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N7Day - BioWare asks what do you want to see in the future (Mass Effect related)


Oct 27, 2017
I don't get the remaster thing. Game looks perfectly fine and probably already supports higher resolutions.
PC versions don't have controller support, ME2 and 3 have like $50 worth of DLC each and no GOTY versions, people don't want to hook up PS3s and 360s to play games in 2020, etc etc. A 4K trilogy remaster with DLC and patches baked in is a no-brainer.


Oct 29, 2017
It won't bother me if they make a new Mass Effect game but I have zero faith in that team. I would honestly feel better if EA handed the project to Bioware Austin or Motive.

EDIT: Also, no idea why Bioware or anyone else would care about honoring the player's decision at the end of ME3. No one likes those fucking endings -- who cares if only one of the three is canon? You already failed the integrity of your branching story by leaving everything up to a single color-coded choice.
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Mar 18, 2018
I don't get the remaster thing. Game looks perfectly fine and probably already supports higher resolutions.
Nah I replayed through the trilogy early last year. Graphically 1 looks shocking at times, with 2 fairing only slightly better. And 1 has some serious gameplay issues while 2 could really cut back on spamming enemy waves.

3 looks and plays fantastic though.


Oct 27, 2017
I'll have you know that's how soldiers run in the Alliance. You may not like it but that is peak human speed right there.
I need a full Codex entry voiced by Cam Clarke on how exhaustive studies of battle data collected during the First Contact War proved the supremacy of a new style of wartime emergency forward ambulation, which was quickly adopted by almost all fighting forces of the Milky Way.

Slim Action

Jul 4, 2018
I remember that it was my head canon that Shepard had had both legs crushed during a mission and had a lot of pins and stuff in there, and that's why she moves so stiffly.


Oct 31, 2017
Who'd even want to go back to Andromeda? Not only is the name absolutely, 100% salted earth tainted, but there's nothing there anyway. What are we going to do, another story about the Kett? The dipshit other race whose name I don't even remember? Are we going to relive our favourite memories of Sand Planet, Ice Planet and Sand Planet: Slight Return? Are we going to fight another Archon with another basketball hoop head? Another trip to the stupid network of space magic bullshit machines to look at and hold the Y button on?

Everything there sucks. Everyone in that galaxy talks like an imgur comments section. That whole game was billed as establishing a colony in an undiscovered colony and was actually about waking up in a fully-populated galaxy and just killing everyone there. Remember when the Scottish lass on your ship tells you she believes in God and your two dialogue options are "I do too" and "UHH ACK-CHOO-ALLY THERE'S NO PROOF GOD EXISTS"?

At this point it's poor taste to even do N7 Day any more. Hey remember that thing you loved that we ruined? Be sure to buy our shitty merch and Tweet campaign at us for stuff we definitely can't do because we're in the doghouse after Anthem!

Fuck Andromeda. Fuck Mass Effect. Fuck it, fuck me, fuck everything. Capcom is back. Bernie 2020.
Thank you. There is just fuck all interesting going on in Andromeda due to how badly they fucked up the writing and world building there. I don't see any "potential" because there is nothing there. They should just write off Andromeda as a failure and come back to the Milky Way. That would make the most business sense to bring back the series.

So yeah, they'll keep doing N7 days just as a show to show fans that they care. (And I still believe a lot of Bioware genuinely care about the series)

But EA ain't doing a single move on the franchise until they see DA4's performance. Bioware cannot afford to fuck that one up at this point.


Wonder from Down Under
Oct 27, 2017
All three games, ME2 and ME3 in particular, look really, really fucking good with a ton of SGSSAA. Every single hard edge on a poly, shader effect, particle effect, and alpha texture cleans up unbelievably well. The IQ is fucking outrageously good. Technical deficits are abound in texture quality, poly complexity, etc. But I feel the overall image (with all the baked shadows and lighting), the strong art direction, and SGSSAA result in a stunningly gorgeous set of games. Certain texture mods elevate the quality further (JeanLuc's character texture mod for Mass Effect 2 is amongst the best I've ever seen).



Oct 29, 2017
I wouldn't be surprised if new ME is coming sooner than expected. I mean BioWare has currently only 1 big, known project - Dragon Age 4. It's a given they're not working on one game only, though.


Dec 1, 2017
They need to hire a good CG cinematographer if they plan to remake. DA: Inquisition started their downward spiral in quality cut scene and conversation camera work.
They are worst because their games are much bigger now (and rushed). I feel like making Open World that equal the quality/polish of other AAA will be Bioware biggest challenge if they figure out their leadership problem.


Nov 15, 2017
I just want an HD re-release of the ME Trilogy for all current platforms (Nintendo Switch included).

....And that’s it, really. I don’t trust the current BioWare with the IP anymore.
They should have their main team port the first three to Frostbite so that the new blood have experience with the franchise from the development side before trying to take on a full new game.