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Sea of Thieves |OT| A Rare Treasure

Oct 25, 2017
Any wishes for the next big content update?

Personally I'm wishing for legendary beasts: Boars, Phoenix Birds (?) etc. Something to actually hunt for, that give you a challenge. Also things like ship captaincy with customizable captains quarters and shit like that could be cool.
The Captaincy update was supposed to be the first update in the game. But sharp content criticisms (and likely dev issues) put that aside to focus on adding more stuff to the game. The right call. But now getting to Pirate Legend is VASTLY accelerated thanks to the Doubloons. If I just played normally doing skeleton forts and voyages I STILL might not be PL. But doing the Duke limited time events and getting these commendations allowed me to basically buy rank up packages to get me to PL.

There is a very large group of core players already at Pirate Legend. Most LFG's revolve around Athena voyages and finding a PL to drop a voyage for you is incredibly easy nowadays.

That is why I I think they should put out the captaincy update to basically create an "endgame". Let utilize that hideout and make it a friendly, social space. Let us shoot out into the world like they said we would. Let our ships stand out more than just glowy sail decals.

And they will likely do this as they add more tall tales
Ive been a pirate legend since November and after that point I did give up on the game for a month or 2, but have come back recently to be my main game to play again. I never cared for athena rank or voyages however the game is just too much fun with friends. However I wish there was an actual meaning to being pirate legend other than you can look different and summon a hole in the floor of taverns.

I would love it if the PL players could summon the hungering deep boss battle while there are no other events going on in the server or at least something to that effect. Just have something the PL legends can do in the world other than have purple stuff.
Jan 10, 2019
Yeah, a lot of players have hit ten pl already and they have basically no reason to play outside of having fun, even the cosmetics are pretty slim.

They need to start working on legend exclusive stuff at some point.
Jan 10, 2019
I haven't played for 2 weeks now, getting really hyped.

I also would like for Rare to give us a time for the update as i've got 3 days off work for this.
Dec 23, 2018
This update sounds and looks like the best thing to come out of Rare in years.

For the future I’d like to actually be able to own an island and be able to decorate it and fortify it for a gears of war type survival mode with that sweat Sea of Thieves charm.

Honestly there is so much potential here I could go on but I trust the developers with how forward they have been with fans and fixing issues.

Much love for Rare! Can’t wait for the update.
Oct 25, 2017
One thing I thought of was that if you're a pirate legend you have a literal hoard somewhere and depending on how much gold you have (I have almost 2mil atm), the hoard will fill and empty.

Normally they turn off servers on 10am until 4pm BST, while the patch comes out during that time.
Cool, thanks.
Oct 25, 2017
Atlanta, GA
Apologies if this has been answering before but does anyone know if I can play the new single player story mode without a Gold subscription?
Worth noting as it's a bit of a misconception - there is no single-player story mode. The new content is still in the always-online, shared world of Sea of Thieves. You can complete the Tall Tale story voyages solo, but each server can have up to 6 crews in it and they may or may not interfere with your progress at any point. Yes it is online only so you'll need Gold if you're playing on Xbox but not for PC.

Also worth noting - playing Sea of Thieves solo is hard.