[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

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    I don’t know why, but I’ve been craving pizza all week since the rumors started. At least now I’m satisfying those cravings.
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    After reading this thread, I am more than willing to believe. It has been too long.
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    It's happening, isn't it.
  5. This is fantastic.

    I had no idea Dante was tanned at the end of 3. Or maybe it's just my eyes.
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    Everyone is going to be eating a nice slice of pizza after DMC V is announced.
  7. Man I've had DMC music playing constantly since Keighley started to hype TGAs,
    Been on a complete loop since this thread was created.
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    Macho Man Randy Savage
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    Sounds like that Redacted thing that Maximilian was doing yesterday was just some MVCI footage.
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    Fucking legendary.

    And damn, we're up to 93 pages!
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    Link? But you can't stop this train...
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    I think the only game that Dante didn't have a tan was 4.

    It's why I always thought he wasn't getting enough sun in that game!
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    Imagine those bullet shots transition into DMC5...... hmm... gotta keep dat hype in check
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    There's 5 bullet shots for a reason .
  17. [​IMG]
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    1 more week...its finally happening...you feel it too..don’t you?
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    I'm sitting here as the credits roll on DmC DE, and the final shot you see is of Dante's voice actor saying "My name... is Dante" into the camera, then riding away on a skateboard and doing this exact pose, except he's flipping the bird instead. I couldn't help but laugh; this whole game's aesthetic screams of what theatre kids think is cool and edgy, and to end it like that was just so perfectly on-brand :P

    That game certainly has its high points, but man the ending is not one of them. Mundus is probably the easiest bossfight in the game, and then Vergil drops the "Oh, btw, I'm going to subjugate humanity lol" bomb on you out of nowhere right at the very end so they could contrive a bossfight against him. Oh well, time to move on to replaying the real DMCs now.
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    Needs to be posted one of my favorites


    Its like Dante/Vergil is the boss and the actual boss is a player desperately trying to get a hit in
  22. From that day forth... my arm changed... and a voice echoed "Power! Give me more power!"

    • “Kid? Well... if that's how you see me, I think you'll blush a pretty pink when I kick your ass!”
    Love that line from Nero!
  23. [​IMG]
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    Love the exchange between Nero and Dante at the end of 4

    Nero: What...? I thought this meant a lot to you...?

    Dante: That's the only kind of gift worth giving. I want to entrust it to you, and so I am. What you do from here is your call.
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    Who thinks this is going show up at TGA?

    I've been waiting at every conference for the announcement so this will be no different to me.
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    That's a really strong line.

    People like to bring up all the goofy stuff Dante does in DMC4, but that line is really why I think he's the best version to date.

    He becomes that cool uncle you want to hang out with.
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    Holy mother of Dante! This is perfect.
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    There will be bloodbath if this is not at TGA/PSX, just saiyan'.
  29. Nothing stops this crazy train.
  30. I think that showcases his incredible speed, and is not a time freeze ability.
    I'm pretty sure it's mentioned when you first get it. Why do people forget?
    I want to be part of the Discord as well! Please PM me too.
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    They don't. It's only possible for them to do decently if they are attached to a pre-existing IP.
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    Man this news made reinstall DMC4:SE, played some Nero.

    I had forgotten what a pain this game was to play. Like literal pain on my fingers. The hardcore might scoff at this, but I really hope a potential new DMCV is easier to play/control, i.e. doesn't make me have to use five fingers at the same time. This is why I'm a proponent of a soft-lock option (like Bayonetta) plus a dedicated launch button (like DmC). With someone like Nero it'd make it more comfortable to do exceed (while charging blue rose too, if these mechanic are even going to be in the game).
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    Not even trying to hide it anymore. Which must mean its definitely getting announced soon.

    It took wishing upon a lot of stars but its finally time
  35. Nero gonna roll in with dual revolvers?
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    Oh my god hes making a V with the guns

    Edit: Oh, I thought he just posted those...
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    Not to detract from the thread, but I think Vergil's attitude throughout the game hints at those plans very clearly. The only person whom he talks to with any semblance of respect is Dante, he treats humans and demons alike as garbage and manipulates everyone in order to reach his goals. From the start he sees himself and Dante as superior to mankind and demons due to them being Nephilim, so his turn in the end is merely the culmination of his character.
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    God it is amazing how much better DMC4 looks compared to DmC. 5 years earlier, on the same console, with the added handicap of being a 60FPS compared to DmC's high 20s. That clean MT Framework aesthetic and the gorgeous animation go a long way, and I guess it helps that DmC has some of the ugliest character models around :P

    I'm playing DMC4 in Japanese for the first time in the SE, and Nero and Dante's voices are pretty great. Problem is the voiced lines and the subtitles don't match at all, and it's really confusing (I'm still only learning Japanese). I know the original Japanese release didn't have Japanese voiceover, so I guess the subtitles come from the original game's release, and the voiced lines must be from a re-translated script when the SE came out?
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    Even on PS3 the 4th game had absolutely stellar IQ. I loaded it up at the end of that gen and it made MG:R and the like look like amateur hour.

    MT was a beast and Phanta Rhei is whatever.
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    Don't know if it means anything but PSN EU is doing a big holiday sale for the PSN Store and both DMC 4 and DmC Definitive Edition are on sale until December 22nd.
  43. Were you playing on a keyboard? It's not that hard. A dedicated launcher button is just gonna be a waste of a button. DmC Dante had more weapons than DMC 4 Dante, yet DMC 4 Dante had more variety in his moveset.
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  45. Does he though? The only thing we know of his past is that he established The Order and saved Kat from demons. There aren't really any other cast members that Vergil meets for us to truly see how he treats people. That's why the scene at the end would work perfectly with a comical "dun dun duuuun" sound effect.

    That scene is just so bad. Vergil drops this bomb on Dante casually and expects him to comply, and seems genuinely upset that he doesn't. The final duel of the game is due to a misunderstanding.
  46. Falls right in line with: "It was originally my brother's." "That sword was used to separate our world from the demons. I can't have something with that kind of power floating around, now can I? It's got to stay in the family."

    Yeah, the turn is hinted at, but the execution is 90 degrees at 200mph.
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    See how he treats Kat and is willing to let her die throughout the game (yes, he saved her in the past, but his end goal was always his supremacy), or how he shows no regard for the members of the Order, worried only about the data that could be stolen. Also, see how little he again cares about Kat and Lilith during the hostage trading sequence (even if he justifies his actions as being "for the greater good"). There's nothing unexpected about his turn in the end, unless you mostly skipped cutscenes throughout, and its even interesting to see how his actions make him similar to Mundus, who also cares very little for anything other than his own goals.

    And, yes, he does expect Dante to comply because, again, he sees himself and Dante as superior to any other beings due to them being Nephilim. For him, Dante cared as little for humans as himself (he doesn't even notice or tries to understand Dante's intentions towards Kat), and the game more than drives this point home. Again, maybe you should rewatch the cutscenes, because just because you felt it was out of the blue, it doesn't mean the game did not telegraph this throughout its plot. The DLC goes even deeper into Vergil's psyche, but the main game itself is enough to understand Vergil's actions at the end.