SemiAcccurate gets some Playstation 5/Next details ($1000 Subscription to read / Summary in OP)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Llazy, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. Llazy

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    So Semiaccuarate who got info right about the nx with nintendo partnering with nvidia for the switch and giving correct ps4 specs in 2012 has a lot of info on ps5. Problem is it requires a professional level subscription which is $1000 to read the article.

    Edit: Here is a short summary of the article:

    Mod Edit: Do not post scans of the article, summaries and discussion are fine however.
  2. Jake2byFour

    Jake2byFour Member

    Nope I’m good, I’ll wait till Sony offical announce it
  3. JazzmanZ

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    *chuckles* $1000 just to read some maybe accurate details, sure
  4. KillLaCam

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  5. #5
    I heard instead of fans it's gonna have a fish tank
  6. Zippo

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    Lmao pass
  7. MELLO

    MELLO Member

    $1000 to read? Cant somebody just read it aloud on youtube or something?

    MR ARCADE Member

    I will pitch in with $1 we just need 999 more reseteraers
  9. L Thammy

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    I will give you Switch 2 details if you give me a million billion dollars.
  10. labpleb

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    Student level is just 100$.
  11. R dott B

    R dott B Member

    $1000 to read something....

    Sounds like college all over again.
  12. MsMuerta

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    is this the nerd version of an onlyfans account?
  13. Neat

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    This is the realest post of all time.
  14. #14
    Lol!!!!! C'mon. I feel bad for anyone suckered into that .
  15. Vagabond

    Vagabond Member

    The accuracy....
  16. Kyrios

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    Give me $1,500 and I'll buy the sub and post a thread.
  17. Pascal

    Pascal Member

    Someone send me $1000 and I'll read it. I promise.
  18. Guymelef

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    That's $0,02 per user.

    You can send me your bitcoins, I'll buy it.
  19. Puffy

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  20. Emka

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    Yeah no I think I'm good.
  21. Jawbreaker

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    Sounds like a real bargain.
  22. Shadio

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    $100 will pay for itself for the first Youtuber who reports on it. We probably won't have to wait long
  23. riverfr0zen

    riverfr0zen Member

    I knew Sony was going to get all arrogant and do something crazy like this. So this is what they've slowly been seducing us to with their services like PS+ and PS Now. A $1000 subscription just to be able to read things on your console.

  24. MaximumSpider

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    Gonna need three jobs for this one
  25. JoDa

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    Buy it, create a patron where the article is the reward, guaranteed profit
  26. Mortemis

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  27. labpleb

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    *Throws a stone in your general direction*
  28. Zombine

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    The next PlayStation will have better specs than the PS4, the same controller but slightly better, and will cost $500 at launch. You’re welcome.
  29. Pancracio17

    Pancracio17 Member

    Lets do it era
  30. Japanonaut

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    $1000 for a website subscription???!!! holy shit..
  31. decisions

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    Ooooh, I've been waiting for a spicy gaming thread. Though we might have to wait until E3.
  32. DeuceGamer

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    Well their name is “semi-accurate”, lol
  33. Hey

    Hey Member

    Nope not 500 , you lost!
  34. throwawayname

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    PFFFFT, I'll give you some info for $998, while stocks last though, so be quick
  35. BioXCrisis

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    who is this site ? why are they charging 1grand ive never heard of them
  36. Shiba

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    Someone’s gonna do it. We’ll probably hear about it towards the end of this week if it happens.
  37. Mikey Jr.

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    Everyone pitch in. I'd down for 50 cents off shake and bake.
  38. labpleb

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    Hot take. Please tag as "super hard speculation".
  39. BronsonLee

    BronsonLee still broke, still furious Moderator

    I've seen this document and I'll tell you what's in it for the low low price of 5,000 dollars
  40. StuBurns

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    A grand to find out it's an AMD Ryzen based APU with between 10 and 12tf of GPU performance?

    Nah, think I'm good, Chief.
  41. funky

    funky Member

    Now I am just curious what else SemiACcurate has behind that paywall that they think is worth $1000 a year sub for and what kind of customer base they have.
  42. Ctlead

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    I think I'm good.
  43. TiG

    TiG Member

    I'll do it for 4K :)
  44. Tribal_Cult

    Tribal_Cult Member

    Leakers are getting smarter.
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    I heard the next playstation will be called the PS5.
  46. Pancracio17

    Pancracio17 Member

    what if its a hybrid like the switch

    now everything can be perfect for the PS5 too
  47. Faithless

    Faithless Member

    There are articles lootboxes now ?
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    There are 36,867 members on this board. If we all chip in $0.03 each we could unlock it.
  49. Belker

    Belker Member

    I don't know the website, but if they have information that business / corporations could use the thousand bucks is just put on expenses. Companies might subscribe, individuals won't.
  50. AlexCampy89

    AlexCampy89 Member

    back to college.

    Edit: aaaargh, beaten.
  51. diablos991

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    I know some of you would pay $1,000 for loot boxes.

    We need a whale to take one for the team.