Rumor: Metroid Prime 4 developed with Bandai Namco Singapore & Ridge Racer 8 exclusive to Switch

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Cinemikel, Feb 6, 2018.

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    A leak seems to have come out from a Youtuber named Doctre81 with a LinkedIn slip. He's has been known for doing some detective work, discovering these types of leaks which have been accurate in the past.

    Edit: The Ace Combat 7 piece in the LinkedIn picture is specifically talking about the VR section, which is true. It is confirmed exclusive to PS4/PSVR

    Edit 2:
    Edit 3:
    MOD EDIT: As this thread progresses, please take care not to derail into conversations surrounding the ethics of system exclusivity or games available on other platforms. Please keep your contributions related to the rumor in the OP and not about other exclusive releases on other consoles and do not use this thread as a place to criticize third-party developers for their exclusive support, financed or otherwise.
  2. 0MAR10

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    Is this a joke?
  3. Aokiji

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    Kaz retires & RR8 comes out Switch Exclusive smh betrayal

  4. KZXcellent

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    The true reason Kaz retired.
  5. Buffum

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    Do we have any way of proving this LinkedIn profile is legit?
    Couldn't someone fake this pretty easily?

    Hoping it's real, but you gotta keep it skeptical.
  6. Jahranimo

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    Yooooo video games is crazy man. LinkedIn is a great tool.
  7. MrCafecito

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    What the hell? lol
    Riiiiidge Raceeeer tho
  8. MoonFrog

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    I don't think anything but what has BN Singapore done as of yet?
  9. andresmoros

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    I thought for sure it was ID. Does namco have enough experience in these kind of games?
  10. Yukinari

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    What else has the singapore division done?
  11. Heart_Attack

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    I’m down for more Ridge Racer
  12. Tsukinopio

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  13. Phil32

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    I think I need to take "assistance with Mother 3 localization" off my Linkedin finally. Been pissing LOTS of people off. :X
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  15. Sub Boss

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  16. Madao

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    a meltdown is in the horizon if that's true.
  17. Viking Jesus

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  18. Jahranimo

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    Got a screencap of the job description from LinkedIn myself:

  19. Mr. Pointy

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    I want this to be true.

    And it is. Praise be.
  20. Garf02

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    Aint BN Sing a new branch, no way Nintendo will a litteral no body handle their Franchise revival game
  21. Nintendoga

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    Yo what?
    BN Singapore? What have they even done?
  22. Nintendojitsu

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    It's real. And they're spectacular.
  23. Sephirod

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    I lol'd
  24. kdoll08

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    Please god let this be true. I have missed ridge racer so much. I just picked up ridge racer 6 for Xbox again recently.
  25. Atheerios

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    Well, the fact that Bamco was developing MP4 was widely known
  26. Kingpin722

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    No complaints over here
  27. salromano

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    But Ace Combat 7 isn't exclusive to PS4 and PSVR.
  28. NateDrake

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    You mean like they did with Retro?
  29. Porygon

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    Didn't that exactly happen with Retro Studio and Metroid Prime?
  30. Mr. Pointy

    Mr. Pointy Member

    Aren't they a technical assistance studio?
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    I was just about to say this, unless they're only working on the VR version, but the wording is weird
  32. Lusamine

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    It was a fact?
  33. Mory Dunz

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    isn't it on xbox?
  34. SieteBlanco

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    Would you actually write the title you're working on is "exclusive to X platform" in your LinkedIn profile?
  35. Vinnk

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    I mean I'd love a new Ridge Racer, but this seems so.. random.
  36. Leona Lewis

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    I was listening to the Ridge Racers soundtrack the other day.

    I'd imbibe massive donkey cock for another soundtrack this good.
  37. MoonFrog

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    Nothing wrong with them having not done anything. I was asking because I don't know, but looking at their site it does look like they're new?
  38. Mr. Pointy

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    Nintendo have a Digipen studio in Singapore, right?
  39. Mory Dunz

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    Just watched a youtube video of Ridge Racer 7 on youtube since I don't about it

  40. Luminaire

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    Why would you list what systems a game is exclusive to?
  41. Cinemikel

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    He's gotten things accurate in the past, like Panic Button doing the Wolfenstein 2 port for Switch before it was confirmed through LinkedIn
  42. tbyte64

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    Wasn't the Bandai-Namco MP4 been rumored before? I feel like I remember someone throwing that around this forum before.
  43. Shroki

    Shroki Member

    No, not a fact. Just widely speculated.

    Nintendo seems to have that kind of relationship with them.
  44. Pancracio17

    Pancracio17 Member

    What? Ridge Race? Bandai Singapore? This is pretty nuts.
  45. Atheerios

    Atheerios Member

    Well, Nintendo said a talented new team was making the game.
  46. decoyplatypus

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    This Bamco/MP4 thing keeps coming up. Hard to dismiss at this point. But it sure is an odd choice.
  47. MrCafecito

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    Wait I thought this was a joke thread but it's still open?
  48. rawhide

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    I know nothing about Bandai Namco Singapore but it's entirely possible they're an external collaborator/asset farm and not the primary developer.
  49. Madao

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    since no one has asked the obvious:

    is Ace Combat 7 a good game?
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