Splatoon 2 is the first console game to sell over 2m in Japan in 8 years

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Atheerios, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Atheerios

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    Using Famitsu numbers, Splatoon 2 has sold 1.882.997 + 150.617 digital for a grand total of 2.033.614 (thanks to the folks at the Media Create thread).

    This is the first home console game to sell over 2 million in Japan since Wii Party in 2010:


    (Note: this table hasn't been updated recently, but should give you a good idea)

    Huge success for Nintendo and Switch and probably Pokémon is gonna surpass it in the next few years. Mario Odyssey is pretty close to 2m too.
  2. AlexFlame116

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    Never doubt the power of best girl Marina.

    Even though I think Japan favors Pearl more.

    Oh yeah and the gameplay is fun too I guess.
  3. z0m3le

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    And Super Mario Odyssey will be the second?
  4. chrisPjelly

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    That's INSANE. Congrats on the dev team, and I hope this encourages the creation of newer IPs amongst the younger devs of Nintendo!
  5. DecoReturns

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    With the Switch, we'll be selling a lot more console titles selling over 2 million.

    Really curious about Pokémon.
  6. Atheerios

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    Mario Odyssey is currently at 1.534.941 while MK8DX 1.271.204, so it seems like that will happen very soon.
  7. impact

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    The great Wii Party finally dethroned. End of an ERA.
  8. rAndom

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    Splatoon 1 also was the closest to reach the 2M mark on home consoles too. Before the Switch of course.
  9. Cybersai

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    Why do so few games sell well in Japan? I don't get it. 2 million is nothing.
  10. BlandrewYT

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    "probably pokemon" Lol. Pokemon should hit that in its opening week. Anyways, good for Splatoon 2. I knew it'd be the Switchs biggest console pusher for Japan, but didn't know it'd set a milestone.
  11. RecRoulette

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    Yep, seemed inevitable that Splatoon 2 would reach that mark. Still going strong in Japan too.
  12. Serene

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    Pokemon is gonna destroy that
  13. effingvic

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    Amazing. This game deserves it.
  14. Inuhanyou

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    Its nintendo and its a handheld hybrid. If there's things japanese like its handhelds and nintendo. Switch will likely be the sole shining light of clear success there for core gaming going into the future although PS4 won't do "terrible". FF13 was the only game on PS3 to hit a million IIRC
  15. Dyle

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    I have to imagine it will make it to 3 million by the end of 2018 since Nintendo will continue to support it with updates through the summer and Splatfests into 2019. It has legs, 10 legs in fact!
  16. Napalm_Frank

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    I mean, Switch is a portable so...
  17. AlexFlame116

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    Pokémon will most likely eat it's lunch by the first two weeks alone.
  18. werezompire

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    Drastically smaller population compared to the US, plus the real action these days in Japan is mobile (and to a lesser extent, portable gaming systems like Switch & 3DS).
  19. BlandrewYT

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  20. Watershed

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    A genuine cultural phenomenon. Nintendo trusting their younger staff with this series has paid off in spades. It's great how the games have been able to incorporate contemporary/youth Japanese culture with such success.
  21. phanphare

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  22. KtSlime

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    Because many 3rd parties make games for systems that don't sell well in Japan.
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  24. Napalm_Frank

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    Which means it's a portable device. Saying Splatoon 2 is a ''console game'' isn't exactly painting the full picture if you want to compare sales. It literally is the successor to 3DS.
  25. Grim Patron

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    Switch saving gaming once again in another region. What a turn around from the shithole U days. superb.
  26. Alrus

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    What is the source for those numbers in your table? I don't remember FFXV being remotely close to 1,2m last time we saw it chart.
    For a single market?
  27. grannvale

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    Handhelds are more popular than Consoles in Japan (well, were, since I doubt a dedicated portable will be released after the Switch). If you include portable games, the number of 2 million sellers increases drastically.
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    Even when I'm not playing games that look like they could be from an anime, it appears that I have really Japanese taste in games. I love Splatoon and it was my most played Wii U game. And Splatoon 2 isn't that far behind.

    I am not normally into this kind of game at all. But there's something very special and unique about it. It's nothing like other competitive shooters or third person shooters. Splatting ink is really appealing. The matches last just long enough to make you just want to play one more round. And Splatoon 2 has more diversity of things to do with Salmon Run.

    I would guess that is probably helps that it is both cute and colourful, and also has a somewhat "hip" or cool Shibuya feel. To go along with the amazing gameplay.
    Inklings have great and unique designs that I would guess probably appeal to popular sensibilities of game players in Japan. Just a guess though, I suppose.
  29. Mediking

    Mediking Member

    Spla2 is a great game. Well deserved!
  30. SatoAilDarko

    SatoAilDarko Member

    Not surprising the Wii U had several titles on that list.

    Add in portability and the Switch will over take that lists.
  31. Grapezard

    Grapezard Member

    That's crazy. Crazy that it's been 8 years since that's happened.
  32. rAndom

    rAndom Member

    While the portable feature certainly is a factor, don't forget Splatoon 1 on Wii U sold 1.7 million. I'd say the Splatoon brand alone was the major contributor to this success.
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    That W101 tier bomb
  34. Napalm_Frank

    Napalm_Frank Member

    Oh, Splatoon 2 certainly has been very successful and a great IP to have on launch window, especially when it comes to Japan.

    Just saying that Splatoon 2 (and switch games in general) shouldn't be looked solely as home console games. Portability is a huge factor when it comes to japanese market.
  35. Dragonzdogma

    Dragonzdogma Member

    How many copies did Grand theft auto V sold in Japan?
  36. Atheerios

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    Less than 1 million (PS4). That list is for every million seller in Japan on home consoles.
  37. kIdMuScLe

    kIdMuScLe Member

    Damn nice! So I still have doubts about monster hunter selling 10million or whatever the number capcpm wants it to sell...
  38. Anth0ny

    Anth0ny Member

    lol this so doesn't count as a console game

    still great numbers. nintendo adapting appropriately to the changing times for the Japanese gaming market.
  39. Lord of Ostia

    Lord of Ostia Member

    Just to be clear with everyone, this is only home console games. Plenty of 3DS games have sold over 2 million. Considering Switch is also a handheld, this isn't very surprising. Still, shows how dire the console market is over there, I'm not sure any PS4 game will sell 2 million units in Japan (maybe MHW can).
  40. mutantmagnet

    mutantmagnet Member

    W101 was truly the best selling wii u game.
  41. touchmykatamari

    touchmykatamari Banned Member

    If Splatoon 1.5 can break records like this, just imagine what a Splatoon sequel could do! This is awesome. Nintendo is red hot right now
  42. Dragonzdogma

    Dragonzdogma Member

    Wow, I thought GTAV sold good everywhere.
  43. Wowfunhappy

    Wowfunhappy Member

    Are we not including 3DS and DS? This is kind of an unfair comparison then, for reasons others have noted.

    Edit: I'm not saying the Switch isn't home a console, but it's ALSO a portable, and that's probably the reason Switch games are doing well in a market that has a clear preference for portables.
  44. Lord of Ostia

    Lord of Ostia Member

    It sold well for a western console game in the Japanese market. You need to tailor your expectations to the reality of the market
  45. foxuzamaki

    foxuzamaki Member

    Splatoon 2, the defacto savior of the japanese console industry
  46. Maxina

    Maxina Member

    I can see it reaching 3 million before the end of this year too. Maybe even 4 million.
  47. Aigis

    Aigis Member

    do we count it as a straight console though?
  48. Gaiaknight

    Gaiaknight Member

    while i agree with you Nintendo themselves have always said the switch is a home console you can take on the go.
  49. Heartskips

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    People are really fast to blame the japanese players and forget how it's a country where companies are so stubborn they don't support the market leader.
  50. FZZ

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    Yeah Pokemon is going to obliterate that record from the stratosphere