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Curious about what is exactly going on in the Trade War but felt intimidated by the scope? Read this Fortune article


Oct 28, 2017


The Fallen
Nov 1, 2017
Thanks for sharing, that was a great article. No one should be surprised how much better China is handling this than the idiot in the White House.


Oct 26, 2017
that his that his that his that his

It's mind boggling to me that he eve has a shred of a chance of being reelected.
Oct 27, 2017
Very interesting. I always thought that even Trump would be able to brute-force China into backing down eventually simply because the US is by far the bigger economy, but it sounds like the scale of Trump's mismanagement means China can realistically win this war of attrition, which is insane.


Oct 26, 2017
Really good and informative article.
Also, I think there was a recent deep dive on NPR/APM Marketplace that took time-scale into consideration, figuring how much each entity could sort of torque the numbers comfortably.
Trump may be gone in a year. Xi Jinping is essentially President for life.
China doesn't need to move so dramatically to, as noted above this post, win a war of attrition.
Hell, in less than a year the Trump Administration has has dumped half the value of the 6-year long auto bailout into the MFP (USDA Market Facilitation Program / Farm subsidy). In dollars and cents, China is kicking our ass.


Oct 30, 2017
A government following a detailed plan from an army of skilled economists outmaneuvers one man following his gut. Who would have thought?

Sarcasm aside I found the article extremely helpful and informative. Thanks for posting, OP.