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New key art for Astral Chain on JP eshop

Oct 25, 2017
Like how the rest of it looks like generic anime?
This art has nothing to do with anime, it's a manga art but colored. It's pretty clear when an art is anime and when it's manga. The type of colors used, shade, level of details and so on are completely different.

Which makes even more sense here with Katsura as he's a mangaka. And his contributions to anime were always making original character designs for the character designer of the anime in question to base it on.

Looks like another 1000 year old dragon
The Astral Chain cop has to have her ass out at all times because it fires bullets, it's in the lore
This joke is kind of irrelevant compared to the reality tbh. The majority of them actually have the age they look for and the minority have such excuse, which isn't the case of what you quoted as the girl have 14-15 years old IIRC

Whats with Ninty jrpgs and stupid ass pants

Rex (and more from Xc2), now this lmao

What other ninty exclusive jrpgs have horrid fashion and sexism?
Those aren't exclusives, those are Nintendo owned games published by them. lol Of course, not developed internally because they don't develop those more "teenage" focused there but it's from them either way, just not made by Nintendo EPD.
Oct 19, 2018
'Look like a generic anime' make me scratch my head a little bit. But they're some people out there that can't tell a difference between renaissance artist and call some art pieces 'generic renaissance art'(even some of them are not from renaissane era). So i guess that ok.

Anyway. one side of my brain wish this game to have a strong powerful story. But other side want a bat-shit insanity like mgr too.
Nov 1, 2017
Eh, you might not be able to get it in Singapore if it remains a JP only LE. Stores will probably just carry the Asia distributed version, which for Switch games is US. I buy from Amazon Japan. ^^;
Thanks, I guess I'll go Amazon Japan too. Wanna see those sweet artworks.
And I'm always in for a full soundtrack (not some "selection" bs).