Fortnite: Battle Royale + Save the World |OT2| Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Credit Cards

Oct 25, 2017
Nice, you're doing great!! I'm seeing some duplicate weapons, is your collection book filled out?
Nah, it has been quite a while since I messed around with the collection book lol. I have not even played that much in the past year or two. I need to progress my main story cause when they updated canny valley to be a desert with a story my progress had reset. So I am like 80 power level doing 50 power level missions.


Oct 27, 2017
That's the thing, people play less when they don't feel like they're being properly rewarded.

I love grinding in Fortnite, but only when I feel like I'm making real progress every match. 13+k per average Rumble match would be better than the 8-10k you get currently this season.
Yeah, but thinking about last season, even without the prolonged season people could've/might've stopped playing (actively/often) a long time before the season ended (if they only cared about 100%ing the battle pass) and that's what Epic wants to avoid because every day/week not spent playing is a day/week that Epic will have a 0% chance of those people spending money. They obviously want to try to find a balance between giving so much exp that people don't feel the need to play much vs. giving so little that people complain.


Oct 25, 2017
I'm almost level 20 before the first week is up. I'm sure I'll reach level 100 with little to no trouble.
Yeah I hit 20 yesterday so should be fine for 100.

One thing I'm worried about is that one of the skins has a style that is unlocked by hitting 300 which seems much harder. Last season I got to about 370ish but you got more xp and much longer to do it so I'm not sure how feasible 300 this season actually is.


Nov 15, 2017
Level 300!? Yeah, i'm glad I gave up on getting all the skin/variants cuz that would require more grinding than my mental health could handle.


Oct 15, 2018
Couldn't find a chart, but I think Level 200 is feasible just with the XP from doing every challenges and punchcards.
But level 300 will probably need more than supercharged XP every other weekend.
Hoping for some huge boost from events/overtime/prestige missions.


Oct 25, 2017
I don't mind the nerfed XP too much, brings it more in line with the seasons where the battlepass felt great and only got to the end of the pass around week 7 or 8. The gradual unlocks definitely keep me more engaged with the game and it doesn't feel anywhere near as bad as the XP nerf at the start of C2S1.

That said them returning dumb stuff like a lv300 skin is very disappointing to see, seems like with chapter 2 they didn't just wanna bring the feel back of the early days of Fortnite, but also the mistakes. I was hoping missing out on the corrupted 8-ball skin would be the end of that nonsense, but I guess I'll have to suffer that nonsense for another season.

This whole season so far with the choose 1 skin variant nonsense, the customizable character that can only be customized once, super grindy lv300 skins and the lack of what I personally really wanted, some kind of vehicle or movement option to make the mid-game feel less like a walking simulator, makes this season feel like it's of to a disappointing start for me personally. The Spy PoI stuff is very jolly though, I'll give it that, too bad you can't engage with that during Team Rumble which I'm probably gonna make my main gamemode judging by how this season has been so far.

Noah Om

Oct 25, 2017
I gotta say, I'm all in all this season now. Maybe it's the fact I haven't had much time to play in the last week, but I'm really enjoying the game more-so than I have since this time last year. I like having the locations to drop where I can take part in pve before venturing off to play against real players. The meta feels a lot better this season too with the return of mobility items and all the unvaulted weapons. I doubt I'll be able to make it to 300 but boy that Peely skin is enticing.

I also noticed that there are hidden challenges per location? Was playing around in the Rig last night and I noticed a challenge come up for defeating henchmen. 0/50. May be some other ways of earning XP this season.