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PAL Charts - Week 20, 2018


Oct 28, 2017
You are right but in the article they say

so perhaps digital attach rate was not that high for Detroit.
They know as much as you and me ,they are just speculating about digital.Until 2019 only Sony really knows digital UK numbers.
Last Sony report said that Q4 2017 global digital sales were 43%.


Oct 28, 2017
I am also curious about sales numbers in FR and DE,seems it is selling well over there,according to Amazon FR & DE.
Detroit looks to me like something that could be popular among us continental Euros :)
Dec 7, 2017
[Week 16, 2018] GOD OF WAR (SONY COMPUTER ENT.) - 96,000 / NEW
[Week 17, 2018] GOD OF WAR (SONY COMPUTER ENT.) - 62,000 / 158,000 (-35%)
[Week 18, 2018] GOD OF WAR (SONY COMPUTER ENT.) - 27,000 / 185,000 (-56%)
[Week 19, 2018] GOD OF WAR (SONY COMPUTER ENT.) - 19,000 / 204,000 (-30%)
[Week 20, 2018] GOD OF WAR (SONY COMPUTER ENT.) - 12,350 / 216,350 (-35%)
So continuing on Özgür chart from last week it should be like this, right? quite impressive. This's likely the last time the game is going to take the 1st spot for a while but 5 weeks is quite impressive.
So with 5% increase this week, looks like GOW sold almost 13k this week.
Oct 27, 2017
I'm in the UK and I bought Detroit digitally. 30K + at retail to me means it sold at least 50K total including digital. My guess is world wide this game will break a million in it's first month with ease.
Oct 25, 2017
Detroit's numbers in a vacuum are good

But yea, once you invoke that comparison with older titles, it hasn't done well. Coming in lower than The Last Guardian?

Oct 28, 2017
Never really got the impression that any of the new entries this week would be great sellers so the result doesn't surprise me. And it's saying something that this will probably be the most 'active' week so to speak for quite a while. Can't really think of the next big 'AAA' release.
Feb 26, 2018