Platinum Games explains Bayonetta 3’s E3 no-show


Dec 21, 2017
I honestly don't understand the outcry from certain fans.

Platinum Games is already giving you another game Switch exclusive coming in 2 months which is Astral Chain and it looks on par with a Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising,... Not to mention they are also working on other projects like Babylon's Fall.

We are not talking about a giant company with thousands of employees, at the current pace Platinum is already making more games than most studios with the same size, and to make games that good it takes time.


Oct 27, 2017
So why did they show Breath of the Wild 2 when Link's Awakening's launch is three months away?
Well for one Link's Awakening is going to sell no matter what. It's an established IP and a beloved instalment with a completely different play/art style. Link's Awakening doesn't need help selling. A game like Astral Chain needs as much marketing as it can get.