Who Are The Most Popular Japanese Characters (Not From Nintendo or Anime)?

Damn Silly

Oct 25, 2017
From video game characters, it's almost certainly Sonic. Say what you will about the quality of some of his games (and plenty have), but consistently being there, as well as being the public mascot of SEGA has ensured that pretty much everyone will know who he is, whether they like him or not.

This. Get your head out of your video games. lmao Sonic, yeah right


Nov 2, 2017
Thing is, I really can't tell at this point if Sonic is still largely beloved in a non-ironic sense, or loved as a meme/fetish-fueled "so bad it's good" kind of way.
You've been immersed in meme culture for too long. The six parts of Sonic Mania Adventures have a combined total of 60 million views on YouTube.



Nov 13, 2017
It really boggles the mind why One Piece can't reach the same level of recognition in America like it does everywhere else.
Just takes too long to ramp up, I think. Even Dragon Ball only got popular here with Z/the Raditz saga.

Since you mentioned Dragon Ball as being disqualified, I guess anything that came from manga but got adapted to a cartoon is disqualified? Otherwise I'd put Doraemon way way up there. Anpanman as well.