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Will Batman marry Catwoman during Tom Kings Batman storyline?

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Nov 1, 2017
To be clear I’m mostly fucking with you, but you have been banging the “Cates is boring” drum for a few weeks now. And without anything to back up that take, yeah, it’s a pretty boring one to keep throwing out there!
I only brought it up when talking about his books, and not even all of them. I don't read venom or ghost rider, cause I don't read either of those characters as a matter of course. And I think his run on Strange was Decent

But if you want a reason, Cates run on Thanos is the most mastabatory the character has ever gotten(yes that includes Starlin), it's a sharp step down from the previous stuff that Lemire?(I think it was lemire) was doing with his whole "Thanos wins" thing that also held the most nothing resolution and that's even accounting for Lemire's rendition of Death.

I also loathe Death of Inhumans. And I've gone on extreme detail on why

And I largely feel like Cates Gaurdians is going nowhere. It's more concerned with filling itself out with "Hey remember these guys?" Than actually attempting to do anything with the guys they're encircling


Oct 25, 2017
Batman #73 - This is the sort of dumb that I like. I feel like there's some sort of parallel with "married Batman = no Batman" and "Batman with parents = no Batman" and I'm curious how King is going to articulate why marrying Selena and finding peace that way is better than reuniting with his parents... beyond the obvious "that's not really your dad and also he's trying to bring your mom back from the dead with weird goop." Hoping this plot thread carries through beyond the next issue.
Didn’t Alan Brennert already disprove
Batman with parents = no Batman


Oct 25, 2017

Is that skinny dude with the bubble helmet Prof X?
I'd think they'd want him back in the chair for a jumping on point.
That’s him, yes.

I doubt he ever goes back to the chair at this point. If Hickman and the editors aren’t bullshitting, they’re actually much more likely to outright reject putting him back given they keep reiterating they want to change how people think about the X-Men entirely.
May 24, 2019
The defeat of Bane and his mission has to be Bruce ending the series happy and fulfilled and still able to be Batman.
BM/CW already points to that happening. Flashpoint Dad going good and sticking around in his life
plus ressurected mom, maybe
would hit it home.


Oct 25, 2017
read Guardians 6

I dug it. had a call back to something that bugged me in Thanos Imperative that actually had an explanation this time

also it gets points just for this



Nov 1, 2017
Magik's actual outfit motif is Dungeons & Dragons chic.

Which is true even of the bendis run. In that half of her outfit was just armor