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Trump: I have the support of the police, military, and tough people who don't play tough... until a certain point, then it will get bad

Oct 25, 2017
Long Island
On Jan 20 of 2021, the secret service will be protecting the next president of the United States - not Trump, if he loses the election.

The inauguration is just a ceremony. Power switches to the winner of the election regardless of what trump (assuming he loses said election) says or wants.

I.e. doesn’t matter if he concedes or not. If he loses the election, he loses.
He loses, but he does not lose the secret service
Oct 28, 2017
The military's families would be caught up in such a conflict. There's no fucking way they would chance that for some dude who lives in a gold tower eating 10 scoops of ice cream while they're in fucking deserts eating powder out of bags or worse. The country would crumble in an instant

Actually some people prefer propping up a rich person like Trump. The problem Trump has is that he needs the support of those who directly lead all these armed groups. He'll have that support from some police and most militias but he doesn't have support from anyone at the Pentagon or our intelligence agencies.

He doesn't have enough support to even attempt staying in office one extra day.
Oct 31, 2017
It was something that happened around the time W was in his second term. I want to say that him or Clinton are the hast to have lifetime secret service members so it would not effect George Sr.

I actually found it. It was the Former Presidents Act of 1997, which changed it to 10 years. Then it was changed back to lifetime in 2012.
Oct 26, 2017
kinda blowing your game when you rely on making up leftist violence to attack people and threaten... the exact rightwing violence that is carried out the vast majority of the time.
Oct 26, 2017
If you'd told me that was a quote by Duerte, Putin or some other dictator i'd have been 'shocked' but not surprised, because that there is a mobster like threat, from the president of the united states! And still the cult of Trump thinks that Democrats are destroying democracy and Trump is saving them, the really are the woods voting for the axe because of its handle aren't they?
Ever since Patton Oswalt pointed out how Trump always talks about "manly tough guys who are really tough and rough!", in a way that makes him sound like a cheerleader talking about her macho boyfriend, it's all I ever hear, and it's really amusing to me.

Like, I get that he wants to posture like a mob boss, but this bizarre fixation of bragging about how he knows, or is surrounded by, really tough men "who are not so nice and oh, did I mention that they are real manly men?" just comes off as the most fey, mincing thing ever.

It's really quite something, and always makes me smile.
Mar 10, 2018
None of it's funny

None of it's a JOKE

The goal is use every last bit of right wing violence as leverage. Fox knows it, Trump knows it, they know it anywhere Rupert Murdoch sells newspapers. This is not going to become less frequent, nor is anyone on the right going to stop humanizing and normalizing violent white supremacy.
Oct 25, 2017
More radicalization disguised as "Patriotism." This dude tries so hard to give off this persona of someone who rules with an iron fist and is no nonsense, problem is he is a complete moron. Every time he opens his mouth he manages to out-stupid himself from the previous day.

How anyone, ANYONE, can listen to him speak and think he's well spoken, intelligent, or even has half an idea of what is happening around him is downright perplexing. Then again, I suppose racism and bigotry is a language I'm not fluent in and that's why I don't understand.
Nov 27, 2017
This is obviously a terrifying and dangerous thing for the supposedly democratically elected leader of any country to say, but please remember that Trump is fuckin coward and has never ever in his life backed up his tough talk with actions.
Scary thing is, HE doesn’t have to. His words are enough to spur some of his fanatics on to kill what they perceive as his enemies.