Six Back Compat titles getting XB1X Enhancements (Red Dead Redemption, Gears 2, Portal 2, more)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Gowans, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Oracle

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    Guys, was red dead ever a game with gold? I wonder if I own it.
  2. Kevin360

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  3. USF

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    Time to unwrap this

  4. ThatsMyTrunks

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    I wonder if Sonic Generations is hard-capped to 30.

    But hey, RDR! I've never actually played it, 4K will be lovely.
  5. X1 Two

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    Change region to US.
  6. AgentOtaku

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    Omg, is Sonic up yet!?
  7. JigglesBunny

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    My jaw literally dropped. What a fuckin’ line up! Downloading... well, all of them right now.
  8. Braaier

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    Rockstar re-released the game with an Xbox one banner? Smart
  9. GSY Miguel

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    The game's main menu is in 4K, I doubt it goes back to 720p if you chose Undead Nightmare :)

    In fact, the whole game is tricked to render in 4K, so it must be too.
  10. Hawk269

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    I agree. I posted a reply but not sure in what thread, but basically I NEVER thought Rock Star would allow this. I really expected them to release a RDR Remaster a few months before the new game comes out and charge $39.99 like they did with L.A. Noire.

    I wonder how many of those people that said they would buy the "X" if RDR ever becomes "X" Enhanced?
  11. JigglesBunny

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    My jaw literally dropped. What a fuckin’ line up! Downloading... well, all of them right now.
  12. Xaero Gravity

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    It says RDR is still not X enhanced, and I didn't get an update. Are we sure these shots are with the X patch, or is this a placebo effect?
  13. VE3TRO

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    Need to re-release this again with X Enhancements banner lol.
  14. MetalGearZed

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    I really hope this makes Sony give a damn about BC in the future. The job MS is doing with the 1X is astonishing. I definitely have to pick one up in the future. Should be the best console to play a lot of games from last generation and the even the one before.
  15. Cynn

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    Go ahead. Then enjoy the best version of RD2 shortly after.

    I’m stoked for Sonic and Star Wars. Both are on my backlog.
  16. NSA

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    So much amaze.
  17. Edge

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    That's not patched and heavenly compressed.
  18. Outlaw Torn

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    Force Unleashed
  19. topplehat

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    This is what I’m wondering too actually. If it’s 60fps on X then oh my.
  20. Atolm

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    I'd like to know this as well.
  21. They don't generally lift framerate caps with these updates, and both Portal 2 and Sonic Generations at least were locked to 30fps. I doubt that's changed.

    Hopefully Generations sticks closer to 30 though, because it could have some pretty severe dips at times.
  22. AgentOtaku

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    Sonic Gen was hardcapped @ 30 on 360. It had awesome motionblur tho at least
  23. MadMike

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    I've been putting off replaying RDR on the off chance that it would get an X enhancement. Definitely glad I waited.
  24. This is the reason I bought an X. Fucking hyped. I will finally give Red Dead a real attempt
  25. JMY86

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    LOL fuck me wrong image...
  26. holy shit!!
  27. Edge

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    Changed region to US, only Gears 2 got the update, no RDR update yet and I hard reset it twice. D: It's 1:26 am here, come ooooooooon.


    Wait, even after patch Gears 2 is still not labeled as enhanced, mhhh maybe RDR is patched then, I will check it out quick.
  28. Firima

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    So Xbox is now the place to play Red Dead I guess
  29. plagiarize

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    Are any of these HDR like Halo 3 and Mirror's Edge?
  30. thediamondage

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    my laziness in playing RDR before RDR 2 for the first time has paid off, i wonder if I wait long enough it'll be VR enabled or something
  31. faint

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    Man, if this plays at a locked 30 and revitalizes online MP a bit, I am seriously considering picking up an X and upgrading to a 4K TV. Despite having severe flaws, GoW2 was the game that got me into competitive shooters and literally changed my life for years.
  32. Edge

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    It is patched! Even if it doesn't say it is. Super sampled 1080p screens are coming in a minute boys.
  33. Spider-Vice

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    Hearing stuff about a Performance Mode in RDR? Anyone know if this is 60 FPS? That would require some engine changes I reckon, as RDR was locked to 30? Or did it have no vsync?
  34. GSY Miguel

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    Performance mode only disable X enhancement, so it runs just like before those X enhancement, they can't change the framerate lock with the emulator.
  35. ron_bato

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    I have the GOTY edition and undead nightmare also got the patch.
  36. Spider-Vice

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    Ok, thought as much, thanks.
  37. Anteater

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  38. hlhbk

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    I can finally do a Gears series play through! I held of playing 4 until 2 was x enhanced!
  39. GSY Miguel

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    Sonic Generations (locked to 30, motion blur only when modern Sonic "boosts")

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  41. shinobi602

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    Would love to see some Gears 2 screens.
  42. Proven

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    Hey so I own a 4K tv but I don’t have enough room at the moment to use it so I’m gaming on an older 1080p monitor 24’. Is it worth getting an xb1x with just a standard 1080p monitor or should I just wait until I can use my 4K tv?
  43. maximumzero

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    I need to dig up a full list of Xbox 360 games that work on the Xbox one. If it’s more than 75% of my library I might just go ahead and pick up an Xbox one and retire the 360
  44. EteRnal PAL

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  45. Edge

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    Ladies and Gentleman, these screenshots will sell a few copies.

    1080p, super sampled. Clean. As. Fuck.




    More coming in a few minutes.
  46. JohnnyMoses

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    I said I would buy a One X if Red Dead was enhanced. Off to the store I go.
  47. pswii60

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    Definitely going to play through Portal 2 again. Oh yes.
  48. hlhbk

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    How does the fps look during 4k gameplay on RDR?
  49. Sirhc

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    Holy shit those 4k screens are amazing, have been sitting on a goty xbox 1 reprint for a few months, glad I waited to dig in...this is gonna be good.
  50. theBmZ

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    ...well. Damn.