. Consensual

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    Yeah, what the world of fighting games really needs is another scantily clad character...

    This is a fantastic look, and I'm always happy to see more Arab or South Asian characters in videogames, especially as it's such a rarity compared to the representation other minorities get. The fact that she's in an abayah and a hijab just makes it even better.
  23. Choppasmith

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  24. Vex

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    She looks a bit pale.


    I said
    I did not say "she looks pale, therefore she does not look Saudi/Arab."
  25. Solid Sora

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    Menat and Pullum's clothes has nothing in common with modern Arabs, though. I know why would you have reservations against abayah but it's what most Arab women wearing rn. It's also implemented in a very cool way in the design with the abayah being a man-eating monster. XD
  26. Queen Kong

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    Not digging the heels but this is awesome.
  27. Golnei

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    Thanks - in hindsight, the OP's image watermarks are really obvious...

    The face kind of looks like a Bratz doll in her style, but I'd imagine that it'll look better ingame; and the rest of the design is fine.
  28. FiXalaS

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    Apparently Najd's Abaya (or her) is possessed, and she controls whatever that is possessing to do various attacks with the Abaya.
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    Can someone show a pic? Those tweets dont work on my phone for some reason
  30. TheEnd

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    On a second thought, yeah, it does look cool, kinda like Bayonetta and her hair.
  31. Akai

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  32. FiXalaS

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    here you go.
    more of her
  33. Peemz

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    Looks very SNK esque so it's a perfect fit.
  34. Ikaruga

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    Looks quite nice but this will be a hell of work to make an animated model out of it I guess.

    By the way, what? SNK is doing a new Fighting game? A new KOF?!
  35. Mr. Pointy

    Mr. Pointy Member

    Looks kind of... Samurai Shodown.
  36. Tizoc

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    Could be NGBC or a new SamSho.
  37. Swamped

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    The design looks badass!
  38. Sgt. Demblant

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    That's a really good design.
  39. Ikaruga

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    That's even crazier(especially the latter), we haven't seen much from SNK of both franchises in ages.
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    I like the design. It would be perfect for a game like Soul Sacrifice.
  41. adel

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    So the Abaya belongs to a strong jinn called halek.
    Cool backstory from the character bio.
  42. Majukun

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    the mouth ghostly thingy is a bit cheesy,seems more something you'll see in a blazblue game, but otherwise it's a cool design
  43. gcwy

    gcwy Banned Member

    I like Rashid's design. Don't understand the flak he gets.

    Why would it be? It's from a woman in Saudi Arabia, I don't see anything wrong with it.
  44. HMD

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    Your stereotypical idea of what a Saudi/Arab looks like is not very accurate.
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    Looks like a female version of Zato-1.

    I like it.
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    i'm not referring to those characters. more like banana ken
  47. LossAversion

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    Looks really cool! Reminds me of Morrigan from Dragon Age mixed with some Bayonetta craziness.
  48. Alo0oy

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    As an Arab, I understand where you're coming from, Arab characters are never represented where they wear "normal" or "non-traditional" clothes, people outside the Arab world probably aren't aware that most people don't wear "traditional" clothes.

    But at the same time, I don't want to knock her design either, it was great and designed by an actual Arab instead of a non-Arab grabbing inspirations from google image search.
  49. dbcyber

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    Really nice design. Wonder how it will animate, may be tricky and could end up looking bad.
  50. Choppasmith

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    It just occurred to me. I can't check at the moment. Didn't that recent leak/rumor for NGBC2 mention a "Mysterious Woman" as a newcomer? This would fit the bill.

    Nothing confirmed but heavily rumored SNK said they had games (plural) in development. They also have Capcom's star fighting game designer, Neo G, on board now.