Rumor: ATVI's 5-year plan for Crash includes N.Sane Trilogy on Switch/PC, New Game in 2019

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Wrestleman, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Spine Crawler

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    out of curiosity how did this exclusive platformer do that involved a fox
    activision now owns crash and spyro.. crash has been on gamecube and spyro already was on switch. and doom ended up looking just fine.
  2. jmga

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    You didn't talk about the genre, you just implied a 40$ single player game can't sell on PC because of piracy.

    You surely don't know what you are talking about.
  3. TheGummyBear

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    If Sony were willing to bankroll the remake, on the provision that Activison are contractually prohibited from porting the game to the PS4's main competitor, then that's still free money for Activision, being milked from a franchise that they clearly believed to be dead.
  4. II JumPeR I

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    Uhm Microsoft is named in the Rise of the Tomb Raider credits and that game still came to PS4 ;)
    The question is not "if" but "when" this collection comes to other platforms

    I really doubt that Sony would have the money to prevent a game to be released on a system with a lot of potentional consumers.
    Microsoft tried that multiple times now and it really didnt help in the end and was a waste of money
  5. Zalman

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    Naughty Dog didn't "sell" Crash. It was always owned by Universal. CTR included.

    I'm not seeing your point?
  6. Maxrunner

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    lol c'mon this sounds like fanboy wishful thinking...
  7. Same with Lego City Undercover on Wii U with Nintendo.
  8. Adamska

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    Yeah, I wouldn't call sub-HD resolutions and a 30FPS target "just fine", not when the whole point of the new game was to feature Crash in glorious Full Fur K.
    Sega owns Bayonetta, yet the Nintendo-produced installments aren't making their way out of Nintendo platforms anytime soon.
    What am I wishing for here exactly? Do you think I care if Crash gets ported to other platforms? I'm just saying what I think the deal behind the game is, while also saying that I don't think Activision would bother porting Crash to the Switch only to have the game looking sub-par.
  9. II JumPeR I

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    Oh yeah and this^^

    I really want to replay this games. But im not going to waste money on another system i dont have any interest for and i think a lot of people are in the same position.

    But lets wait and see again until Activision freaking finally says something. Its so annoying
  10. Spine Crawler

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    yeah skylanders is multiplatform too.
  11. Spine Crawler

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    well its the best looking fps game on a portable device on the market. killzone had a long reign but it has ended.

    also for some people full 4k is a matter of religion but others it may not be that important in particular since the switch doesnt even support it.

    and yes bayonetta has been bankrolled by nintendo but do we know if the same is true with crash? has there been a clear cut no for anytype of port by activision?
    what about PC though? the game would look magnitudes better than on ps4
    to be fair that took ages to come out on other platforms..
  12. Yoshi

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    So you assume some people will not buy a new Crash game, just because it also releases for other systems? As a big platformer fan, I would probably buy a PS4 for a new Crash, but I may not do so at release - whereas I'd buy a Switch or Xbox One version on launch day. I am sure others exist who do not own a PS4, would buy a Crash, but would not buy a PS4 for it.
  13. TheGummyBear

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    Actually timed exclusivity and contractually denying particular IP from going elsewhere has always made for an effective business strategy. The PS4 has emulated Microsoft's 360 business model to a fault, with timed exclusive DLC for Call of Duty and Destiny.

    Speaking of which, it's also pretty clear that Sony have a really close relationship with Activision this gen. Wasn't there certain DLC for Destiny 1 that never came out on Xbox One until after Destiny 2 released? I think it's perfectly within the realm of possibility for Activision to agree to a contractual limitation on selling Crash on Xbox One keeping that in mind, especially when the franchise didn't sell well for them under their stewardship.
  14. Jacob LeBeau

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  15. Spine Crawler

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    no sonic generations for you.
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  17. Dark Cloud

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    Wow dude just stop.
  18. II JumPeR I

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    DLC and a entire Game are two different leagues. I dont see Activision doing such deal.
  19. TheGummyBear

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    That's not a Nintendo produced Bayonetta. The first one was developed for the 360 and PS3.

    The Ninty-produced Bayonetta games are 2 & 3, and ports of those two aren't looking very likely.

    Why not? If Sony bankrolled the development of the remake, and basically offered Activision free money to revive a dead and buried franchise (The franchise hadn't seen a game released since 2010. It was dead.) on the proviso that the Xbox One wouldn't get a port, why would Activision refuse? To them that would just be Sony wasting money on trying to milk nostalgia out of a dead horse.
  20. Oregano

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    At least we got Colours!
  21. Jacob LeBeau

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    Eww Sonic Colors
  22. CTR, just HD, no changes, the perfect karting racing game. One to rule all.
  23. N75

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    That's a different story. Nintendo not only directly assisted with Bayonetta 2's development, they also jointly own the copyright for the title as well.

    And I feel like The N. Sane Trilogy could have hit higher resolutions/framerate if VV were given more time to work on the game. The post-launch "DLC" with Stormy Ascent was already in the game's code on release. I don't think we even got a single update after the game launched (could've helped with the bad load times). They were obviously moved onto Destiny 2 after they finished Crash.
  24. II JumPeR I

    II JumPeR I Member

    Its probably VERY expensive for a publisher to pay for the loss of potentional consumers on another platform. Sony bankrolled nothing. Its a Activision produced game. And everyone in this world should know by now how greedy and money hungry Activision is. I dont see them skipping a platform with a big pool of interested players.
  25. Status Effect

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    OK, maybe I should have thought my comment through before posting. Please don't think that my comment was some console wars style wish. I'm just under the impression that a large part of the remasters success was down to 90s Playstation nostalgia (a large part, not the only part, it's also fantastic and had a great price point). Nostalgia sells, and I think further tapping into Playstation 1 love for the sequel could have been a good move. I personally think the last time Crash went multiplat people stopped caring about him, which is why we ended up waiting so long for this remaster in the first place. The hype for his return was very strong in Playstation E3 threads years back on the other forum. I hate to discredit the strength of the Crash brand itself when not attached to Playstation but I just don't think it's as strong, and nostalgia is what this train is riding on at the moment.
  26. Does someone know what might have happened between Activision and Microsoft?
    Never seen such a shift in business relationship before.
  27. Lelouch0612

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    I need Spyro. I hope it won't be time exclusive.
  28. Alcibiades

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    Very interesting, the original Crash Trilogy on Switch would be kind of huge.
  29. Synth

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    I'm loving the suggestion that the Switch wouldn't be able to run a jazzed up version of a PS1 game.
  30. Phendrift

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    I know, like wtf?
  31. Solrac

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    and another one... good job sony
  32. Status Effect

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    Nah, I'm not saying that. I can see the appeal of picking it up for Switch (I buy everything for my Switch). I'm just theorising that the Playstation exclusivity actually played a large part in the remasters success. Look I can understand that I'm probably wrong. I do hope that the success of the remaster may have drummed up enough hype that a ton of people on other platforms are dying to jump in with a new game
  33. You really don't think the Switch can handle a revamped PS1 game? The Switch certainly isn't powerful, but dude, it's not THAT weak.
  34. Motwera

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    I hope this video of Thumpin' Wumpa Islands on the Switch can give you guys a good idea of how the game will run using the same engine (Alchemy)

  35. bunkitz

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    I'm too pathetic to beat the N.Same Trilogy, so I'm not sure how I'd deal with a new game... Happy for everyone else, of course, but it's definitely gonna take me a while before I can beat this one without getting so pissed off at my own incompetence.
  36. Sponge

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    On one hand, having the N-Sane Trilogy on the Switch and a new game in development is very exciting.

    On the other hand, my girlfriend is going to cry her eyes out if this means no Spyro remaster. Activision really needs to capitalize on that first.
  37. Titik

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    Good move. I hope a new game gets released as well. Can't have enough big budget platformers.
  38. Finally a thread where I can portbeg Crash for Switch because its part of the ”news”.

    Hell yes.
  39. Jaded Alyx

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    Because we aren't pirates? Is there something you want to tell us?
  40. lusca_bueno

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    YES! Crash really should be brought back to life after the great job they did on the remakes. Hopefully they'll think about a new Tag Team Racing title, and maybe even a new Crash Bandicoot with the classic level formats.
  41. Charamiwa

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    I'm sure the game is coming to XB1. The guy who wrote this just listed why he's excited about the game expanding, but he doesn't have to cite all the platforms.
  42. Fuchsia

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    I'm losing faith, man. It's sad. But, I will try and remain strong for the cause!
  43. papercan

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    Would sell really well on switch.
    A lot of crash fans on nintendo consoles given the franchises past on nintendo hardware, especially with children thanks to the recent skylanders games on wii u and switch so it makes sense financially.
  44. Ringten

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    Crash racing!! Need a fun old school kart racer on the ps4
  45. potatohead

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    It's already released though?
  46. Monogatari

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    That's fine.

    Just please, please, please. Riff off the N Sane Trilogy and don't go in a totally crazy wild new direction. I beg of them. Make Crash Bandicoot 4, 5, 6 etc. Use the same engine as a base. Keep the concept of linear levels.
  47. Rion

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    I'd be willing to do an avatar bet that if it comes to Switch it would outsell the PS4 version :P
  48. phanphare

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    read the OP, it's rumored to be coming to PC and Switch this year
  49. Phendrift

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    Ok I don’t know if I’d go THAT far as it sold very well on PS4 and the games were previously on PlayStation but I do think it would do very well on Switch
  50. Adamska

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    I don't think the Switch can handle a 30FPS PS4 game, yes. I mean, say what you want about the origins of the collection, the game released on the PS4 is graphical showcase, and not even the Pro managed to render it in native 4K.
    That's a Bayonetta game that was not produced by Nintendo.
    We don't know the exact details of the deal or if Crash is a poorly coded game, but I do agree it's possible.