Pokemon Cafe menu revealed, reservations open March 5

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Forkball, Mar 2, 2018.

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    On 3/14, Pokemon Center DX and Pokemon Cafe open in Tokyo. While there have been small Pokemon-themed cafes every now and then, this is the first permanent establishment. We've known about these for a few months, it seems that today the Pokemon Cafe site updated with a lot of new information.


    Starting on Monday, March 5th at 6PM, reservations will open. You can reserve up to April 5th. YOU NEED A RESERVATION TO ENTER THE POKEMON CAFE. Later on I suppose they might open it up to first come first serve, but for now you have to register on the website. So if you are going to be in Tokyo in the next few weeks and wanted to drop by, be sure to stake your spot. You can reserve a seat, or reserve a seat and exclusive merchandise. Also every customer needs to order at least two items so take out a loan now.

    The website also showcases some pictures of the interior. It looks quite nice.

    Here is a sampling of the menu. Sorry for the low quality pics, but you can see everything in more detail at the site. Who WOULDN'T want to pay $20 for an Eevee burger?


    In addition to food there will also be some merchandise. It is also expensive believe it or not.

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    I’m taking this as implying you’re eating Pokemon. How horrific. Parents will riot. Pokemon is done as a franchise.
  3. Ikon

    Ikon Member

    It scares me that I will take my family there eventually even after seeing those prices.
  4. linkman26

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    A Gengar smoothie?! I'll take it!
  5. Knight613

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    Past Pokemon popup cafes have had pretty bad food. Curious how this one will compare.
  6. mopinks

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    didn't expect the new eeveelution to be a Food-type
  7. Krvavi Abadas

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    Why on earth would i want to eat Pikachu's ass?
  8. diablogg

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    For some reason I thought this had to do with an unreleased Pokemon Wii U game. Wasn't the Wii U original code name Project Cafe?
  9. FF Seraphim

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    Totally will gojustfor the experience
  10. Trace

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    Those prices... good lord.
  11. Phendrift

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    Yall better reserve, this is the only place they’re revealing Pokemon Switch at!
  12. Jiggy

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    I've always wanted to eat Pikachu's face off Pikachu's face
  13. oscar

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    Wow I'm literally gonna be in Tokyo for the next couple of weeks. This seems dope; hope I can get a reservation.
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    I wonder if they let you keep the plates and mugs or if you can at least buy them. I need that Eevee mug.
  15. lvl 99 Pixel

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    I dont know how to feel about eating things that look like actual pokemon
  16. dani_dc

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    kubus Not as cute as the kirby pancakes, but still quite cute on it's own right.
    Seems like you can buy them when ordering the drink, cost a extra 980 yen to keep the mug.

    Doesn't seem like there's any way to buy them without ordering the drink though.
  17. TheIlliterati

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    Tossed salad anyone?
  18. FlutterPuffs

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    I've had that, it was pretty good!
  19. Soul Unison

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    I appreciate that the entire place is of minimalist design with light colors and an emphasis on squares/rectangles and all the seating and furniture arranged on a grid.

    It's like a real attempt to recreate a space from a Game Boy game.
  20. ResetGreyWolf

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    To be fair, it's only $16 :b

    And it looks pretty cool too :3
  21. MetalKnick

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    I'll just wait til after they close for the Leftovers.
  22. 8bit

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    Jiggypuff ice cream! That Mimiku pancake looks kind of disturbing though.
  23. so1337

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    It looks beautiful. And it's in Nihonbashi which is a pretty expensive part of town.
    Someone has to.
  24. Razorrin

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    is that a snorlax shepherds pie?

    aww, it's a snorlax shepherds pie!

    this is neat, I'm hoping it ends up being a nice place to eat!
  25. Amalthea

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    Eevee burger and Gengar smoothie for me, thanks.
  26. Clov

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    That's... really expensive. Seems even more expensive than the other anime cafes I've been to. Still, I might make a reservation. I'd like to at least see how it is.
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    Here’s a rough translation of the menu:

    -Pikachu’s Greedy Plate (this kind of “greedy plate” is common at character cafes)
    -Hide and Seek Pikachu’s Carbonara
    -Pikachu and Assorted Fruit Pudding a la Mode
    -Vitality-packed Pikachu Curry
    -Eevee’s Teriyaki Chicken Burger
    -Even Snorlax is Full! Hamburg Doria
    -Lapras’s Surfing Marine Parfait
    -Pikachu Latte
    -Mimikyu’s Choco-Banana Crepe
    -Eevee’s Sweet Chocolate Parfait
    -Pokémon Cafe Fruit Pancakes
    -Jigglypuff Sings ♪ Cheesecake
    -Eevee Latte
    -Ditto’s Transforming Fruit Tea
    -Fluttery (?) Mix Ole: Berry
    -Fluttery (?) Mix Ole: Chocolate
    -Fluttery (?) Mix Ole: Fruit
    -Gengar’s Confuse Ray Smoothie
    -Float Drink: Vaporeon
    -Coffee with Pikachu Tail Cookie
    -Float Drink: Jolteon
    -Float Drink: Flareon
    -Drink in Original Cup (Pokémon Cafe/Pikachu)
  28. MikeHattsu

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    Lets all go when I'm in Tokyo later this month ;P
  29. Vegeto

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    I want to go there. Pokemon Café you will be mine in May!
  30. GKSilKamina

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    1080 yen for some Miltank milkshake mix thing? These prices are highway robbery.

    ...I would still totally go, though.
  31. Bishop89

    Bishop89 Member

    Looks pretty cool, like the interior
  32. BioXCrisis

    BioXCrisis Member

    ill have a -Float Drink: Vaporeon
  33. Niko Amii

    Niko Amii Member

    The building is perfection, hope these become worldwide
  34. JigglesBunny

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    The Pokémon Company just shot themselves in the foot.

    I don't know how much the rest of you know about Japanese culture (I'm an expert), but honor and shame are huge parts of it. It's not like it is in America where you can become successful by cooking animals. If you cook and consume a Pokémon over in Japan, you bring shame to yourself, and the only way to get rid of that shame is repentance.

    What this means is the japanese public, after hearing about this, is not going to want to purchase any Pokémon merchandise, nor will they purchase any of Game Freaks games. This is HUGE. You can laugh all you want, but The Pokémon Company has alienated an entire market with this move.

    Pokémon Company, publicly apologize and cancel the opening of this cafe or you can kiss your business goodbye.
  35. Blade24070

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    this ancient stupid ass extinct meme did not need to be revived for this

    the gengar drink looks cute
  36. Mariip

    Mariip Member

    But is the food as good as Eorzea's?(if you're in japan go to eorzea cafe. It's amazing.Both of them.)
  37. scare_crow

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    Yeah... I doubt that's what they were going for, ha.

    Do people go to these things on a regular basis or is it more of a curiosity? Like, you go once and that's it?
  38. Lump

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    Imagine you’re a localizer if this cafe ever came to America, and you label it Pikachu Tossed Salad. I wonder if the executives would catch it.
  39. Dice

    Dice Member

    loool Almost looks like it says 'Pokémen"
    EDIT: No sorry just a pokeball inside the 'O' haha. I am keeping that handsome dugtrio picture up there

    Looks super awesome though, wish North America was this much fun celebrating hobbies. <3
  40. Brucey

    Brucey Member

    The interior looks slick but doesn’t give off many pokemon vibes which is a real bummer.
  41. Milennia

    Milennia Community Resetter Member

    Came here for this, the pikachu ass will be their top seller, I know Pokémon fans

    On the real the Lapras desert and the vaporeon drink look interesting
  42. Aktlys

    Aktlys Member

    The interior design is really boring and has no personality
  43. MrKlaw

    MrKlaw Member

    so its overpriced kids bento? Is that pikachu basically omelette rice?

    Although my daughter will want to go and we're there at the end of the month. If you really can't buy the Evee or Pikachu mugs unless you also buy that particular drink its evil but hilarious
  44. Aiustis

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    Slowpoke tails is all I need
  45. Zeno

    Zeno Member

    Where's the Magikarp?
  46. Clov

    Clov Member

    Oh, if I'm free at the time that would be fun!
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    Not worth these theme restaurants they're are time limited - or maybe this doesn't go away after two days or so?
  48. woopWOOP

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    That Eevee burger is cracking me up
  49. carlosrox

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    When Metroid cafe?

    They could have Baby Burgers.
  50. NotLiquid

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    This is a pop-up café right? So just like the Kirby Café it'll only be around for the better year?