1. Sammy Samusu

    Sammy Samusu
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    Best Sellers in Video Games: Amazon (as of this posting)

    JP: #2
    US: #3
    FR: #3
    ES: #5
    UK: #20
    GE: #21

    Were we expecting this game to have such a presence on online charts across the globe? Especially considering it's not out yet?

    If the game turns out to be a big success, I can see it having an impact on future SE projects, not only on Switch, but also on PS4 where they seem to be in need of guidance.

    I remember some people complaining about this game not being worthy of a $60 price tag, but looks like the GP are seeing value in it.

    Are you shooketh by its early success?
  2. Kayotix


    Both demos were amazing. Can't wait for release.
  3. unrealist


    Is it partly because it is an exclusive (at least for now?)?
  4. 1. Exclusive games get a ton of hype if they look really good.
    2. There hasn't been a big budget game that's looked like this in a while.

    Would expect it to sell between 2m-3m if it gets above an 85 on Metacritic.
  5. Strings


    The demo reception has been incredibly good / the demos themselves were super generous. Anecdotally, I have a fair few friends who aren't interested in JRPGs at all but are picking it up, which is really impressive to me.
    Fixed that for you, because that village really is a fucking localisation mess.
  6. Lilo_D


    Seriously can't wait for this game
  7. Divvy


    It's out of stock already on amazon.ca
  8. AlpacaMyBags


    At least in Tokyo, there are ads for it everywhere. It's getting a lot of public exposure.
  9. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud

    I said it would sell over 2 million.
  10. Hate


    Not a single notable game is releasing this month. Everything else seems niche and exclusive games always gets some hype.
  11. Because the last bigish-budget turn-based fantasy JRPG that I can think of was Bravely Second. Give us more of what we want, Squeenix!

    (Also if there are some fantasy turn-based JRPGs I missed, I'd love to hear about them).

    Edit: my phone corrected "Squeenix" to "Squeegee remix"
  12. Meelow


    I think the game will do very well, I am so excited for it! Next Friday can come soon enough.
  13. Mysterio79


    Third party games on Switch will sell amazing well when the fans see an effort and they have the benefit of launch marketing,

    Putting old ports (unless date and date remasters) on the console with zero marketing is clearly not the path to success on Switch or any platform.

    We want exclusive content, effort, we want games that release the same time as other platforms with features unique to our platform like Starlink.

    There is no mysterious audience that buys Switch games. 40% of Switch owners in the US also own PS4's. It's called the hardcore fanbase and if you want to sell games you need to market them.

    This is why MS/Sony are tripping over themselves and offering publishers money hand over fist to get marketing rights on multiplats. If a game is not marketed to a certain platform it nearly becomes invisible to said platform in comparison (Destiny on XB1 compared to PS4 for instance).
  14. chronic_archaic

    Banned Member

    Dry summer and lack of RPGs on the system?
  15. 1. Hefty demo with e3 placement.
    2. It's a really big, unique take on old-school jrpgs. Familiar, but new.
    3. Platform exclusive.
  16. Pretty promising.

    How well is this doing compared to XC2 by the way? Because it has the potential to sell even more.
  17. Nemesis162


    Considering that Square Enix already supports the console and an entire division was created for it (with Octopath Traveller being the first game) I think so. The game will probably experience more than Bravely Default.
  18. Meelow


    The Switch has a nice amount of RPG so far, way better then the Wii U and on par with PS4 in the same time frame.
  19. Buzzth


    I'm definitely picking it up. This is basically going to be my summer break game. I hope I'll love it as much as bravely default.
  20. mathematics


    We are ready to pay for finished games again
  21. BassForever


    They have the first 3 hours of the game available online that you need to play 3-4 times to see all the content in. It’s probably one of the best demos to sell you on a game in a long time. Mix that with how original it looks in a very light month for big releases and boom sales.
  22. ZeoVGM


    It's gonna be so good.
  23. Zukkoyaki


    It looks great, had extremely well-received demos, exclusives generate hype and it's releasing at a time with very few other games of note. Perfect storm.
  24. XC2 has done great, YsVIII is also doing solidly based on early impressions.

    JRPGs just sell well on the system.
  25. chronic_archaic

    Banned Member

    More talking new releases, in comparison with the other systems. I get it's only a year old, but regardless in terms of brand new content it's fair to point out a lack of exclusive RPGs on Switch
  26. Etrian Oddity

    Etrian Oddity

    I eagerly anticipate the wave of backlash against a solid game that is aimed at older fans of classic JRPGs.

    Honestly from what I’ve read it seems like a lot of people want to naysay this game and want it to fail commercially.
  27. Grads


    Now that amazon hourly matters much, but it is #10 on Amazon Australia at the moment
  28. Denman


    It's been shown at multiple Nintendo events, including e3's, Directs, and the Switch unveiling in January 2017. It's been a highlighted exclusive since day 1.
  29. Strings


    It helps that the price is much more sane on Amazon AU. $75, compared to the $90 on the eShop (which is $66 US).
  30. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief

    Because it looks amazing.
  31. hibikase


    This community whines about lots of things.
  32. phanphare


    I hope it does well but I'm tempering expectations

    it's a niche game that appeals to a certain age gamer who played jrpgs on older consoles like the SNES. it should have some appeal beyond that but how much, who knows

    I'm all over it, that much is certain. game looks amazing.
  33. sora87


    I'd say these have pretty big bearings on it. Good job the game looks great too, should be nice to jump in and out of over the rest of the year, give my switch some use.
  34. Mysterio79


    It's also on the eshop best sellers list as a PREORDER

    This game is going to be big
  35. TheFuzz


    I don’t normally care for JRPGs and I’m getting it day one.
  36. BlueManifest


    It’s the rebirth of the rpg, Japanese rpgs are back

    Edit: although that already happened with me personally with xenoblade 2
  37. Vishmarx

    Banned Member

    seems to be the only notable game release in july
  38. Jack Frost

    Jack Frost

    Something something starved for games.
    Everyone played the demo and it’s clear it will be a stellar game.
  39. Doorman


    It seems weird to me to make a thread for something like this. Why do any games perform well on online retail sales charts? Because it looks like a really good game and Nintendo and SE have been actively supporting and promoting it for quite a lot of time now. It's something we've seen and been waiting to release since the initial Switch reveal.

    Is it a huge surprise that a classic RPG from a company originally known for classic RPGs is doing well?
  40. low-G


    Well FWIW it's tracking well below Labo on Amazon, too.

    Probably just the summer lull.
  41. And YsVIII is just above it despite that it didn't appear on the eShop basically until its release date.

    The genre is doing pretty good on Switch.
  42. King Dodongo

    King Dodongo

    Less than 10 days!
  43. Renna Hazel

    Renna Hazel

    I think the demo is the reason it's charting so high right now. It shot up the Amazon charts in the US soon after that released.
  44. Jawbreaker


    I think it's going to sell quite well, but Amazon hourly charts are ... not a great metric.
  45. ILikeFeet


    • Nintendo is advertising the game in video ads on the internet
    • 2 demos with positive word of mouth
    • unique and catching artstyle
    it's not a guarantee of success, but when it works, it's pretty visible when it does
  46. Buggy Loop

    Buggy Loop

    3 hours flew by while playing the demo. JRPG fans, don’t get many games like this anymore, somehow, the biggest studios moved from this type of game to some idol pop big budget not what jrpg plays like mentality (cough FF). It’s good to see it back.
  47. Vishmarx

    Banned Member

    I mean the same company that made FF is also making this and DQ11 so....im not sure what your point is?
  48. Mysterio79


    It's no surprise when the Switch had Zelda, Skyrim, Xeno, Disagea and a host indie rpg's in the launch window.

    You want to sell a genre on a platform, build a genre fanbase on a platform.
  49. ZeroX


    It's had a pretty positive response to all marketing, from initial reveal, to the demos and previews. It's probably going to do very well for a JRPG with that kind of budget. It's not a mystery.
  50. mutantmagnet


    The perception is that we haven't seen AAA caliber classic rpg in decades
  51. Aters


    What else is coming out this month? It should be top five everywhere.

    Yeah I wish SE can make game like this... oh wait.