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    I'm going to keep this thread updated with new, more updated data.
    I will usually update the thread yearly (around May each year since it is when Nintendo reveal the results for the full fiscal year).


    It's shipment data provided by Nintendo itself directly from Nintendo's Public Relationship department, Nintendo official site or other reports which used Nintendo's shipment data.
    If you need a specific reference of the source for a game please PM me.
    Only games published by Nintendo which shipped more than 1 million
    are presented.

    For games released on NES, GB/C,SNES, N64 their LTDs could be considered as definitive.
    For games GBA and GC their LTDs can be considered as definitive, top 5 games for each are updated as March 2013 while the rest I suspect is updated as a period between 2009 and 2011 (despite the report citing December 2014).
    Note that while the report cites the figures are update as December 2014 I believe this is true only for WiiU and 3DS.
    For GBA and GC I believe they are updated as 2009-2011 (after that I think they were considered legacy hardware, some games like Pokémon shipped a few more units after).
    Shipment figures updated "as March 2013" came directly from Nintendo.
    For games released on DS, Wii, 3DS, WiiU their LTDs are updated as December 2014 or March 2018 (DS/Wii top selling games are updated as March 2018).
    Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask total shipment outside Japan as September 2015 was reported directly by Nintendo.

    Note about Pokémon:
    Take with a grain of salt Pokémon shipment data for Red/Blue/Green, Yellow, Gold/Silver and Crystal because the only official shipment data reported by Nintendo is that all those titles combined shipped about 76 million units.

    Please take the combined figure instead of the single entries for those games if you need an official source.

    Hardware data is shipment data provided by Nintendo itself as March 2018 (except Virtual Boy, see note below).

    Most of these figures can be considered close to definitive with the exception of 3DS and WiiU of course.

    GB contains GBC sales units as the two are considered one single platform by Nintendo.

    Every figure is in million of units.

    Include bundled units and downloaded units (for the games which had a digital copy at release so from 3DS/WiiU on ward).

    The first wave in the Classic NES Series / Famicom Mini Series / NES Classics for GBA have sold in total 3.92 million units worldwide as September 2004.

    Game & Watch data source:

    Color TV Game 6/15 data source:
    Nikkei Electronics May 9, 1994 issue "Famicom Development Story."

    NES Classic Mini data source:
    SNES Classic Mini data source:


    Videogame Console with interchangeable software (in million of units):

    Note: Virtual Boy total shipment is until March 1996. So may not be definitive as the system was discontinued in the fiscal year ending March 1997.

    * What is referred as "First-party software" is actually an approximation calculated by summing every million-seller.
    Since most Nintendo games sell at least 1 million units it should be a close enough approximation.

    LSI Game Console (essentially Pong clones)
    Note: More than 70% units sold were Color TV Game 15 consoles.

    Game & Watch

    Plug & Play Retro Console


    Home console

    Handheld console

    Hybrid console

    Grand total:
    As of March 2018 Nintendo has published more than 330 million seller and has sold more than 1.72 billion games.


    Note that what is referred as "First-party total software sales" in the graph above is actually only the sum of Nintendo million seller games.
    Of course some Nintendo games could have shipped less than 1 million units therefore this is really an approximation of "First-party total software sales".
    This approximation however should be close enough to the actual value since historically Nintendo games often ship more than 1 million units therefore composing the majority of the software sales sold by Nintendo.

    Nintendo Digital Sales from 2006 to 2018:


    Nintendo Revenue, Operating and Net Income from 1981 to 2018:


    Nintendo site where you can find useful information (and updated in time):

    This thread is dedicated to Hiroshi Yamauchi and Hiroshi Imanishi.
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    Software sales in the first half FY 03/18:

    NSW software: 22.02M
    3DS software: 13.82M
    WiiU software: 2.00M
    Wii software: 1.22M
    DS software: 40K

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: 4.42M
    Splatoon 2: 3.61
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: 1.94M
    ARMS: 1.35M
    1-2-Switch: ~380K
    Total: 11.70M

    Mario Kart 7: 690K
    Pokémon Sun/Moon: 470K
    New Super Mario Bros. 2: 450K
    Animal Crossing: New Leaf: 260K
    Tomodachi Life: 230K
    Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS: 190K
    Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon: 140K
    Super Mario 3D Land: 130K
    Pokémon X/Y: 90K
    Pokémon Omega Ruby / Pokémon Alpha Sapphire: 90K
    Total: 2.74M

    Super Mario 3D World: 100K
    Splatoon: 70K
    Mario Kart 8: 70K
    Super Smash Bros. For Wii U: 60K
    The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD: 60K
    New Super Mario Bros. U: 50K
    Super Mario Maker: 40K
    New Super Luigi Bros. U: 40K
    Mario Party 10: 40K
    Nintendo Land: 10K
    Total: 540K

    Mario Kart Wii: 70K
    New Super Mario Bros Wii: 60K
    Super Smash Bros Brawl: 40K
    Wii Sport: 20K
    Wii Sport Resort: 20K
    Wii Fit Plus: 10K
    Super Mario Galaxy: 10K
    Wii Party: 10K
    Total: 240K

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    Can't see images after DS software list, except the last chart.
  4. Aghanim


    By far the most surprising thing in this entire set of data is that Nintendo managed to sell 770,000 Virtual Boy units. I had one and played a lot of Mario Tennis on it, but man, that thing was rough on the eyes.
  5. BluePigGanon


    Those N64 vs. Gameboy numbers are why I think a "Gameboy Classic" would be a phenomenal idea for holiday 2018 while an "N64 Classic" would be little more than a curiosity.
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    Which GBA Wario Ware is the chart referring to?
  8. Oblivion


    Wasn't Wii Sports a pack-in? Why is it lower than the total Wii sales amount?

    Also, Skyword Sword only sound a bit over 3 million? Didn't realize it was that low. :O
  9. KazuchikaOkada

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    With later Wiis/other bundles it wasn't a pack in.
  10. Aquamarine

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  11. Aghanim


    I think that makes sense. There's usually a sense of urgency to pick up something like that once it's been discontinued. Do you think the 770k is too high?
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    What these figures tell me is that when Pokemon releases, probably in 2019, and the machine is down to around 250 or maybe lower by then... let's just say the outlook is 'good'.
  15. el3m


    Comparison of software sales first/3rd party are interesting. It seems that peak 3rd party software sales percentage wise was in SNES days as one might guess. Lowest being GB was a suprise to me, since I remember GB being the first system full of "shovelware".

    How do they count eshop titles in current systems? I remember reading somewhere that they would only count "titles also available in retail".

    Comparison of tie-in ratios would also be interesting - how it has developed over the years and how it differs between handheld/console. I didn't see percentages in OP but quickly glancing it seems NES was around 3:1 and WiiU 4:1
  16. mugwhump


    Really, DS is at 154m? Where does that put it vs PS2?
  17. Cantaim


    Thank you for putting this together Celine. got some interesting numbers to think about for the next few days
  18. Zalman


    One of my favorite threads. I check it pretty often. Thanks Celine!

    PS2 is said to have sold 155 million. They could probably have exceeded it had they produced it for a little longer.
  19. Jaded Alyx

    Jaded Alyx

    It wasn't a pack-in in Japan.
  20. MondoWray


    When you think about the manpower and development time needed for the NES titles, the profits on some of those titles must have been astronomical!
  21. el3m


    Manufacturing costs must have been higher, but overall it seems that AAA development would have been more lucrative business back then
  22. MondoWray


    Sure in regards to manufacturing costs but teams were often no more than 4-5 people as opposed to the movie length credits we see now.

    When I revisit ZX Spectrum games it always amuses me to see the entire game credited to one person.
  23. freeradical


    Super Mario Sunshine did a lot better than I thought. Awesome.
  24. Qubie


    Awesome to see this thread again, great work, Celine!
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    I‘m very glad to see you‘ll continue updating your thread. It‘s the handiest resource for Nintendo first pary sales on the web. Thanks for your efforts!
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    Damn it hurts to not see F-Zero GX on that million seller list. Game deserved so much more.
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    So about 3 consoles to go until 1 billion!

    1983 is when I joined this planet, I feel so special.
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    Thanks for putting the thread together.

    Always interesting to see this stuff.
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    Check now, do you see them?

    Seems that imgur changed their share link to https and that give the problem here.
    Just replaced https with http in the url and should work ok now.
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    Amazing work!
  31. DomsPlaying


    Great idea :-)
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    Great thread Celine! And hoping that NSMB Wii ends up selling more than the DS version and 3D World selling more than NSMB U :D
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    Yes it's fine now, thank you.
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    Wario Ware Inc.: Mega Microgame$
  35. Celine

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    Could add it in the future, maybe to replace the pie charts which are quite worhtless.
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    Nintendo 1st party software ratio on Switch at 56% in the graph.

    I would have guessed it higher at this moment.
  37. Thorsten


    Thank You :)
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    Virtual Boy sell-in LTD as March 1996 was taken from an article in Famitsu (issue 392 page 8) which indicated that the shipment split between Japan and abroad was respectively 140K and 630K.
    Basically every year Famitsu had an article that talked about consoles sell-in data during the previous fiscal year citing data provided by the japanese console manufacturers themselves.
    Of course I have cross checked the data brought in by these Famitsu articles with other sources and they seem to contains the "real deal" (sell-in data by the console manufacturers).
    Retrieving these Famitsu articles I'm talking about was of extreme importance because they provide yearly sell-in data for many consoles in the period between 1991 and 1997 which are otherwise unavailable due to the console manufacturers exiting the console market in mass in late '90s/early '00s (Sega, NEC, Panasonic, SNK) and never providing publicly their console LTDs in recent years (when Internet become widespread).

    Here a big scan of the article in question (Famitsu issue 392 page 8):

    Speaking of which it would make sense to create a Retro Sales ERA Thread.
  39. MrGab


    I wish Nintendo would one day reveal games that sold more than 500k at least
  40. Whitemex


    Amazing how well the 3DS has recovered after the awful launch. it could make half of the DS lifetime after this holiday
  41. Shiggy


    As of the end of September:
  42. PogiJones


    Which country (or countries) uses a comma instead of a period for decimals?
  43. Celine

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  44. Raijinto


    Well done OP! Doing great work here!

    So Fates:Birthright/Conquest has indeed sold more than Awakening to be the highest selling Fire Emblem game(s?), and that's without the sales of Revelation and the special edition I assume?

    May yet get to 2 million before the Switch version happens. Impressive.
  45. bawjaws


    Thanks for collating all of these numbers, Celine. Really interesting to see how the different products compare, and it makes you realise just how much stuff Nintendo have sold :)
  46. LuigiV


    Wow, the New 3DS did worse than I thought. Glad I got mine but it's a shame I didn't get more faceplate for it whilst they were still a thing.
  47. snail_maze


    Market share would be really interesting. During the NES it would prob be insane
  48. robjoh


    I had no idea that Nintendo still shipped Wii software. I must say that I find it impressive.
  49. Blablurn


    Impressive Threead! Thanks OP!

    The Wii was crazy. Imagine what could have been with 3rd party support.
  50. CaviarMeths


    Heh, amuses me that Wii games are still being tracked in 2017.

    Always wondered a bit what the actual split was between Game Boy and Game Boy Color, since they were essentially spread over two console generations. Also would be interested to see the split before and after the release of 1st gen Pokemon.

    According to these numbers, the Wii sold like half a billion 3rd party games. It had tons of support.