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  1. matrixman92


    I hope that stuff is true about this game tying together ES and fallout, that seems like a cool premise
  2. nice thread
  3. CarthOhNoes

    Someone is plagiarizing this post Member

    It sounds like it's just a huge project which has a mobile tie in like Fallout Shelter. I cannot believe that their "next big thing" is going to be a purely mobile experience, and I also cannot believe that they would bother filing trademarks for clothing, trading cards and other merchandise for something which is a small side project. I reckon that this tells us that Starfield is actually a pretty massive undertaking and that they are putting a lot of weight and marketing behind it.
  4. Patryn


    Even if it's not Starfield, their next games is 100 percent not Elder Scrolls. They have very clearly stated multiple times that they have 2 BGS titles coming before the next ES title at the very least.

    Don't be expecting ES6 until sometime in the mid-2020s.
  5. Azajabar


    I think it is going to be two games one on mobile, somehow I feel like we will get the mobile alot earlier
  6. Wizzly


    I don't mind they make a mobile app, i want their next PC game.
  7. Dust


    I want this to happen for reactions.
  8. Quacktion



    please no
  9. SweetNicole

    Community Manager Administrator

    At this time administrators cannot verify the contents of the quoted post made by Potterson in this thread are accurate. However, the user has shared information with us that suggests they could be in a position to know the information they claim in the post. As always, ResetEra members take full responsibility for what they post.
  10. IfSleepoversCouldTalk

    Banned Member

  11. labpleb


    Hype, hype!
  12. Plumpbiscuit

    Banned Member

    Not sure why admins are coming down with the hammer when the thread title literally says "SPECULATION" in it. If it's a mobile game, I'm done trusting BGS with releasing quality games interested by me. All these years of waiting for a mobile game is nuts.
  13. Here we go. E3 hype starting.
  14. Judge

    Vault-Tec Seal of Approval Moderator

    Huh? No one is coming down with any hammer. When people make claims of insider info they get vetted. That’s just how it goes. That isn’t saying the info is correct, just that they prove that they could be knowledgeable on the subject
  15. ShadyK54



    E3 hype season just around the corner, I love it.
  16. mutantmagnet


    It's not the op they are targeting.

    Someone else replied claiming insider info.
  17. Mikey Jr.

    Mikey Jr.

    I really hope not.
  18. Kenzodielocke


    That would be quiet the secret Bethesda.
  19. This was a genius thread. Speculation about mobile game, brings out poster with inside info, admins verify that he’s in a position to know it, kick off E3 hype. Well done AAMARMO
  20. JammerLammy


    Mobile game? It has to be rayspace
  21. skeezx


    huh? well it's no secret bethesda is expanding into "modern" development i.e. mobile, "multiplayer focused" stuff. but also working on a 'traditional' open world bethesda game (which, i assume, is coming relatively soon, as Fallout 4 is far in the rearview at this point)

    so really "starfield" could be either/or any of those things. it's kind of not important since we know fuck all about what any of these projects are, just that "starfield" is/was vaguely and allegedly some kind of sci-fi outing
  22. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud


    So does Potterson have anything else to tell us? lol
  23. Is BGS really going to be able to do a new IP RPG in three years? I can't see it or at least can't see it going that well.
  24. wildbite


    E3 can’t come soon enough! Fallout 4 was an ok game. I need the next BGS title to do something different and blow us away.
  25. Potterson


    Nah, sorry. Not really an "insider" or "press sneak fu**". Just happen to know something so I thought I share. I can't say more yet.
  26. Djost1kk


    You can tell them, It's fine.
  27. BigDes


    It's not on the iPhone yet.
  28. BigDes


    Eh not really

    It would mean throwing away over twenty years of Elder Scrolls universe building.

    Neatest I could see is that both universes occupy different planes of Oblivion
  29. DeeDogg


    Shit just got real
  30. Brucey


    If what potterson said is true that surprises me a bit. A brand new IP after only 3 years? Was there a small team that’s been working on it for longer than that?
  31. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief

    Why are you like this?
  32. Balmung421


    Unleash the hype, Potterson!
  33. Novel Mike

    Novel Mike

    Well fuck me I'm super interested now. I've ignored Starfield rumors since last year after it was a big no show but if its actually a thing I don't care if its as bland as I found Fallout 4, I'm super interested. We don't get anywhere near enough games that have open world space exploration let alone RPG's.
  34. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud

    Harry Potterson has brought us the goods! Do you believe in Harry Potterson?
  35. skeezx


    probably in development well before that, likely after skyrim. Fallout 4 started right after Fallout 3 for example.
  36. Kolx


    Ok, I laughed. Well played.
  37. labpleb


    The Boy Who Leaked!
  38. matrixman92


    I know way more about fallout than I do ES tbh. That rumor stated that Fallout was the past, and Elder Scrolls was super far into the future, then starfield in the middle. Is there stuff in Elder scrolls that would conflict with that? I dont really know too much about ES lore and if it goes into creation and stuff like that. I was almost thinking it would be so far ahead that it kind of wouldnt even matter, other than very small nods. but the basic roots are there....literally...

  39. asd202


    Oh shit. Big November game?
  40. CHC


    I would love if this was like a big open space game - there's pretty much nothing in the "Space RPG" niche right now, and after Mass Effect Andromeda and No Man's Sky kinda stuck up the room, there isn't much else on the horizon.

    Also, it is indeed their plan to announce at E3 and release in fall, I love that. I hope that becomes more of a trend with big studios.
  41. Brucey


    That makes sense, thank you. I wonder if some people get jealous while working on fallout 4 when some of their team members are working on an exciting new project.
  42. BigDes


    Just even down to how the universe in Elder Scrolls works. Its just so fundamentally different to how the Fallout universe works I can't see how they can fit together on any level that would make sense.

    I'd explain more but mobile and also its late where I am but if you search for Elder Scrolls and The Tower you'll see what I mean
  43. Pilgore

    Banned Member

    They've already gone on record to say that they were working on *two* big projects that were neither Fallout or an Elder Scrolls game but that they would be "similar in scope to those other games and what you would come to expect from us as a studio." So yeah, Starfield, a new space Bethesda game totally makes sense to me. They've done fantasy and post-apocalypse for years now. Time to branch out.
  44. Breqesk


    Well, uh, fuck. I'd been tentatively excited for Bethesda's E3 show off the back of the rumours, but this makes it all feel rather more real.

    Far Harbour proved to me that Bethesda still has it in them to make the kinds of RPGs I really enjoy, and there's no setting I like more than space opera. Sooooo yeah, pretty excited right now, not gonna lie...


    I think my top three most-anticipated games list just became:

    1. Obsidian's 'The Outer Worlds', assuming it's what it sounds like. (Last time Obsidian made a space opera game, we got KotOR II, which is still my favourite game of all time, so yeah.)
    2. Cyberpunk 2077. (Hey, TW3 was fantastic, and while I don't like cyberpunk as much as space opera, I'm still super excited about the idea of any big budget RPG that isn't fantasy for a change. Don't get me wrong, I like fantasy, but holy hell are there a lot of fantasy RPGs already.)
    3. Starfield!!!
  45. Blue Ninja

    Blue Ninja

    I think that was a confirmed fake, though. I don't see it happening. Their ES lore is way too deep for that.
  46. MattyG


    I wonder if a mobile tie in to Starfield would be considered the second major project before TES6. I know they considered Fallout Shelter major, so maybe. I just can't imagine a new IP would come right after another new one, so it's got to be that or Fallout 5 before TES6. Super interedintto finally see what the hell this game is, though.

    Eh, I feel like it's be too messy to tie them together. The nature of the Elder Scrolls world is... Complicated (to the best of my knowledge). So unless they want to do away with all their lore and say "it's a misunderstanding, Fallout is the REAL beginning," and explain that in Starfield, I can't see it happening. Let them be their own things with small nods to each other, I say.
  47. Hype!!!
  48. Llazy


    its all ogre now
  49. Zedark


    I see Bethesda's game is now being rumoured by a potentially legit insider, so that's nice. It was very much expected (both it being revealed at E3 this year and that it'd come out this fall), but nice to have some more evidence towards that!
  50. Benji

    US Sales Insider Member

    Starfield has been in pre production for a very long time.

    Since at least 2013
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