Game Informer June Cover Revealed: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order


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Oct 25, 2017

New characters revealed: Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) and Clint Barton (Hawkeye)
Wasp is also a character that has been revealed and the first web article drops tomorrow!
Summary from Santar
Info from the Game Informer article according to gamefaqs MUA 3 board:

-Team bonuses are returning (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Wisecracking Warriors, Women of Marvel, Midnight Sons, Defenders, etc.)

-Over two dozens playable characters

-An item drop called XP Cubes will allow for rapid level-ups

-Four characters will be present on-screen at all times

-Can be played with local online, solo, or online

-Heavies, mini-bosses and bosses have a "stamina bar" that needs to be drained out before dealing massive damage (certain heroes are better at this than others)

-Strategic boss battles, example being luring Venom to a sonic alarm to open him up to attacks

-RPG stats like: Strength, Vitality, Mastery?, Resistance, Durability, and Energy are present

-Alliance upgrade system on top of regular hero upgrades, unlocked using credits and a new currency called: Enhancement Points. A node-based upgrade system that effects your whole team with upgrades like stat increases, ie: Might, energy, defensive and offensive buffs.

-ISO-8 will be akin to gear equips, looks like we can have four equipped at a time. Decreased damage when low on health, more HP orbs after defeating an enemy, adding shock damage to certain abilities and attacks. Can also be dismantled to upgrade existing pieces of ISO-8 further.

-A new unlockable feature for the main menu called Infinity Trials will allow us to take on challenges akin to Comic Missions from the past MUA games. Each challenge is split in to groups based off Greek letters such as Lambda and Sigma, each one beaten unlocks another in an interconnecting web that has rewards available only in these challenges. Example: Defeat 200 Hydra agents with a countdown, every enemy beaten extends the timer. Rewards include: leveling opportunities, currency of various types, new characters and hero outfits. (Please let Thanos be a reward character.)

-Different difficulties like: Casual, the "friendly" difficulty with emphasis on button-mashing to victory, Mighty, for greater challenges and a new difficulty after clearing the story once.

-New Game Plus is a thing, alliance enhancements and character levels will transfer over to the second playthrough and chapter selection will be a thing too.
-Unlockable costumes and a dedicated "quip" button have also been confirmed as well!
-Blue glowing S.H.I.E.L.D. points from the old games are back
Info on how this game came to be:
Mike Jones, Marvel Games VP and executive producer on resurrecting this once dormant franchise-"We knew it was really important to a lot of people. But we also knew that after 10 years of not having another installment, it wasn't going to be enough to just make a sequel...So, for the last few years, we were on the lookout of what that might be. And then one day we found our answer."
-Nintendo visited Marvel before the Switch was publicly revealed to show off early hardware plans and "a vision for a system focused on social and shared play experiences."
-Bill Trinen-"There was a mutual feeling that the series itself was one we hadn't seen in a long time, and that we wanted to see it come back. From a Marvel content perspective, that feels like the perfect fit for the Switch platform because of the multiplayer focus, and because of the versatility of the platform."
-Mike Jones on coming to the decision to enlist Team Ninja on development duties-"In parallel to all of these conversations, we were also huge fans of Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo and their esteemed history...We had always been looking for a way to work with them on a project together, and Nintendo already had a fantastic relationship there."
-Team Ninja is "filled with self-professed Marvel enthusiasts" which played a part in pitching the game
Story details:
Mark Sumerak, who worked on Avengers comics for Marvel, was enlisted to write the story for UA3 after he "gained recognition writing a number of all-ages Marvel titles that required knowledge of a wide variety of the heroes and villians. He also happened to be an avid gamer, and fan of the earlier games."
-The game opens on the Milano, after yet another job that goes wrong for the Guardians of the Galaxy
-Next chapter of the game takes place during a prison break on the Raft

Exclusive Hands-On Impressions Of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3


Summary from Eolz and Mandos
I'm currently listening to it, but not much so far, and I have hard times doing recaps of podcasts since it often go off-rails.

Segment is 40mn long. They wonder if the text is done by Marvel, Treehouse, or a mix of both given what they've read of it. Say the same thing that has been said already about how Nintendo/TN ended up making the game (the stuff that is in the OP). Some text/voices reference a bit the MCU (not in lore obviously). "Well over 20" is what they're aiming for the roster. Nice mix of heavy hitters you'd expect, and some unexpected ones too, and some of the ones you'd expect now would have been unexpected back then in MUA2 (lack of popularity in comics/movies).

Still got about 20mn to listen to, no real gameplay impressions yet, more about writing/atmosphere/dev process.

- don't want to talk about possible DLC
- gameplay reminiscent of the older games. Easy to get in and button mash in regular difficulties.
- Always see 4 characters on screen, focused on pick up and play
- only played a few hours, interested if it can works as well with playing with your kid, drunk friends, solo or more serious play.
- customization is the ISO-8 stuff talked about, + experience, currencies, ability orbs.
- FFX-like grid for Alliance enhancements that affects the whole team.

edit 2:
- damage numbers are by default on screen
- a lot going on, "learning curve to get what is happening on screen"
- lock-on only if you play by yourself, didn't work in local coop. In the build they've played at least
- new shoulder camera feels like the best way to play (bad if you play local coop on the same screen)

edit 3:
- bigger attacks if you attack together
- Team Ninja really focused on a "stagger meter" for mini-bosses and bosses, pushes for cooperation (sounds like the gauge they added for bosses in Hyrule Warriors for example)
- "feels a lot like the older games" , "colorful action rpg for switch", "not a graphical powerhouse but fits well the arcade aesthetic"

Nothing else worth mentioning I think. Rest in the OP, or will be in the next news/videos.

So here’s something fun for you guys, end of the gameinformer podcast was an interview with three former Raven devs who were all in mua, including the tech leader. Some fun stuff in there including the team had basically free reign on who they put in as long as marvel approved it from a playable character standpoint(that’s how Deadpool got in, the team wanted it). However there is one playable character they demanded that seemed relatively obscure but the fact marvel wanted him made an impact in the teams mind. That character that Marvel itself wanted in was... Moonknight. Honestly he’s even more of a cult favorite now and has several popular runs since then so there’s your ray of hope for those who want him(I’m sure there’s more fun tidbits but I only listened to half of it because I still want to listen to the Mua3 interview)

Also Nintendo was coy about the Fantastic Four rather than deconfirming them which means they are coming in some form

Last note for anyone worrying about scale of locations: story starts with the gems being scattered across the universe. That means earth, Asguard, and Attalin/moon at least will be locations. Also feels they are hiding a lot story wise. Also after the gotg in mission one mission 2 throws 10 more at you in rapid succession

New, Exclusive Gameplay Of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Exclusive Ms. Marvel Gameplay - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Exclusive Miles Morales Gameplay - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Exclusive Spider-Gwen Gameplay - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Exclusive Wolverine Gameplay - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Exclusive Hawkeye Gameplay - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Exclusive Gameplay Of Venom Boss Fight In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
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Oct 27, 2017
Aw yeah. People complaining about no marketing to cash in on Endgame—well here you go!

Also Wasp and Hawkeye confirmed.


Jan 6, 2019
Ms. Marvel!

Is this the first time Nintendo has given exclusive coverage to Game Informer?
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Jun 1, 2018
These games aren't perfect but I have had so much fun playing them with my family. Can't wait for this. Looks like we have a decent amount of differing characters just from this cover.


Nov 27, 2017
Sweet deep dive time! Also seems crystal and Lockjaw are indeed a dual character. Wasp and Hawkeye being confirmed too is sick now where’s ghost rider. Also told you guys marketing was going to kick up


Oct 29, 2017
Awwwe, wasn't what I was hoping for. Ah well, this might also turn out really well.


Jan 6, 2019
Apparently they detail progression, endgame (heh), etc. in the cover story. Does anyone ITT have a subscription?


Oct 25, 2017
I was hoping for something more, but there is still one more cover-reveal before E3, right?


Oct 25, 2017
Okay, we are getting all the obvious characters out of the way... hopefully we will get some announcements that feature a few deeper cuts.

Ms. Marvel is a great start.