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Farmer bankruptcies swell to decade high in Farm Belt

Oct 25, 2017
U.S. farmers in the Midwest are filing for bankruptcy at levels the U.S. hasn’t seen for approximately a decade, the Wall Street Journal reports.

What's happening: Low commodity prices have been gouging U.S. farmers’ bottom lines for years now, exacerbated by increasing agricultural competition from Russia and Brazil. President Trump’s trade disputes, meanwhile, are adding salt to the wounds, as tariffs drive down prices and decrease profit for farmers.

Between the lines: Chapter 12 bankruptcy filings are still below the highs of 2010 when looking at nationwide numbers. But the Midwest is hurting, and even though the Trump administration has been rolling out federal government relief for farmers to make up for tariff damage, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle fear it is only a short-term, partial solution.
Oct 26, 2017
world's smallest violin over here
Not all of them voted for Trump, and not all of it is due to the tariffs.
I personally also don't think that every single person who voted Trump should be economically ruined, but I'm gonna guess that this is not a point I'm gonna get you to agree with.
But like, surely there is someone there who voted for Hillary, you don't feel bad for them?