1. The Switch's first year had four games that will sell between 12 and 20 million units so I think most consumers (and myself) thought that first year for the Switch was very great.

    The second half of the year will have Yoshi, Smash, Fire Emblem, and probably one more major game and probably one more minor game and probably Labo 3+4. The first half of the year isn't that exciting, we'll see how exciting Smash, Fire Emblem, and their other big game(s) look probably soonish.
  2. daniel77733


    Nintendo has thus far done an amazing job for the most part with Switch. The first year has been excellent and the second best first year ever in console gaming. Only SNES beats it in my opinion. Zelda/Mario/MK8/Arms/Splatoon 2/Mario & Rabbids/FE Warriors/Pokken/Xenoblade 2 is one hell of an exclusive lineup. I know M&R is Ubisoft but it's still an exclusive and an excellent game. 2018 is starting slow but this can be said for in general outside of Monster Hunter World. The year will pick up as it chugs along. After all, it's only February 20th. Still over 10 months to go.
  3. 9-Volt


    Nintendo isn't for blame here, third parties are. Like literally nothing is being announced nowadays for Switch and every single announcement is skipping it. Burnout Paradise is announced just now, without a Switch version. That rumored South Park announcement is nowhere to be seen. If you are a Wii U owner like me, there is only one release between now and Dark Souls, and that's Kirby, the 13 hour long game.

    Nintendo always leave the second year to third parties but they always ignore. It happened to 3DS, Wii and DS. I want to say that it's their loss but it really isn't. It's our loss. We play less games. And this also drive Nintendo to make filler software like that garbage chibi Robo 3DS game or this year's Mario Tennis game (please guys, have zero expectations for this game, last 3 Mario Tennis games were garbage). Nobody's asking for current gen ports anyway, even last gen ports would do fine. Bioshock Collection, AC Ezio Collection, Dragon's Dogma, Mass Effect Collection... On a handheld for the first time, people sure would interested in all of them. There are lots of options for them, but they really don't care.

    I'm not sure what's in Switch's third party future but I will keep my expectations all time low. I will ignore every single third party rumor about the Switch ( even it's hard to do, where the hell is South Park announcement?). But I need games, man. Can somebody announce something already?
  4. Theylen


    Honestly it just feels like Nintendo tried suuuuuper hard to make 2017 amazing and get everything done by that holiday window, and they did, but now there's this window where they're trying to work hard on doing it again, so we've got less stuff to work with. I'm confident 2018 will still be a very good year even relative to 2017
  5. skittzo0413


    I'm actually finding myself drowning in huge games right now. Just got Bayonetta 2, then I noticed Resident Evil Revelations 1+2 were on sale for ~$14 each, and bought the $50 eshop credit for $42.50, so I bought those two games and Bayonetta 1 and now I have $13.50 in credit left.

    The problem is I'm still playing through Bayonetta 2, need to get around to finishing Dragonborn in Skyrim, trying DOOM again post patch, and then I can start RE:R and Bayonetta 1. By the time I'm done with all of that I'm betting Mario Tennis or Hyrule Warriors will be out, or maybe even Dark Souls.

    So I personally have way too much to play at the moment, so more announcements, while nice, would be a tad overwhelming for me and my poor wallet.
  6. Eatin' Olives

    Eatin' Olives

    I very much doubt we're getting MP4 this year.
  7. Hieroph


    Are you serious? That's an amazing attach rate. Do you really think 40 % attach rates are normal, no, do you really think that's "poor"?

    Also Mario kart 8 DX is still behind the Wii U release. It should get there eventually but it hasn't happened yet.
  8. Suzushiiro

    Banned Member

    I think 2017 spoiled us in terms of what to expect as far as the pacing of big releases goes, both with the Switch and with other platforms. It's a little unfair to say Nintendo's "on cruise control" because they released a bunch of amazing games last year, two of which were game-of-the-generation-tier, and don't appear to be about to repeat that feat this year.
  9. Emily


    Smash Bros Switch is most definitely not a straight port. Calling it a straight port implies that only the Wii U content is coming to Smash Bros Switch. Don't forget that a 3DS version existed too.

    Smash Bros Switch will also have brand new content.
  10. MP!


    I just like to remind myself that we aren't actually in the second year of switch yet ... and that this time last year we weren't even playing it... AND ... that really 9 months is all it takes to have a phenomenal year... it's a bit slow right now... but I bet the second half of the year will pick up significantly. I don't believe it will be like last year... but I do believe we'll get some solid releases and a few surprises.
  11. Dash Kappei

    Dash Kappei

    lol what a bullshitter...

    "Nintendo released the games for the only series they give a damn about now (Mario, Zelda, and soon to be Pokemon). What, you want them to actually use more of their IP instead of relegating it solely to Smash Bros. character picks and assist trophies?"

    *he's shown how wrong he is"

    "but F-Zero!"

    GX is always on my GOAT TOP10s btw.
    I also want Wave Race... tho it sucks there's no analog triggers but at least HD Rumble would mitigate that disappointment and they could offer right-stick throttle control.

    Can't wait for Luigi's Mansion 3!
  12. clevbrowns95


    A bit disappointing so far this year given that I have a Wii U and played Bayonetta 2 and Tropical Freeze. But there are still plenty of games to play from last year, and the first couple of quarters are typically slow for Nintendo anyway. E3 will really tell us how things are going for the year. Metroid Prime 4 and Pokémon Switch released this year would change everything.
  13. skittzo0413


    Could you see it being branded as a "Smash Bros. For Nintendo Switch" with all of the Wii U and 3DS content (and more) but not really considered a port?

    I've been assuming they'll be making it more of a half-sequel, building up from the base game but adding a whole lot more content and repackaging it as essentially a new sequel.
  14. weekev


    This time last year the switch had no games at all. It's only February and I gave to say I'm very excited for what Nintendo is cooking for this year. Kirby and Yoshi look great. If I can have any of Metroid Prime 4, Pokemon or Bayonetta 3 I shall be over the moon. Labo looks super cool, Fire Emblem has become a rock solid franchise and we haven't heard about what half of Nintendo studios have been working on especially Rare.

    I dunno but I reckon 2018 has potential to be as strong as 2017.
  15. LordKano


    How would you compare it to already existing Wii U ports on Switch like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Pokkén DX ? Both of those are mostly composed of the content from the Wii U versions but added a small bonus on top of it, and Pokkén even had additionnal post-launch support.

    Banned Member

    Bless us your wisdom! Yeah I agree, i can’t see it being just a straight port.

    Excited to see how it turns out tho! :D
  17. Velezcora


    To be fair every other Ninty IP other than Smash Bros and I guess Splatoon now(?) don't draw in the same amount of hype as say Mario and Zelda. So unless they release Smash Bros this year I can't think of a major Ninty IP that could make last year as good as this year.

    Even if Metroid Prime 4 came out this year I'd consider it another second-tier Nintendo IP along with Fire Emblem and Kirby.
    Note: Second tier has nothing to do with quality I'm just talking about IP popularity. I'd consider Mario and Zelda as first-tier Nintendo IPs.
    So I don't think even a Metroid Prime 4 could recreate year 2 as good as year 1. At least for everyone.

    It's futile IMO to try and compare year two to year one. That doesn't mean year two won't be a great year for the Switch. Again those second-tier IPs are still great.
  18. AngelOFDeath


    I think they have done a great job, and will continue doing a great job. If, like me, you haven't owned a Nintendo console in a while, or completely skipped Wii U, then this just release after release of games that make it a fantastic must own console. Or to accompany one of the other big 2 at the very least.
  19. Emily


    Unfortunately, I don't have enough information to speculate whether Smash Bros will be branded/marketed as a "deluxe definitive edition port", a "half-sequel" or a "full sequel".

    I can only confirm two things:

    A Smash Bros title will be announced and released for Switch later this year.
    2. They added brand new content and re-worked some of the existing Wii U/3DS content.
  20. fauxcalin


    I’m not saying that’s a bad attach rate I’m saying it’s a bad attach rate for a console that only sold 12 million which is not a good number for a system that was out for 4+ years. That’s what you don’t seem to get the game sold relatively well, but in relation to the amount of Wii U owners and Sm4sh owners is a huge disparity and that is a fact.
    And honestly your point about og Mario Kart is irrelevant since even you concede that it’s going to outsell itself, which makes me wonder what your argument is anyway since that just says you recognize ports can outsell their original releases on Switch and we should expect the same for Sm4sh.
  21. Jarmusch


    do we have npd numbers for january? if not, when can we expect them? thks
  22. LordKano


    So it could even be a new title, while still re-using old contents ? Every smash game has been recycling content from previous games after all.
  23. TheDinoman


    I have a hard time imagining that they'd an announce an all new Smash title all while releasing it a mere months later. An enhanced port makes more sense in that regard. Going by Emily's comments, I think it's going to be called "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" or "Super Smash Bros. Gold" or something along those lines, and it will include all the stages and modes from the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game, all while bringing back the Ice Climbers and perhaps some new characters like Inklings. It will be released alongside the launch of Nintendo's online service.

    Though to be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if it was just called "Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo Switch" lol
  24. 9-Volt


    Nintendo is releasing similar Kirby and Yoshi games too often. Last year we had standalone Kirby and Yoshi games on 3DS, both were 2D platformers. This year Nintendo have 3 big 2D platformers slated to release in first half of the year. Isn't it too much? Do people really love 2D platformers more than anything?

    They should stop playing it safe and allow both series to evolve. I think it's about time for us to see both characters in full 3D platformers. I remember Nintendo rejecting Argonaut's Croc to be the first full 3D Yoshi game with the reason being "is not time for it yet" and we're still waiting for it. Same goes with Kirby. Who needs another 2D Kirby beat em up that can be done within a day? Kirby needs to enter 3D world completely. A Kirby games that's played like a Banjo game is one of my biggest gaming dreams. An 3D platformer with everything, gigantic bosses, side missions, hundreds of collectibles...
  25. If it was a sports game, that would be more than enough to be considered a sequel, kind of funny how perception impacts everything.
  26. Lord Brady

    Lord Brady
    Banned Member

    Yeah, other than Celeste I haven't been feeling the Switch much this year. Not every month needs a Zelda or Mario, but there's no reason they can't have Picross-type releases every month now that their portable and console teams are focused on one platform. A Virtual Console choice would be nice to have. In some regards it feels like Nintendo was prepared for the Switch's success, but in others it feels like they weren't. And I guess that makes sense given the disaster that the Wii U was.
  27. Considering that every Smash sequel is basically a refinement of the formula but with more content, I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo releases it as a full new entry.
  28. So basically every series should move towards their version of BoTW or Odyssey? How about people have options in what they would like to play. They’ve reinvented some series, they don’t need to reinvent them all in the same manner.
  29. Suzushiiro

    Banned Member

    I'm guessing it'll be something like Splatoon 2, which seemed to use the original game/engine as a base rather than starting from scratch but added/changed enough to be able to justify calling itself a sequel.
  30. Dphex


    Nintendo is on cruise control since the Switch released....
    First, Zelda, which was a Wii U Game, than Mario Kart Deluxe which was 3 years old, followed by ARMS, a little game without much legs...
    Splatoon 2 which is essentially the same as the first Splatoon. Than drumming up for Mario Odyssey, which was done by release of the Switch. Fill this with Pokken, which was also years old. End the year with a technically underwhelming Xenoblade Chronicles 2, where the music is better than the game

    This year is absolutely horrible for peeps that got a Wii U...excitement is gone because you know, you are likely to get another entries in the same old franchises or stuff like labo which is more for the little ones. I really fail to see how the release schedule is so much different from the Wii U in the beginning. Because they have overpriced Indie games every week? Seriously the Switch is given way too much credit...
  31. skittzo0413


    Thanks for the response, I figure that type of info they'd be keeping kinda close to the chest. Or are still undecided on maybe.

    The thing is, with a game like Smash an enhanced port isn't all that different from an all new entry. I really think the question of "is it a port or not" will really come down to marketing and branding more than anything else.

    Unless they basically take all of the content from Smash 4, add a few new characters and stages and call it a day. I'm hoping they'll add some modes or something on top of that, at which point you can probably call it a sequel if you want.
  32. Sub Boss

    Sub Boss
    Banned Member

    First year of Switch isn't over yet
  33. Buttonbasher


    Came in here to say this. Still hasn't been a full year.
  34. IAMtheFMan


    I think considering that we haven’t heard anything from Smash for Switch that there’s some meaty content; it’ll be more of a “Super Street Fighter XX” compared to a base Street Fighter package.
  35. Hieroph


    I'm not "conceding" anything, I'm correcting your misinformation. I'm also not saying that a hypothetical Smash 4 DX would sell better, I haven't said anything like that at all.

    Smash 4 sold huge numbers on Wii U, and that was with the 3DS release coming out first. You looking at the Wii U install base and saying that Smash should have sold even more is beyond my understanding.

    Also, there's no guarantee that Smash 4 DX would do even relatively as well as Mario Kart 8 DX, coming in almost 2 years into the Switch lifespan instead of close at launch like MK8 did. The time for a Smash port with some light upgrades has passed already.
  36. Mylatestnovel


    Someone in this thread hit the nail on the head. It’s about third parties. The problem Is if Nintendo don’t release something, almost nothing will get released. This is my first Nintendo console since the GameCube. I’d forgotten that.

    Third parties have messed up. I get why they didn’t get stuff ready, considering how badly third parties often sell on Nintendo platforms, but software is selling on Switch. There’s a lot of money that’s been left on the table.
  37. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief
    Member OP

    I can think of three, what's the fourth one?
  38. fantomena


    I have read some talk about a "big" direct this month. Any to that?
  39. Namiks

    Permanently banned for usage of an alt-account. Member

    This is basically the PlayStation Vita all over again.

    There's a tiny amount of first-party support that's slowly fading, and now it's becoming another system riddled with multi-platform games that everyone's already played.
  40. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief
    Member OP

    I think the person who first raised that notion later on indicated they may have miscommunicated their intent.
  41. Uncleslappy


    I'll be honest, my Switch has been quietly charging in it's dock since I collected my last moon, but I'm excited for the future. After seeing their turnaround last year with the quality of their output and the slickness of the switch, I believe in Nintendo again.
  42. kvetcha


  43. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief
    Member OP

    Okay, this has to be satire at this point.
  44. BotW, MK8D, Splatoon 2, and Mario Odyssey are all on pace to sell 12m+ units.
  45. Namiks

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    What about that post are you both failing to understand?

    If you look at the history of the Vita, the Switch is basically following it, but on a larger scale.
  46. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief
    Member OP

    I don't think Splatoon 2 will touch that; I foresee sales landing around 7-8 million LTD by the end.
  47. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief
    Member OP

    Like how Sony gave up on supporting the Vita with any first party games immediately after launch?
  48. Well, not every year can be the year that redifines video games.
  49. Namiks

    Permanently banned for usage of an alt-account. Member

    There are quite a few first-party games on the system, to name a few:

    Wipeout 2048
    Killzone: Mercenary
    Gravity Rush
    Uncharted: Golden Abyss

    But yeah, it went straight to multi-platform games and indies quite quickly. To ignore the strong resemblance in the Switch's recent support is just plain ignorance. That could change, yeah, but right now, it's following the exact same path of just spilling out multi-platform titles and indies with the occasional first-party title.
  50. Mory Dunz

    Mory Dunz

    as long as there are at least 3 characters I'm down.
    Wonder if it'll be third party goes or more nintendo guys.
    Inkling is probably one...