Destiny 2: Forsaken |OT3| All Right, All Right, All Right.

Nov 7, 2017
New menace shows up in Gambit. People camping the invasion portal. Saw a rando doing that, literally standing 5-7 yards away waiting for the portal the whole time, not helping us defeat enemies or anything. I'm sure he had bounty objectives tied to invading like I do and only cared about himself.

Stands to reason, everyone is going to want to invade for the most part. It's the rockstar role. People fight over the portal.

Also, I did the 4 gambit matches weekly milestone, dunno if this was always the case but it gave me a +1. So what even gives +5 if the drifter doesn't after everybody claims he did? Just scourge if they fixed it? They probably gave scourge +5 and took them away from drifter knowing how stupid bungie is. But cant say if the reckoning milestone is +5 since I havent done it yet this week.

And oh boy, my baby bygones just melts so buttery in crucible. With kill clip doing 41 to the head, straight up and down recoil, easy two taps (less than) for days. It's hard to use a primary in todays crucible, but such as you can it can hang with the hopped up hand cannons. What a blessing that roll dropping into my lap was.

If it had circa 48 meter range like blast furnace instead of 40, it'd have no weakness. Well for a pulse. There might be some type of rangfinder roll that could go out to 43-44 meters. I'd have to check out to find the true one in a million god roll.
Edit: lookin at light my roll is probably perfect except arrowhead brake barrel, would I guess mean you dont have to use CB, which would free it up for targeting adjuster. Everything else it's arguable at worst. Oh and I'd easily prefer a stability MW over my handling one, that''s a biggie. Those are the only 2 things keeping it from being 100% perfect in theory IMO. Even the handling vs stability MW is kind of arguable, I mean you are giving up handling to get stability.
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Oct 27, 2017
Is it too much of an issue to require weapons with the same rolls, that I did not mean to get rid of? Or why cant they just have a static roll if you re-buy it instead of denying me the opportunity to get it back. I didnt mean to dismantle my Hammerhead a month ago, and I will never get another one the way this is going.
Nov 20, 2017
Most of that stuff is listed on I think in the Fireteam section. You can access it with your mobile device with the Destiny 2 app. Works really well for finding groups for just about anything.
They're probably working on a bounty or the Invader triumphs.
Yeah, people have been doing this as long as there’s been gambit. The only time I ever got tilted by a teammate was when I had a match where a guy just stood next to the portal spamming dance emotes the whole time until it opened & jumped through. Worst part was he wasn’t even a competent invader. I started warlock slapping him for a while then promptly went to discord. Never solo queue for anything other than knocking out a quick daily.
Oct 25, 2017
So is this normal in Gambit?
When invading, the game really doesn't like rendering enemy players. I see names but it takes few seconds for the actual players to appear. Everything else, no problem whatsoever. Not quite consistent though, occasionally it renders them faster, usually seems to be an issue for the first invasion.

PC, all settings on high pretty much and the game runs solidly, so i doesn't feel like hardware problem.

On the positive note, at least Malfesance feels pretty good as hand cannons go. Basically it and the Ace of Spades are the only HCs i like. And fortunately this means i have little reason to invade anymore, especially since i don't have legendary machine gun to go with another exotic (why are MG so incredibly good against players anyhow? Others feel pointless next to MGs).