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Video game characters that were, ahem, "inspired by" characters from other media


Nov 24, 2017
The story is that director Shimizu was in America during the late 80's and got influenced by the Tim Burton movie (which does have a dystopian look to it).

He also bought a bunch of Batman comics, so it's possible they could've stumbled into Dredd.
I guess I'd buy that. Dark Knight Returns would have been out around that time too. It also has a dystopian vibe.


Oct 25, 2017
Holy crap I just saw this great thread, I thought I knew a lot of the influences but some I didn't know are so blatant. So many from Jojo's...


Oct 28, 2017
Gill, Urien and Seth are all inspired by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's Pillar Men. Necalli as well, specifically when his hair changes he starts to resemble Kars a bit.



Sep 11, 2018
Not exactly the same looking but like...

This one is the most blatant one here, I feel. Characters like Snake eventually transitioned character-wise from their inspiration, but York is just straight up a slightly hammier Coop. IIRC, in early versions of the game, York even looked just like Coop,but they changed it (as well as the Sheriff's look).