Why Halo Struggles to Evolve


Oct 28, 2017
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MCC has been fixed for quite a while, I play it pretty regularly. Like I said, I have less issues with MCC than I have with H5. When is the last time you booted it up?
Sorry I reply so late, I missed your comment. I play MCC almost on a daily basis.

I have 2.783 hours played in MCC (Sad, I know), recently completed LASO on all games, been onyx in H5, and I was lvl 50 back in the H3 days.
I know what I am talking about,

Here is my service record.

Yeah thank fuck they don’t charge us for armor colors.
I have to be honest. I have no clue where Bungie would have taken Halo after Reach. At least 343 tried to continue Halo on a path where the wind was set by Bungie.