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Share an "early Internet" piece that's nostalgic for you

Feb 25, 2018
No matter your age, there's gotta be something from your early Internet memories that just clicks that nostalgic part of your brain. Funnily enough, the idea for this thread started when I suddenly remembered this piece of art. It's not even that old, I was actually 13 when I first saw it, but considering how YouTube was a whole new world for me, it was just crazy:
For some reason, I felt like this shit was the future. Putting music on your videos for free, directly from the menu, and it sounds all future-y? That's nuts. That video definetely hasn't aged well at all lmao.

So what can you think that might cause you or people from your generation tons of early Internet memories? The Internet was a much smaller place than it is now, and we most likely share tons of nostalgia towards a lot of the same stuff. It can be anything, a picture, a video, hell, even a flash game!
Oct 27, 2017
New York, NY
Playing a MUD on Prodigy... so this was 1993? I had no idea what the hell was going on.

Later... stumbling onto the UnOfficial SquareSoft HomePage, which Andrew Vestal later made Square.net - and one time.. stumbling into a spoiler section and hearing that Aeris died :( Before the game even came out in America.
Oct 26, 2017

This was like VR chat in back in the day, except filled with people thirsting after cheap pixel girls instead of well rendered anime girls.
Apr 21, 2018
Man, the first thing that comes to mind for me are ancient Final Fantasy and Mega Man fansites from the early to mid 90s. These were small fansites made by people back before Google even existed. There was this really cool Final Fantasy fansite that included an interactive minigame where you could fight Ultros buried in one corner of it. Much later, the creator overhauled the site to look like Midgar in anticipation of the impending release of FFVII. I think I was using AOL on a dial-up modem back then.


The Fallen
Oct 29, 2017
The video in the OP....those are giant boobs...right? Or is that silhouette something else?

also, I still enjoy those rudimentary AIs...
Nov 13, 2017
I used to be so jealous that I couldn't use AOL keywords. I thought they were special sites only for AOL users. Of course I know now they were just search terms but damn I wanted to enter AOL Keyword Nick so bad.
Oct 27, 2017
Jan 27, 2019
I remember using the internet in high school because nobody had internet at home at the time to look up the cheat code to unlock Eyedol for Killer Instinct on the SNES.

A classmate printed off a huge walkthrough for Super Mario 64 from GameFAQ's and couldn't figure out how to cancel it. They got in trouble from the teachers for wasting school resources.
Oct 25, 2017

This picture hahah I had forgotten all about it. Thank you. Hahahahahaha, amazing

For me, there’s just so much of the early internet days that clicks that nostalgia button on;

IRC chat rooms (I joined a warez server and served a few files and then my mum got a letter from NTL with a cease and desist, I shat my pants. I intercepted the letter as it was marked from NTL to J Smith{we share the same initial as our first name} so she never saw it)
Half Life Team Deathmatch
Xoom chat applets at college

Just a few off hand ones.
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Oct 25, 2017
New Orleans, LA
I'm trying to wrack my brain for something unique to early internet for me. My earliest memories are using it in the library at my middle school which would have been around 1995, if I have the dates correct. I know it was Netscape Navigator but that only launched in December 1994, so perhaps it was actually 1996.