[LEAK] Massive Devil May Cry 5 Info (Potential heavy spoilers inside!)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Son of Sparda, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. silva1991

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    TGA is too close, yet it's too far. I'm confident it will be there.

    It's the first time I've been confident after Itsuno's apology tweets .

    Hell no.
  2. scare_crow

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    Good lord. He's just a random person on a forum. You sound like your childhood hero just personally shook your hand. I think everyone needs to caaaaaaaalm down until the game is announced.
  3. 80 Pages , DMC still alive and kicking.
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    Warms my heart to see people hype and talking about true DMC again. Been a long time comin'!
  5. Here lies scare_crow. He hopped in front of the Hype Train.

    Foolish man.
  6. scare_crow

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    Honestly, and this is just between me and you and no one else on the entire internet, I kind of wish I could get unbelievably excited about this kind of stuff still. I used to, but it got carved out over time it seems. I still think absolutely freaking out is a little silly (and I stand by thinking posting "Oh gosh you responded!" is weird).
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    Some people really take DMC's plot or this forum thing way too seriously. That doesn't matter tho, what matters is that in an ideal world there would be no exclusivity deals and everyone would be able to play every game in their plataform of choice.
    That ain't realistic of course but i can't understand the happiness that people get from seeing others not being able to play the games they love.
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    Maybe the true DMCV is the friends we made along the way.
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    I sometimes think I'm over being hyped, and then something comes that reminds me it's not that I've changed, it's just that it's been so long since something exciting happened for me within the gaming world.

    When I was a kid, the hype for MGS2 was like nothing else. A few years ago, the idea of being that pumped for a game seemed like an impossibility, then the Project Beast webms happened and I pooped my pants like I was twelve again, and that was a really exciting experience.

    I don't believe you out grow hype.
  10. WalshyB

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    Big Medic returns... in DEVIL MAY CRY
  11. TheEnd

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    What the fuck did you just say about Uncle DANTE's story?
    *teleports behind you*
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  13. Dan Southworth is at it again. Vergil just cant keep his motivation in check.
    He also confirms the mocap images are DMCV related
    More confirmation
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    He's too motivated.
  16. Son of Sparda

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    He said DMCV...
  17. Dahbomb

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    That's not even showing the full picture. It also has the REDACTED Johnny plus Rueben mocap pic alongside a mocap pic of Dan himself.

    3 important things to take from this:

    1) Redacted mocap pic reposted.
    2) Dan in mocap pic posted.
    3) He specifically refers to the game as Devil May Cry V.

  18. Sanox

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    I read that tweet in Vergil's voice in my head
  19. MBS

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    Dan almost soft-confirming DMC5 here


  20. I was waiting for what Dan would have to say regarding the leaks, and I'd say I'm not disappointed with this.
  21. [​IMG]


    Edit. Dammit too slow
  22. Dust

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    Dan is the man.
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  25. Dahbomb

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    Also 5 images = DMCV confirmed!!!
  26. MBS

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    So here we go:

    -Reuben reacted
    -JYB reacted
    -Dan reacted
    -Trish's VA reacted
    -Kyrie's VA reacted
    -Itsuno-san still silent
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  29. Dust

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    Yeah at this point I am full aboard.
    Just reveal it next week.
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  32. Son of Sparda

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    "But no, he (Dan) would never knowingly mislead the fans!"

    *Wink wink, nudge nudge*
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    Why did it say you quoted me lol
  34. Dahbomb

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    Second post is not from Dan but from his agent.
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    Well I guess Dante has to show us something for Christmas....make sense.

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    Oh Susan. Bless.
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    Should never underestimate a devil's power.
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    Dude, cucumbers taste like the worst part of a watermelon. When you pickle them, they become crunchy and full of vinegar and all kinds of spices.

    Next time eat your burgers with fresh cucumbers and see how you like it.
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    Damn this party is just getting started

  43. I'm sure I've just won a bet here.
  44. 5 pictures, daniel southworth is in 2 pictures, vergil is in the 3rd picture.

    Vergil was only seen in one DMC game, nelo angelo was the other.

    He just confirmed DMC5 will be the third Vergil game.

    DMONKUMA Member

    Ok but how confident are we that it appears next week?
  46. klabautermann

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    Dan using that random mocap pic of Rueben and Johnny from a good while ago and a picture of himself in mocap has me fully motivated. Let's Rock, Baby!
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    It just means that you aren't invested on this as some do, everyone has something they're hype for. And let the man be hyped, he isn't harming anyone.
  48. Havent seen this in years
  49. In game magazines? For sure.
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    Also the "confirm nor deny" thing screams NDA signed. If it wasn't happening, or he wasn't involved, he could just say "I haven't been contacted about anything of the sort yet. Not saying it's not real, but I'm not involved".