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The Mansion Mafia - Hold on tightly to your secrets

Oct 26, 2017
A fake watcher can’t make up movements, other people confirm them!
A fake watcher who was very likely to be lynched today can use the claim to survive one day more at least, and might use a scummate to confirm a fake action, but the latters risky. More likely it's just an actual scum watcher who tells the truth about movements to get town cred.


The Dude of Prophecy
Oct 24, 2017
São Paulo, Brazil
The shot came from within the confusion. No one could see who took it - but everyone saw the body hitting the floor right after that.

The usual procedures followed.

LuxCommander has died!

These were the contents of the envelope they died trying to hide:

Welcome to The Mansion, LuxCommander! We’ve long been waiting for your arrival.

Your true name is Lydia, and we know your secret.

You are a 3-shot Mafia Roleblocker. Three times in the game during the Night, you can choose to block any commands sent by the targeted player until the following Night by posting the command BLOCK: <Player Name> on your private thread.

You also have access to the factional kill, which can be executed by posting the command KILL: <Player Name> on your private thread.

You are aligned with Mafia and win when your faction controls the majority of votes at Day start.

Your partners are ___.

During the Day, you can also vote for the next Room you want the group to visit by posting the command MOVE: <Room Name> in the main game thread.

The game thread is here.

The Mafia chat is ____.

After reading this message, please reply to it or post in the game thread to acknowledge it.

I hope you have fun in our little gala.
Oct 25, 2017

Hecht - BP - this is an unnecessary claim that helps Hecht and scum more than town. There was no point for this claim.

Kopite - lover/roleblocker - we'll see later today.

Aeleus - lover - we'll see later today.

Godfather - watcher - apart from a scum watcher gambit, sounds credible unless something else comes up.

Turmoil7 - sleepwalker - i have no idea but i can't think of why it would be fake. I also don't really see much point to it though.

Am i missing anything?