Games you wish were real

Oct 27, 2017
Let's get the Valve trifecta out of the way:

Portal 3

All of those would of course also have VR modes with support for tracked controllers, especially the forthcoming knuckles one

Dark Forces: Jedi Knight III (yah I know about Outcast don't @ me :p)
Mario Sunshine 2 (with a big, vertical gameplay emphasized open world like Grow Home)
The Neverhood 2 (skull monkeys don't count sorry)
Soma 2 (so much more could be explored with this concept, truly one of this gen's best)
New Resident Evil with REmake 1 art style and fixed camera angles
Sanitarium 2
A new Journeyman game (point n click 90s adventure series)
A spiritual successor to Twinsen's Odyssey (Little Big Adventure 2)
A proper Dungeon Keeper 3, not that mobile dumpster fire we got (nothing against mobile games but it was pretty bad)

Also more Cyberpunk anything. Give me a new Blade Runner in the style of the Westwood game. On that note more detective/noir games in general.