[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

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    Yeah, same for me.
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    That's basically just Nero Angelo again.

    I think a fleshed out Mundus is interesting enough. As mentioned before, we really don't know shit about Mundus other than him being the King of Hell.
  3. *insert furious Internet double down here*

    Sorry fam, my bad. I know you are joking but that phrase has certain connotations. Wrong choice of words.
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    Likely nothing to do with TGA or DMCV but with Geoff dropping in here it reminded me of that BTS segment he did this week where for the 2016 awards a dev asked at the last minute if they could do their reveal at the show. Geoff I believe asked to see the footage and then agreed but some hitch had the dev drop out like the next or something. Geoff said the game still hasn't been announced to this day.

    ....when was this DMCV trailer done again? lol
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    Holy shit this thread has become a thing in the past couple hours huh
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    I'm definitely down for more DMC. Hope you don't cop a ban!
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    I'll buy a bag of Doritos if DMC5 gets announced at TGA

    (and a pizza obviously)
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    Nah fam. GTFO with this lol
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    You think so?

    Monster Hunter is a bigger brand than DMC, and yet it stayed on MT Framework because that was the engine that team had experience with and wanted to stay with. I could easily see the same being done for Itsuno's team, as well, since it at least would cut out the time necessary to learn a new engine, they can possibly recycle some assets from 4/4SE where appropriate, and they already know everything they want to do for a DMC game to run at 60fps in that engine.
  11. Geoff is a cryptic motherfucker, he's friend with kojima for fucks sake! here's something he tweeted a week before the last of us released for example(extremely cryptic the last of us spoiler):
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    Slightly larger chance it's real.
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    Its one of the points that sounds far too good to be true, but 3 hours of Shimomura goodness would be dreamy, exclusive money from Sony they could make it :3
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    We will have to wait more than 6 months to discover if this is really true.

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    Hello. I have been a dmc fan since the early days, and someone pm'd me on discord early today (before this thread) and told me that DMCV was going to get announced this year at VGA, and told me that if I wanted I could post it on dmc discord, and I did, he/she told me that if it doesnt get shown I could expose him/her on discord.

    Then this thread happens with the leak, and the person pm'd me again saying that he/she isnt sure if its vga or psx, but that it will be 100% this year and then told me that I should post that here on this thread on era.

    Take this as a grain of salt, but it is very suspicious, me getting that pm from someone random and then this thread happening, maybe there is some truth to it?

    I surely would love to see dmcv getting officially announced this year.

    Btw. It was not Son of Sparda who pm'd me on discord, just in case.

    Hope I am not crossing any lines with this, just wanted to share it with everyone.
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    Well, okay.
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    Christ, this thread exploded. People are thirsty for Devil May Cry.
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    Yup, same.
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    It's been a LIFETIME
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    don’t let the elbow blades hit your ass on the way out
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    It’s ERA’s first meltdown thread :’)
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    The serious Dante thing scares me. I hope no one dies. Other than that though...

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    Eh, that's more of an issue of focus though, NRS always focuses way more on the perifiral stuff like story/extra modes/secrets etc because they're targetting a more casual audience. SFV was clearly still a high budget production.

    I'm guessing there's like a 90% likelyhood the story is some variation on this, yes.
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    This news is making me want to replay the DMC titles I have played (DMC and DMC3) and play the ones I haven't (DMC2, DMC4, DmC). It blows my mind that this series has been dormant for so long.
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    This couldn't get juicier than it already has.
  28. This is a reason to buy the game, not to avoid it.
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    Bloodborne was announced less than a year before launch, so I can see this being announced at E3 2018 and released the first three months of 2019.
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    Wait, remind me who DanteLinkX is? Legit?
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    the PSX or VGA threads definitely will be if DMC doesn’t get announced at either event.
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    I think it's a miracle we're even getting a DMC5 instead of another dead franchise to add to the pile.

    I'd be extremely surprised if we got anymore after that. Not that I'd be complaining or anything...

    Too many


    I only just finished TLoU a couple of weeks ago and I finally understand this tweet after all these years.
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    Cutscenes aren’t one of the core parts of a fighting game though, it’s the in-game visuals, and SFV is visually one of the best fighters this gen. The same can’t be said for Injustice I’m afraid.
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    Dammit, dammit, dammit, DAMMIT!

    The only that could get me more hype is an Alastor weapon skin for Rebellion that also affects Dante's DT.
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    This is the most fun thread I've read in a while. lol
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    I respect this, man.

    You didn't call me a liar or fake and are just sharing stuff that you've heard. I hope we see the game asap as well. But I'm surly not expecting it.
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    Not enough that would make me believe a rumor that Capcom would have the time and budget to make 3 hours of fleshed cutscenes. I mean...the only games that even touch that are open world and/or ND games.
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    Aww i believe you DanteX you wouldn't lie, hope for announcement this year rises. :^)
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    Things are getting crazy.
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    oh man Monster Hunter World, SFV: Arcade Edition and DMC5 announcement in a few months

    if Capcom can reveal REmake 2 and the leaked Mega Man reboot then they'll be back
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    Can't wait !
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    Bleh, I'm going to go get pizza now.

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    3 hours of cutscenes following the Bayonetta/Naruto Storm school of still images.
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    This is getting more juicy by the minute