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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Hawk269, Feb 10, 2018.

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  1. Hawk269

    Hawk269 Member Original Poster

    Thread Rebooted. MOD EDIT:

    We have no intention of banning discussion of this game outright, and the views of the director can be relevant. However, it is clear that there will be no peace in these threads without tighter moderation and brighter lines. Therefore if that discussion is to happen we are laying down two ground rules:

    1. Vávra's views on a multitude of subjects are offensive and racist. Defense of his views will be moderated like any other defense of racism. Do not try to find sneaky ways to circumvent this ruling, like singling out Vávra for nonspecific praise or support.

    2. Buying this game does not automatically make someone a horrible person and nothing will be learned or gained by anyone if you take that stance. Do not attack other members just for buying the game or enjoying mundane aspects of the game. Do not attempt to shame them.

    There is room to discuss the game as a cultural artifact with nuance and in a manner where some actual exchange of ideas is possible -- but only if the above two conditions are met. If you do not feel you can adhere to those two conditions, do not post in these threads. Be advised that moderators may have to apply stricter penalties than usual to keep the peace.

    We have a few people here that own the game and are actively playing the game and there seems to be a large amount of people interested in reading these impressions, watching gifs created, pictures and video's.

    So for those of you that have the game or have played the game, please use this thread to post your impressions and for those merely interested we can use this thread to ask questions.
  2. Blacki138

    Blacki138 Member

    Can anybody give some impressions on the menus and inventory managment? Specifically asking if it's a pain in the ass to navigate with a controller.
  3. His Majesty

    His Majesty Member

    edit: old update

    Do we know if this releases at midnight in 36 hours?
  4. HorrorFanStab

    HorrorFanStab Member

    This achievement is going to be challenging. ;P
  5. TheWordyGuy

    TheWordyGuy Member

  6. MWorldII

    MWorldII Member

    Playing on PS4 right now. I can see where your question is coming from — at first it's doesn't look good, but first impression is false. It's okay and somewhat easy to manage.
    Kinda like Witcher 3 before giant patch with new interface near Blood & Wine release.
  7. JaseC

    JaseC You'll always have friends at the Grand Hotel Moderator

  8. mats effect

    mats effect Member

    Xbox codes for the DLC pack are now showing on the rewards page. No code for the actual game just yet though.
  9. Deathknell

    Deathknell Member

    Any news about pc performance?

    I hope my 980ti is enough to get 40-60 fps at 1440p max settings
  10. Frostman

    Frostman Banned Member

    I’ll probably give this a go with the Steam Controller. Seems perfectly suited to it.
  11. Blacki138

    Blacki138 Member

    That's why I was asking. Witcher 3 was horrible in that regard at launch.
  12. JaseC

    JaseC You'll always have friends at the Grand Hotel Moderator

  13. Blackueen

    Blackueen Member

    I has probably been posted before, but since this is a reboot of the previous threads: could anyone post some impressions of the PS4 version? How is the performance?
  14. MWorldII

    MWorldII Member

    I don't think it was horrible, but if it was for you, then KC:D isn't a step forward in this regard.
  15. Frostman

    Frostman Banned Member

    There haven’t been too many performance impressions on PC yet. I believe one person in another thread has said they were getting 80-100fps with a 1080 on ultra, and I’m assuming at 1080p.
  16. Box

    Box Member

    Will it be playable before Tuesday? Not sure on release schedule.
    To be honest, I've just watched a trailer this morning and this is the first I've paid attention to it. Looks Witchery!
  17. JaseC

    JaseC You'll always have friends at the Grand Hotel Moderator

    It unlocks at either 5am CET (as per the countdown timer on the official site) or 9am CET (as per the Warhorse rep who oversees the game's Steam Community hub).
  18. Alexander DeLarge

    Alexander DeLarge Banned Member

    This is shaping up to be my game of the year and it's not even March yet. I'll have to wait and see how UnderRail's expansion pack is but I have a feeling this will be the best RPG of the year by far even if it turns out to be Piranha Bytes-tier jank. It's just a shame that bigger 3D titles with the sensibilities of a "throwback" isometric cRPG are an extremely rare exception.
  19. Lappe

    Lappe Member

    I'm so goddamn hyped about this. There hasn't been a proper RPG release since The Witcher 3 and the thirst is seriously real.

    Would love some console impressions.
  20. #20
    Lol wow what the fuck? I didn't even know this stuff was possible.
  21. His Majesty

    His Majesty Member

    I think I'll be saying this a lot while playing the game.
  22. JoJoDentCo

    JoJoDentCo Member

    Um. Divinity original sin 2...
  23. Spoo

    Spoo Member

    While being totally cognizant of the controversy surrounding the game and it's lead developer, I remain interested in the game itself and am curious to see how we perceive it as a product a few months after release.
  24. Deathknell

    Deathknell Member

    Thank you.

    Nice, 80-100 fps with a 1080 at 1080p should result in 45-55 fps with my 980ti at 1440p and g-sync should work well at that range.
  25. Alexander DeLarge

    Alexander DeLarge Banned Member

    UnderRail and Age of Decadence were pretty solid. I'd highly recommend those. Expedition Viking too

    Not trying to derail the thread. Play this one first, but there's some good stuff out there too.
  26. Box

    Box Member

    Cheers cherub. Back to work Tuesday :(
  27. Vintage

    Vintage Member

    Will backers get a steam key before release?
  28. JaseC

    JaseC You'll always have friends at the Grand Hotel Moderator

    Scroll up to post #7. ;)
  29. Tekku

    Tekku Member

    I'm the kind of guy who walks in towns in RPG's just to feel completely immersed so this game is right up my alley. I'm a bit worried about day one performance though. I'm also not completely sold on the concept of the combat system, but I guess it's one of those things you just have to try before you make any judgements. Using a bow looks very fun though!
  30. Aigato

    Aigato Member

    It's not the most intuitive on ps4 I've found, also frame rate really isn't too hot. This is on a base ps4 model though.

    Anyone any good at lock picking? It's a nightmare on pad
  31. Falconbox

    Falconbox Member

    Liking everything I've seen from the game so far.

    The market is practically devoid of authentic medieval sims. No need for high fantasy in every medieval game.
  32. SofNascimento

    SofNascimento Member

    I hope this game does well. I'm not particularly interesting in its setting, but I think we need more RPGs like it; that is, based on history rather than fantasy.
  33. Xando

    Xando Member

    Game looks and runs surprisingly well on X1X.
    Combat took some time getting used to but i really like meele combat.
    Archery feels a bit inaccurate with a analog stick but apparently it gets better the higher your archery skill is.

    Gotta say the immersion feels fantastic. Walking through a forest to hunt and a thunderstorm breaks out is magnificent on 1X.
  34. Psychoward

    Psychoward Member

    Dark Souls 3, Tyranny, Mankind Divided, Original Sin 2, Persona 5, Nioh, The Surge, Darkest Dungeon, Prey, Battle Brothers...
  35. Moff

    Moff Member

    early impressions are damn good, looks like this will be a fantastic and memorable RPG.
    pretty hyped now. my first run will definitely be a speech/persuasion character.

    does anyone know if physical backers get 2 keys?
  36. Lappe

    Lappe Member


    Yeah, the melee combat really looks clunky, but I would imagine than once you are playing the thing it would click.
    It certainly looks something like Bethesda should be looking at for the next Elder Scrolls game.
    I'm like super duper interested in the sword play in this game.
  37. His Majesty

    His Majesty Member

    To the people playing right now: be aware that the huge day-1 patch will corrupt your save files.
  38. Frostman

    Frostman Banned Member

    I agree. One of the reasons I like AC games so much is because of its historical setting. Having a game like this + it’s depth in gameplay and mechanics is rare.
  39. Psychoward

    Psychoward Member

    Anyway back on topic I like Chivalry and loved For Honor so if the combat is as close to engaging or realistic as those two while having decent RPG mechanics that would be great. If it played well on a pad and didn't run like shit on a base PS4 that would be appreciated too lol
  40. Ctlead

    Ctlead Member

    Easiest achievement ever.

  41. Zips

    Zips Member

    Well, I guess that answers at least one question I had in the back of my mind while I've been playing.
  42. Xando

    Xando Member

    You mean if you played before the patch? I've installed the 23GB patch before starting last night and haven't had any issues.
  43. His Majesty

    His Majesty Member

    Oh you can already download the day-1 patch? Nevermind then.
  44. Truant

    Truant Member

    I've been saying that I'm not gonna play this game until a few months after launch, since it's probably a buggy mess like all great games are at launch (heh). These types of games also see a bunch of QoL improvements after a few patches.

    With that said, I really want to play it. I have a difficult time justifying support of the alt-right, but I can't believe the entire development team share those views.
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    • User Warned: This form of discussion is not productive. If you have something to say about the game, say it in your own words.
    Fixed that for you.
  46. Flips

    Flips Member

    Just gave in and bought a key. The first user impressions make it sound exactly like the kind of game I was hoping for and PC performance seems to be good as well. Haven‘t been that hyped for a game in a long time.
  47. SofNascimento

    SofNascimento Member

    Indeed. Origins relies somewhat heavier on fantasy than previous AC games, but it's still a fantastic experience, even if I'd rather it didn't do that. But then, I find Ryse to be quite fun and it's very far from history.
  48. His Majesty

    His Majesty Member

  49. Swanlee

    Swanlee Member

    Good to hear. How is the frame pacing in the X1X? Heard it had some issues with that.

    THRILLHO Member

    I caved and got this on cdkeys for $40. I’m in for a hardcore Oblivion
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