1. PsychoHydro


    Yeah but the big budget exclusive releases are still missing and I feel that’s a problem for many of us. I can only take so many indie games, especially when I could get them on PS4 earlier, cheaper and with better performance.

    That’s what I’m talking about:
  2. bane833


    This is what I see when I open the eshop:


    And that’s certainly not the case with Xbox Live or PSN.
  3. Principate


    No platform was getting more big budget exclusive titles within this period than your seeing on the switch. In fact the switch has a healthy leg on on both the XB1 and PS4. This is par for course. If you were talking about AAA multplats I'd understand but not exclusives.
  4. cw_sasuke


    It would be somewhat easier to understand this stance if you werent posting on a forum like era.

    Are you really going to tell me it to difficult for you to find out games that received high scores or whats on sales ? Thats literally one bookmark away from your phone with the webshop. On the console itself you have 99% of the time great games like Celeste, Steamworld Dig, Rocket League, Stardew Valley, Hollow Knight and co. dominating the charts and the big/important releases are featured in the news channel.

    You guys keep acting like a person would have to be some kind of Ubermensch to find a handful of quality title in the eShop lol.
  5. Jack Orion

    Jack Orion

    You can say it as much as you want but you’d be wrong. Every game system has a steady release of games, even the WiiU. When people say droughts do you think they’re analysing the number of releases? No of course not. If you’d rather discuss the semantics of what drought means, rather than engage with peoples genuine frustrations with the amount of support the system got this year then that’s up to you. But it seems to me that you’re just trying to drown out actual discussion in favour of soemthing that’s much easier for you to shut down.
  6. So far, I have exactly one Switch game not made by Nintendo lol.

    (Hollow Knight)
  7. Gonzalez


    So looking at latest releases... Are games like Storm Raiders, Kero Blaster, and Toy Stunt Bike: Tiptops Trials any good?
  8. Doopliss


    How many of these have a good story?

    Anything I miss like hollow knight and dead cells or w.e they're called?
  9. bane833


    For me it’s not really difficult just annoying. For people who don’t follow the gaming news that’s a totally different story.

    And my point is that those games you listed should be at the center of attention. Celeste, Hollow Knight, Iconoclasts are the type of games I want to see when I open the eshop and not Meine Farm.
  10. Raysoul


    Just did a quick Google search on the latest US eshop release, and most of them are rated more than 6-7/10. Top 20 also has good indie games. Not all games needs to be Spiderman or RDR2
  11. Alcibiades

    Banned Member

    To the people calling everything trash on the Switch, this is very easy to quantify:

    - 104 games have a metacritic score of 80%+ on the Switch so far
    - 89 games have a metacritic score of 80%+ on the 3DS so far

    The 3DS has got nothing on the Switch, it already has a better library of games after only 1.5 years on the market.
  12. Principate


    The wii u did not have steady releases after it's intial launch. Even as far as digital releases were concerned it took a while for it to fully ramp. The switch has regular physical and digital release. It has in fact had more and higer selling retail releases these past few months than either the PS4 and XB1. By every single metric aside from preference referring to this period as a drought is pure nonsense.
  13. Wow, that is actually shocking.
  14. Redcrayon


    I don’t understand how it’s hard to find good stuff on the Switch. Games are listed on the eshop in release order, every few weeks I add anything interesting to my wishlist, which I can then scan to see which of the games I’m interested in are discounted. My wishlist has around 100 games on it, so around 10% of the total releases. That seems like a pretty good ratio to me. Certainly quicker than sifting through the various headers on the incredibly slow 3DS eshop.
  15. Jack Orion

    Jack Orion

    Yes it did, unless you conveniently exclude virtual console.

    And given that the only metric that counts is personal preference and the only reason people are saying there is a drought in the first place (and likely the main reason Switch is not hitting targets) it’s a weird thing to say.
  16. cw_sasuke


    You think people cant or wont look up the internet and search for recommendations ? Hell there are endless of recommendation videos on YT for each months....hell each week.

    You guys keep complaining about the same thing...yet the market and customers on Switch seems to be handling just fine - as said, the Top charts are rules by quality titles. Just because you see "Meine Farm" or whatever show up once a week because its a new release, doesnt mean that the game sells millions or takes a way from quality titles.

    How do you think people bought games or decided where to spend money before digital stores ?

    Kids nowadays grow up with Smartphones, Youtube and all the information you can get from it....people not being able to find/search for quality games on Switch is a myth.

    This doesnt mean that their eShop interface couldnt or shouldnt be improved....but stop acting as if people would buy nothing or buy 10 shitty games before just going online and actually finding out whats worth getting.
  17. Jonneh

    GameXplain Moderator

    If you're having trouble finding games then use the Discover or Chart tab, there's brilliant stuff in there.
  18. Oregano


    Big games like Celeste, Dead Cells, Hollow Knight and The Messenger get pushed to Switch owners through the News section which directly links to the eShop and they also dominate the best sellers and get featured on the Discover tab.

    Kero Blaster is from the creator of Cave Story and seems to be well regarded.
  19. Phil Good

    Phil Good

    Well, if Nintendo was more selective about which games landed in their eShop we wouldn't be here.
  20. KtSlime


    Should probably find a better analogy than drought, cause people actually die and have to move away from their homes with droughts cause there is nothing to drink and irrigate their crops and livestock. People who want to play AAA action shooter A rather than thoughtful Indie game B are kind of just spoilt.
    It's distasteful and tone-deaf to use such an analogy.

    I already agreed with you that the Switch eShop should have something you like. Not sure what that is, or how you would like to go about that discussion, but "there's a drought! cause the library is not catering to my preferences" does not foster much of a discussion either.
  21. Jack Orion

    Jack Orion

    Is your defence really ‘drought is an offensive term’ and ‘people who think there’s a drought only want AAA shooters’? I think you’re right, this conversation isn’t going anywhere.
  22. jariw


    That's the ebb and flow of the eShop recent list.

    Open the eShop on the 28th instead, and you'll have Monster Hunter, De Blob 2, blade Strangers, Walking Dead, etc.

    Similar with the 30th.
  23. Principate


    No, if your talking 1 or two nes games a week that's not considered a regular release schedule by anyone paying attention to industry trends. That's seriously grasping at straws there. Personal preference is not the only preference that counts it's the least important one. I'm sorry but if your talking about measurable quantities about a system or anything and make assertions about it to other people your going to get called out.

    This is not someone saying these games are bad, This is someone saying these thing has an irregular release schedule. The latter is something that can be quantified and is quantified heavily, the former is quite blatantly an opinion the later unless made apparent they're talking about games they like can be quantified mathematically.
  24. K Samedi

    K Samedi

    Usually Nintendo hardware ramps up in year 3 with game releases, Switch has that since launch. I cant imagine what year 3 and beyond will look like with this tempo.
  25. Scrawnton


    I’d say it’s good news. From my experience, the random 3DS eShop shovelware is much worse than the random Switch eShop shovelware.
  26. Pirateluigi


    These threads always devolve into ridiculous hyperbole and/or shitting on indie games.

    The eshop is certainly not 95% trash and I'd go as far to say the truly excellent games far outweigh the terrible shovelware.
  27. lmx

    Alt-Account Member

    Most of then seem to be cash-grab ports from mobile.
  28. Minsc


    I'm not really sure what the point is of people saying games they don't like are shovelware, it's a pretty ignorant or perhaps conceited point of view to not be able to understand people beyond yourself might appreciate things you don't.
  29. HMM


    Not at all surprising. The barriers to entry for game developers to get started are now thankfully very low. And everyone seems to have given up on quality curation.

    But if you're not going to curate and so many people are releasing games you better have good reccomendation and search systems. Steam is not great but the eShop is currently atrocious in that regard. Hope Nintendo are working on better systems.
  30. skittzo0413


    Man if I were an indie developer (and I wish I were) some of the posts in this thread would make me genuinely depressed.
  31. Braaier


    "Most"? Lol no

    Probably a similar percentage to PS4 or Xbox
  32. pld


    Cool but how many of these are actual games for big boys?


    Loving all the indies on my Switch so keep em coming.
  33. SturokBGD


    I own 47 games on Switch (a mix of first and third party exclusives, some ports and a handful of top tier indies) and all of them are great. I’d be hard pushed to even find 47 games on on Wii U at that level of quality. There definitely wasn’t on 3DS one year in.
  34. Papacheeks


    There's a lot of garbage on the eShop which inflates the numbers. Same with comparing 3DS library which doesn't consist of a shitload of Indies.

    Most 3DS library is third and first party developed games with some third party shovelware.

    But switch is flooded with indie games and not all are great.


    The architecture of the Switch certainly helped alot. Lots of mobile developers can easily port their software over. And Switch supports alot of major engines for console developers too.

    As the Switch gets cheaper the sales will only go up for these developers as the market of people to sell to grows.

    Once Switch hits £200 price range or £250 with a game bundled thats when you will see the Switch software sales really pick up
  36. ShinUltramanJ


    Better western and indie support. Don’t underestimate the amount of indie slop either, because there’s an ocean of it slowly seeping in.
  37. H-I-M

    Banned Member

    Quality over quantity. But good for Nintendo users.
  38. test_account


    It doesnt surprise me that much seeing how many games getting released every week. But still, thats a lot of games!

    Is there any good way to filter that? Looking at the PS4 section alone, i get nearly 2900 entries on the EU store. In the US store, if i filter PS4, PSN and VR games, i get 2064. These searches includes collector's edition and such, and therefor arent all unique games.
  39. lmx

    Alt-Account Member

    So yea, most.
  40. Doesn't surprise me much. The switch, in terms of how it is played, is closer to the 360/ps3/X1/PS4 than the 3ds was.

    So, any game that isn't too demanding can be immediately ported over.

    With the 3DS, games had to better fit its more unique control scheme (for the longest time, it only had one stick) and have a way to make use of the second screen.

    Fewer games made sense to be ported to 3DS.

    Those things and Switch's popularity out the gate make devs hungry for new markets and ready to quickly port their existing games to switch.
  41. ShinUltramanJ


    I think it’s higher then the other consoles, but I’d have to really browse the available games on the others. I’m seeing it on Switch though without even looking for it. The same dollar bundle trash nobody buys on PC is popping up on Switch. I think these developers are hoping to cash in on the Switch.
  42. MaitreWakou


  43. That's cool I guess, but I'll take quality over quantity, which the 3DS still destroys the Switch in. It's definitely a great time to be a Nintendo handheld owner. Switch is only going to get much much better.
  44. CesareNorrez


    I like how the narrative is changing from "there's a software drought" to "it's about quality not quantity".

    Nintendo: Doomed if you do, doomed if you don't (eternally).
  45. Seik


    Yeah man Ninty defo need to step up because all I have here are a handful of shovelwares and 10 years old ports. SAD!

    And there's like nothing coming in the pipe, I check releases coming post August 26th, there's nothing man, NOTHING. Like, what the fuck are they doing? :lol

    Nintendo needs to fix its problem with games releases, and high quality ones because everything is a bit shit and it's a bit too obvious and it will play against them at some point.

  46. brinstar


    Remember last year when they were only giving out dev kits to certain studios and people were begging for the floodgates to be open lol
  47. denpanosekai


    Oooof. Programmer Art: the game.
  48. Ingueferroque


    Sadly there is a LOT of trash. Nintendo seems to have no quality control whatsoever this gen.

    If 50% of the trash suddenly disappeared from the eshop, it would still have an amazing and huge library.

    That 'My Farm' game is fucking ridiculous. How is that on the eShop?

    Night Trap is solid though.
  49. Spyder_Monkey


    We live in an Internet-driven world it should not be hard to distinguish which games are good or not.
  50. But Switch has no games!!!! Seriously though that’s crazy and I wouldn’t have guessed but I do only own like 6 or 7 games on it anyway.