[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Furisco

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    Is DMC2 canon ?
  2. robotzombie

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    They pretty much pretend it doesn't exist by making it so far into the future that it doesn't matter either way
  3. matrix-cat

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    Kinda, but it's generally accepted to be so far in the future of the series that it'll probably never be mentioned again. There's room for plenty more games after 4 before they have to deal with anything about 2.
  4. Furisco

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    That's kinda weird. They should just say it isn't canon.
  5. darkslayer101

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    The way I see it is good-bad-great

    DMC1 (good) - DMC2 - DMC3 (Great)
    DMC4 (good) - DmC - DMCV(Great)
  6. Noctis

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    DMC canon is like street fighter:
    DMC3 > DMC1 > DMC4 > DMCV>DMC2

    A1 > A2 > A3 > SF2 > SF4 > SFV > SF3NG > SF2I > 3s

    Each game is all over the timeline.
  7. v_iHuGi

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    Devil May cry 4 special edition is on sale at PSN guys, just bought it.
  8. Kyle Cross

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    This pattern doesn't make sense tho when DmC is great.
  9. Noctis

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  10. DmC was competent, there is no pattern.

    DMC was revolutionary, DMC2 was dumpster fire tier, DMC3 is as close to perfect I think a game has ever came and DMC4 was a little underbaked.

    Or in other terms: DMC-S, DMC2-D, DMC3-SSS, DMC4-S or A with a near complete bar, DmC-B.
  11. TheEnd

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    lol I remember this pattern being a thing ever since DmC was announced.
  12. Usyren

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    Yeah... And with DMC being the worst game. What pattern lmao
  13. DanteLinkX

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    Very informative post. I always wondered about that situacion, thanks for the details.
  14. TheEnd

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    You could basically argue that there are 4 different Dantes out there, DMC1 Dante is his own thing (at least according to Kamiya?), DMC2 is pretty much considered by Capcom and the fans as his own weird thing, reboot DmC Dante and DMC3/DMC4/DMC5 Dante.
  15. matrix-cat

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    Maybe the pattern is that, like any good DMC boss, every time DMC itself looks to be dead, it just comes back stronger. DMC2 seemed like the end of the world until DMC3 came out and made everything OK again. Then DMC4 was the start of a slump, and DmC even lower, until a decade later when all seems lost, DMCV comes and takes its rightful place as the hypest, big-dickin'-est, most motivated, SSStylishest muhfuh'in' video game ever made by human hands.
  16. Gbraga

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    Itsuno is god, though.
  17. cLOUDo

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    I'm the only one who still expect a game after dmc2?
  18. Noctis

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    The Phoenix of gaming.

    At the very least, Dante and Co have been well represented UMVC3, Project X Zone and MVCI (graphics aside)
  19. Noctis

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    Yes, Capcom hardly jumps the timeline forward outside of RE.
  20. The Last One

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    What if this week marks Capcom's triumphal return thanks to a new Mega Man game, DMC V and the MH Worlds beta?
  21. TheEnd

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    Don't forget the SF5AE and SF5 season 3 reveals and the upcoming free RE7 story DLC.
  22. Sanox

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    Capcom has the potential to have a really good 2018.
  23. Hystzen

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    Honestly the ending for DMC2 has massive potential for a fun game
  24. Noctis

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    Isn’t that mega man game is rumored to be esport related? :/
  25. MrCarter

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    I think they’ve already had a good 2017 with RE7 and the Monster Hunter World reveal. Next year, with a potential DMCV reveal, SFV: AE and more Switch announcements it should be even better.
  26. I really don't think you played DMC correctly if you think that. DMC 2 wasn't a horrible game by any means, but it's so braindead. Ihad my little brother just keep pressing square, and I still won most of the encounters.
  27. Sub Boss

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    i know i have poor eyesight but still can't see the Vergil V on the first one, im guessing its at the front? o.o
    Hilarious detail though all things considered this Vergil wasn't bad XD

    why thank you <3
  28. Hydes

    Hydes Member

    No just no.
    DMC 1,3,4, and DmC are all great games.

    DMC2 just sucks because it’s a different game, and had DMC’s name slapped on it.
  29. The Last One

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    Yeah, there's also this. Here's hoping.

  30. BlueBomberX

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    I used only guns in DMC2. You can literally shoot everything to death.

    When I was younger, I did prefer the second one because it was easier. I didn't come to appreciate the intricacies of the combat until the third game. I then went back and found the first game was a lot better than the second because of the mechanics. Though I still feel the first is the most difficult in the series.
  31. Sub Boss

    Sub Boss Member

    DMC 4 was great :3

    1 too of course
  32. JumpCancel

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    Found this ancient trailer for DMC1 - No red overcoat either, just waistcoat and trousers.

    Get ready for Summer 2001!
  33. Noctis

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    Could’ve sworn I read something like that on resetera, could be wrong.
  34. Kazuhira

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    DmC was a good game imo,i had a lot of fun with it.
    I ignore all the tiny details(angel demon hybrid,cringe-worthy dialogue,ruining Vergil) and take a macro view of the story.
    Just a prequel to dmc3,showing how dante got the white hair,started to hunt demons,the origin of Dante vs Vergil,why the earth is overrun by demons,the family drama with Mundus and why Vergil is power hungry.
    It did a fairly better job at explaining things than 3 in some way,which was kinda confusing for a supposedly origin story game.Why is the world already attacked by demons? Why these 2 dudes hate each other so much? etc
  35. Crazy Izanagi

    Crazy Izanagi Member

    I need to pick up DmC Special Edition.

    You know I still would like a crossover between the two series one day.

    Also please no revisiting levels in 5. If it’s replaying the game as a new character fine but none of that DMC4 Dante BS.
  36. bunkitz

    bunkitz Member

    Those do sound familiar... Sheesh. Can't believe he's even real, hahaha.

    Man, I loved the game, but so much of it just felt... Trashy. Vergil certainly didn't help.
  37. Xavillin

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    All that DMC2 talk in the last page made me go into YouTube to watch all the cutscenes and see what the story’s about. Skipped ahead a few times, then started feeling like i’ve already beaten it before. Finally skipped all the way to the end, and yup, i’ve already beaten it before. Even went to my trophy list, I have the trophy for beating it, Dante’s side.

    You’d think for sure you’d actually remember beating a game.
  38. Hayeya

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    Since everyone is ranking the games:

    DMC1: SSS (Legendary)
    DMC2: F (what the fuck were they thinking)
    DMC3: SS (Series redeemed)
    DMC4: S (series confirmed great)
    dmc : A (i hated the trailers and reveals but enjoyed the game greatly).

    Now bring the fucking Fifth game without DLC bullshit please.
  39. TheEnd

    TheEnd Member

    Why no DLCs? You'd rather them develop the base game and that's about i? I wouldn't mind a story expansion myself.
  40. TheEnd

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  41. matrix-cat

    matrix-cat Member

    I don't think DMC3 was ever billed as an origin story, but it does answer all those questions all the same. Vergil wants power because he was too weak to be able to protect his mother. The city is overrun with demons because Vergil and Arkham raised a giant hell tower right in the middle of it (and, on a general level, there just are demons everywhere in OG DMC lore. Dante literally makes his living fighting them). Dante and Vergil don't get along because they have totally opposite ideologies and personalities, which is pretty evident in basically every scene they share.

    DmC is a very 'tell don't show' kind of game, where characters will literally just say their backstories and motivations to eachother in plain English to move the plot along, but even then it tells its story pretty badly. Vergil isn't power hungry in that game; he's little more than Dante's Otacon until he suddenly starts using superpowers in the last couple of missions, The final twist that this dorky hacktivist not only wants to rule the world, but is actually surprised that Dante isn't right there with him, like he thought that was the implied plan all along, is so out of left-field for the character they wrote in that game; it only really makes sense if you're already familiar with the old DMC games and you know the two brothers are supposed to fight at the end.
  42. Temascos

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    It's great watching old trailers and seeing how the final game turned out, would have been so bad to fight Griffon in the chapel. That's still my favourite room in the entire series though, cool music and the trees pulsating give it atmosphere the rest of the series couldn't match.
  43. Chocobo Blade

    Chocobo Blade Member

    DMC4 is great but it's only half a game so it deserves half the score.

    SSS/2 = A
  44. Chaos2Frozen

    Chaos2Frozen Member

    Above the number plate, on the metal... grate... thingy.
  45. JumpCancel

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    The Virgil-Mobile deserved better:

  46. No the thing I'm talking about in Bayonetta is how different combos put enemies in different "states" of vulnerability. There are some enemies you can only stunlock by using very specific combos. Most players have no idea about this though and just try to optimize their dodge offset into wicked weaves, which can make it seems like some enemies (Gracious & Glorious) have very little openings when in fact you just have to know how to create those openings. Either way, the game is pretty bad at teaching you any of this and its damn hard to figure out on your own.
  47. A good amount , it was worth it though.
  48. Hayeya

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    I said DLC bullshit,, this is capcom remember,, they have a habit of cuting things from games and making them as DLC which is bullshit.
  49. TheEnd

    TheEnd Member

    How do you know whether or not a DLC is bullshit though? Developers have gotten better at hiding disc locked content.
  50. DNB_217

    DNB_217 Member

    You may be able to tell if the dlc doesn't require a download or a patch.