Pour one out. Nintendo disrespects FE: TMS publicly.

Oct 25, 2017
considering the words "persona q2" never once appears in the PR for the game, yea, Nintendo forgot it existed too
There is a game on a Nintendo console where he shows up, what does it matter whether or not it appears in PR? It just sound like to me that people are moving the goalpost when people don't like a third party addition. It use to be that the character had to have shown up on a Nintendo console, now apparently not only must they show up on a Nintendo console, but PR has to match the game with the character for it to count.
Oct 26, 2017
People still being salty about TMS is almost hilarious.
I'm glad they gave us something interesting and unique, made it its own game and turned it into a brilliant parody on top, instead of the usual meh crossover hotchpotch we tend to get.