Rumor: ATVI's 5-year plan for Crash includes N.Sane Trilogy on Switch/PC, New Game in 2019

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Wrestleman, Feb 4, 2018.

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    Oh no...
  2. Hope

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    Well i got the game because it was orignally developed by NDN I wouldnt buy crash 4 by VV.
  3. Gooch

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    CTR: Crash Team Racing please.
  4. Zalman

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    (Had to do it.)
  5. Stygr

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    Releasing the game on more platforms = more sales, but nope, this "weakens the brand" according to some people.
    I don't really care about Crash, never cared in my childhood and i don't care now on PS4, but using the nostalgia argument is pointless and laughable.
  6. sora87

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    Sony not coughing up for any more crash exclusivity lol. A brand new game is gonna be hard to pull off tbf though.
  7. Phendrift

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    Ugh, another platformer on the Switch?!

  8. Wrestleman

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    I don't get people's lack of faith in VV. They've made well-reviewed Crash games before N.Sane Trilogy (with key staff shared between the titles) and then also, there was exactly one piece of 100% original content in N.Sane Trilogy -- a bonus round that was not present in the originals -- and it's one of the best setups in the game. I have plenty of faith in VV to make a new game.
  9. Pancracio17

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    God I hope so
  10. Jaded Alyx

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    Why would Activision care about this exactly?

    Go check how many Crash games there are on Nintendo systems.
  11. Maxina

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    Crash, and even Spyro have had games on Nintendo and Xbox systems in the past. They're exclusivity with Sony died once the PS1 era concluded.
  12. Wrestleman

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    This combined with the fact that of all those multiplatform Crash games people still associate it with PlayStation, I think Acti and Sony will have a healthy marketing relationship with Crash going forward regardless.
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    No Xbox release?

  17. Jacob LeBeau

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    I know, just thought I give a link as evidence to support it
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  19. Sounds legit actually. I skipped Crash on the PS4 because I figured it will eventually be released on Steam and I can enjoy it in a higher frame rate (not PC elitist in any way,just want to experience games in the best way possible with what I currently got,nothing bad against consoles whatsoever).
    Also,the Switch sounds like a perfect fit for this.
  20. Nemesis162

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    Sony don't need to allow anything, Crash is Activision IP. They don't have anything to do with Crash and never did even when the first games were published by them in behalf of Universal.
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    The link was also already there, dude.
  23. Dark Cloud

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    First you said Sony allowed Activision to make Crash and now you’re posting “more proof”, but it’s already in the OP.
  24. Jacob LeBeau

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    I'm stoopid. Thanks for tellin me
  25. NinjaScooter

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    The agreement between Sony and Acti served its purpose. Sony got the benefit of being able to tout that they were bringing back a beloved franchise, along with about a year or so worth of exclusivity, while Activision got to leverage that to increase the profile and viability of what to that point was a dormant franchise. It was a win win.
  26. Quo Vadis

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    CTR and Bash remake with online. Make it happen Activison.
  27. Iwao

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    Well Sony approached Activision to make the N. Sane Trilogy happen, which is probably why they have this window of exclusivity. It's unlikely to have happened if Sony didn't instigate. They hinted at the project back in one of their PS4 launch trailers, years before it was announced:

  28. Zalman

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    I think the only thing that's making me think twice about a Switch version is the file size. I think they would need a 32 GB card for this, unless they force people to download most of the game. In which case, I ain't double dipping.
  29. MongeSemNome

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    Hell to the fucking yeah. Do Need a CTR Remaster
  30. Nemesis162

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    He's not part of Playstation family. lol He's not a Sony character, he's not exclusive since the beginning of the past decade and it's an multiplatform since then. It makes no sense for Activision to put it in exclusivity, considering it's past.
  31. II JumPeR I

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    lol what kind of fanboy BS is that?

    A lot of folks would buy the game on Xbox too.

    At this point it would be better to make it available on all platforms possible.
    And porting the PS4 version to Xbox is a easy task.
  32. Virtua Sanus

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    It is so frustrating when people try to argue that the Xbox fanbase does not support whatever genre when they should be considering the situation on a console by console basis, not platform brands. I can assure you most people do not have a specific interest in following console successors and just go with what they feel like or hear is good. Plenty of people who do not have a PlayStation 4 and only have one of whatever other platform would love to play this game.

    The suggestion that family friendly platformers would flop on Xbox One is goofy when we have direct evidence from Steamspy that there is not a single 3D platformer on Steam to be in any way a significant success and yet we are getting this on PC.
  33. ASaiyan

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    The question is, new platform Crash game or new CTR?

    I'm sure many people would be nostalgic for the latter, but having played the series for the first time with N. Sane Trilogy I'd be interested to see VV tackle the latter. Especially without the restriction of following the original games' design religiously.
  34. II JumPeR I

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    Im seeing this kind of BS a lot recently. "meh xbox fans dont buy this and that" and its the most common used excuse for japanese games.
  35. N.Domixis

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    FUck yes!!!!!! Woooooo!!!!
  36. Stygr

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    The new Sumo Digital rumour about a racing game on a popular IP might be Crash after all....
  37. Hope

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  38. Phendrift

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    What do you mean what kind of fanboy BS?

    It’s a fucking 3D platformer, people who buy Nintendo consoles are likely much more into those than people who buy XBox.

    Add to that the already healthy sales of Switch software and I think it’d easily do better.

    Not fanboy BS, just common sense.
  39. Jacob LeBeau

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    But there's actual proof in the OP.
  40. N.Domixis

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    Only one thing is certain, SONY must lock down crash bandicoot marketing rights as soon as possible. Have people associate Crash with playstation.
  41. Braaier

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    I'm still scratching my head on that one.

    I don't buy this rumor though. No x1 version? Doesn't make sense
  42. II JumPeR I

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    I dont remember a lot of platformers the last couple of years that would indicate that xbox folks dont buy this type of games.

    And yes its just pure BS saying that.

    Crash Bandicoot is a big name. And not some kind of small Kickstarter Platformer.

    The game would do well on Xbox as well.

    So yeah i dont see Activision skipping the Xbox. I see them skipping the PC.

    lol why?
  43. Dekuman

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    I hope the games go multiplat, as it would make the most sense from a merchandising perspective, but Acti may be happy keeping them PS exclusive.
  44. Mandos

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  45. Braaier

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    People already do. Why exactly would Sony PAY for marketing rights? A waste of money
  46. Crash Team Racing Remake
    Crash Bandicoot 4: Bandimonium
    Crash Bash (only good this time)

    Just please make them good, don’t crash(HA) this brand into the fucking ground again.

    I’d love for Crash 4 to be a blend of Twinsanity open-world and linear classic stages. And for the love of christ, ease up on the vehicle stages please.
  47. Jacob LeBeau

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    Friendly reminder that Activision has a thing on the 8th.
  48. N.Domixis

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    Crash will always be the unofficial Sony Mascot to me.

    A CTR sequal can be name
    Crash Ngines Ngaged
  49. Crash

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    I hope a CTR Remake is included in their plan.
  50. II JumPeR I

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    But yeah at this point Activision should really clarify that situation with this collection.
    Last year multiple stuff popped up, the devs were always laughing or dancing around the bush when someone asked about a Xbox version. Multiple retailers put up the Xbox version, the official crash site has some hidden buttons for platform selection.