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Which do you prefer

  1. "Crash" Series

    3 vote(s)
  2. DMC / Yakuza "One-Off"

    3 vote(s)
  3. DQ / FF "Classic RPG" Series

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  1. FiveSide

    Member OP

    There have been many Vs. threads recently on Era. I have been discussing this with my colleagues and would like some of Era's input: which of the Vs. threads was your favorite?

    Personally, my favorite was the Devil May Cry 3 vs. God Hand vs. God of War 2 vs. Yakuza 2 thread. The other Vs. thread "series" involved wading past entries I don't necessarily care about, whereas this thread in particular eschewed that and cut straight to the chase, comparing the four games that I was waiting for. It was very nice finally being able to compare these games without having to compare DMC1+2, God of War 1, and Yakuza 1 first.

    Links for reference:

    Crash 1 vs. Spyro 1 vs. Jak 1. vs. Ratchet 1. vs. Sly 1
    Crash 2 vs. Spyro 2 vs. Jak 2 vs. Ratchet 2 vs. Sly 2
    Crash 3 vs. Spyro 3 vs. Jak 3 vs. Ratchet 3 vs. Sly 3

    Devil May Cry 3 vs God Hand vs God of War 2 vs Yakuza 2

    Which is the best of these three games: Dragon Quest 1, Final Fantasy 1, Phantasy Star 1
    Which is best? Dragon Quest 2, Final Fantasy 2 (JP), Phantasy Star 2
    Which is best? Dragon Quest 3, Final Fantasy 3 (JP), Phantasy Star 3
    Which is best? Dragon Quest 4, Final Fantasy 4, Phantasy Star 4

  2. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief

    This one
  3. Dremorak


    This thread
    Edit: Damn!
  4. Flux


    Freddy vs Jason
  5. butman


  6. Definitely the Yakuza one
  7. DarknessTear


    FF7/DQ7/Ultima 7/Mega Man 7/Mega Man X7/
  8. kswiston


    Let's not make parody threads based on recently locked threads. Thanks.
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