Mega Man/Rockman X 25th Anniversary Logo Spotted

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Zippo, Mar 18, 2018.

  1. Zippo

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    Well, this came outta nowhere...

    Upcoming Rockman X merchandise has shown off a new logo signifying Capcom also has plans for X's 25th Anniversary in December. This will definitely be adorned on the Mega Man X Legacy Collections, but what else could be coming? Certainly, they wouldn't just make a logo for a rerelease of old games. X got a huge push in Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite, and there's also this official redesign that only made it's first appearance in a game with Infinite last year as DLC:

    What could be going on here? Is Mega Man X9 happening?
  2. Zippo

    Zippo Member Original Poster

    Here's the merchandise in question.
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    Megaman X>>>>>>> mainline
  4. superNESjoe

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    I'd be so worried about a Mega Man X revival. That series has a lot of really rough entries. I feel like the OG series has maybe 2 bad games, but half the X games are rough to terrible.
  5. Mega Man Zero

    Mega Man Zero Member

    Hopefully they make a new MMX after MM11.
  6. Majora's Mask

    Majora's Mask Member

    Amen to that.
  7. jett

    jett Community Resettler Member

    I personally would like a reboot. Yes, another one!

    This franchise has a serious issue with overdesigning shit.
  8. Opa-Pa

    Opa-Pa Member

    I think this is just a celebratory thing and doesn't really mean we're getting a new game, at least not this year. If anything it'll be on the cover of the upcoming collection and well, merchandise.

    X9 is obviously just a matter of time at this point, IMO.

    (I had no idea that redesign made it as Infinite DLC, that's cool).
  9. balgajo

    balgajo Member

    Definitely! Now I'm hyped.
  10. ShinobiBk

    ShinobiBk Member

    Sucks they wasted the Maverick Hunter X name on a PSP remake.
    Would've been the perfect name for a reboot, which is what this series needs
  11. mindsale

    mindsale Member

    Bring on the Legacy Collection in 2 parts again (so I can only buy 1-4).
  12. lordmrw

    lordmrw Member

    I would love one last game or two that covers the Elf Wars alluded to in Mega Man Zero.
  13. BocoDragon

    BocoDragon Member

    They should just take the MM11 engine and re-use it for X9. I think it’d work fine. Change the robot and level aesthetics, of course.
  14. Strikerrr

    Strikerrr Member

    Wasn't that redesign originally an April Fools thing that was a parody of the Gundam Ver Ka(Version Katoki) models?
  15. RedAhmed

    RedAhmed Member

    Megaman Z >>>>>> Megaman X >>>>>>>>>>> mainline
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    Hell nah
  17. Kokonoe

    Kokonoe Member

    fuck no
  18. rude

    rude Member

    Absolutely correct.
  19. RockmanBN

    RockmanBN Member

    Highs of X are higher than Classic, but its lows are a deep neverending abyss. Zero as whole is better though.
  20. mindsale

    mindsale Member

    After 4 they go to shit.

    Capcom should get a team of fans to do a 16-bit revival a la Sonic Mania (and if I recall MM9?).
  21. StarPhlox

    StarPhlox Member

    I am all over this. Prefer X series to all others.
  22. SenseiX

    SenseiX Member

  23. Kokonoe

    Kokonoe Member

    MMZero is the most overrated MM series.
  24. L Thammy

    L Thammy Member


    But bring Zero and X both back. They're different enough that they can survive together.
  25. qq more

    qq more Member

    Mega Man, X and Zero are all fantastic and valid.

    That said, as a huge fan of Classic Mega Man, gimme the next X game. I am so ready for an X9
  26. JCal

    JCal Member

    I hope this means a series reboot. Starting over, refocusing, keeping the character switch mechanic, and ditching Axl.
    No way.
  27. Doctrine Dark

    Doctrine Dark Member

    I've played most of the X games except for Command Mission and X7/X8.

    Are those games necessary to have the complete experience of the series?
  28. rude

    rude Member

    Every Zero game is a solid experience, but X has some stinkers. At this point overrated doesn’t even mean anything.
  29. SweetVermouth

    SweetVermouth Member

    god damn I love the Mega Man X series so much... I'd die for X9.
    X7 is garbage, X8 is great and you should play it, CM is okay but it's an RPG.
  30. Servbot24

    Servbot24 Member

    Sage words indeed

    I think at this point I’d rather get another spin off series over X9, but of course if X9 happened I’d still be elated.
  31. Leafhopper

    Leafhopper Member

    Look forward to Xover 2.

    I am gonna hold my breath.
  32. Seven Force

    Seven Force Member

    As a whole, yeah. X5-X7 really bring down the series as a whole. Zero's weakest entry is 4 and even that's still a perfectly decent game at the end of the day.

    Zero 1-4 Vs. X1-X4 is a much more interesting debate.
  33. RockmanBN

    RockmanBN Member

    If they're doing X9, I highly doubt it's hoing to be sprite based. Expect it to be like X8 or MM11.
  34. SweetVermouth

    SweetVermouth Member

    I'll defend X5 forever. The only really ass games are X6 and X7.
  35. Dreamboum

    Dreamboum Member

    X is a garbage hole after X2 so definitely not
  36. Servbot24

    Servbot24 Member

    Legends > Zero > X > EXE > Classic > ZX >>>>>>> SF

    X1 is the best game of all though.

    Mainly just the later X games. The early ones and most of the other series looked great.
  37. RockmanBN

    RockmanBN Member

    Yo are you me?
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    EXE not even a megaman game
  39. jett

    jett Community Resettler Member

    I dunno bout that.


    I think X1 should be the limit to this silliness.
  40. Arkanim94

    Arkanim94 Member

    you know is true.
  41. RedAhmed

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    My truth loving brethren.
  42. Eylos

    Eylos Member

    Great tier X1, X4
    Good tier X2,X3
    Ordinary tier X5
    Ordinary to bad X6
    Bad X7
    Never played X8

    But yeah the series needs a reboot the story was saturated
  43. jett

    jett Community Resettler Member

    Except for two stages that are vehicular auto-scrollers, I remember X8 being pretty decent.
  44. SweetVermouth

    SweetVermouth Member

    You should change that when it's getting a re-release this year.
  45. ZangBa

    ZangBa Member

    Let me just get X4 and X6 remastered with some challenge mode stuff added and I'm happy.
  46. chrisypoo

    chrisypoo Member

    This guy gets it.
    My people.....I cherish you all.
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    Hopefully it's more than just a legacy collection. Rather than X9, I hope Capcom does a full on reboot; because let's face it, X isn't relevant to gaming today (but he sure as hell can be) and the storyline makes not goddamn sense.
  48. Seven Force

    Seven Force Member

    I actually like X5 a fair bit, but there's a definite drop in quality from the first four games.

    Godlike endgame stages, though.
  49. AlecKoKuTan

    AlecKoKuTan Member

    Team, the few who is happy to see new X related content and isn't bitching and moaning about designs/redesigns. Literally supported MVCI just for X... Really shame how that whole thing turned out. I'm just glad to see Capcom remembers he exists.
  50. WarRock

    WarRock Member

    No lies detected.

    The most overrated MM is MM2.

    Nope. It's even one of X's costumes in MvC Infinite.