Sega AGES coming to Switch (by M2, eShop, 15+ classic titles starting this summer)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Hero of Legend, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. Krejlooc

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    It dramatically improves PS2 IMO. I play with the encounter rate set low and the EXP and gold set high to offset the low encounter rate. And also double my walking speed. Makes the game much much brisker. The original PS2 would have a random battle like every single step. It was so frustrating.
  2. fiendcode

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    This isn’t true at all, things like the spindash, western clouds or 3D layering priority in Sonic 1 are romhacked in by M2. They do fixes to the original code like this all the time like the previously mentioned Lv99 bug in PS4 or english script in MW1/4.
  3. Hieroph

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    This is very cool. Hope this lineup grows very big.
  4. Krejlooc

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    Yeah, I know about these small changes, but these are not very complex changes. All of these are single changes to routines that can be easily made using the disassembly. There are tons of guides out there to do this stuff. The types of deep changes I'm talking about, M2 never does. The sorts of changes Tax and Stealth made to Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 (and Stealth in Sonic Megamix) are enormous changes that dramatically change the source code of the game, not mere bug fixes or small routine changes.

    Actually, MW4 is a rom from 1994 that Sega of America produced and never released. An english version of MW4 has been in Sega's hands for years now. M2 merely released it.
  5. Dooble

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    First info...

    They decided after doing the last 3D Classics wave, it would be a waste to just leave it there.
    Alex Kidd was chosen because of how popular he was on the Virtual Console in's likely they will continue to use data like that for deciding future releases.
    Gain Ground won't be the only arcade release. There will be more.
    15 Titles is the start depending how well it goes they will do more.
    There will be Saturn and Dreamcast titles in the future as well, if it goes well beyond the first 15 games.
    Rieko Kodama is a producer on the new Sega Ages project...
  6. fiendcode

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    Yes, it’s a different approach and M2 does come more from a place of preservation. I like the Taxman Sonics too and wouldn’t mind if Sega commisioned a full retail collection or something between Mania games.

    Also I have to say I wasn’t totally correct looking into it, the 3D layering in their GigaDrive and ReMaster System titles are done by applying patches rather than altering the rom. They are writing custom Assembly code for it in each title though, it’s not automated by the emulator.

    Really? I remember Okunari saying it was a new translation at the time but he might not have meant it in that sense. Was Monster Land AC also an old unreleased translation?
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    Holy shit!
  8. fiendcode

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    Amazing news.
  9. LordKano

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    The interview said that if the titles are well received, they could extend the initiative to Saturn and Dreamcast titles.
    It implies that the first 15 titles will only have Master System/Mega Drive/Arcade games.
  10. Krejlooc

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    Yup, the same way. It was produced for sales of Wonderboy in Monster Land in North America, but the game itself never actually launched in North America so it sat unused.
  11. Chû Totoro

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    Saturn games confirmed. Yes, so good.
  12. IronicSonic

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    My god. I hope gift feature comes to Switch eventually. I'll gift this titles a lot just to support Saturn and Dreamcast titles in the Switch!
  13. Amiibola

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    This sounds really fucking good. Loved the 3D classics.
  14. Vault

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    At least the Switch is region free

    for when none of the Saturn games get released in the west
  15. Revolsin

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    Absolute Megaton. I have 0 doubt this is going to be successful considering how titles have been selling on Switch so far. This is gonna be amazing.

    Put this in the OP! Super huge info!
  16. rawhide

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    Monster Land came from the archives, MW4 was newly localised.
  17. fiendcode

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    That’s fine, I can easily think of 10 more AC/MS/MD games I’d want. Hope Zillion, Golden Axe Warrior, Revenge of Death Adder, Crusader of Centy, Ranger-X and/or Virtua Racing make it in this time. All would be a first for M2.

    Interesting. Happen to know about any other completed english localized unreleased Sega titles that might make good classic rereleases?
  18. Zonic

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    Man, now I REALLY hope this does well if it means Saturn & Dreamcast games. They probably wouldn't be huge ones like Skies of Arcadia or Panzer Dragoon Saga, but I could see them bundling both Panzer Dragoon & Zwei together, both Crazy Taxi games, etc.
  19. Scrawnton

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    How many Master System / Genesis ports do I have to buy for a Skies of Arcadia port? Why has Sega ignored this game for so long...
  20. Dooble

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    Actually they said they chose Phantasy Star as one of the first games due to Rieko Kodama working on it. So likely, for Dreamcast games, Skies of Arcadia could be one of the first titles?

    This reminds me that with the Sega Forever initiative they also teased DC and Saturn...
  21. duckroll

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    What they said was that if there is enough support for the Sega Ages line to keep going, in the (far) future they could do Saturn and Dreamcast games too. But then they also said that to achieve that, everyone should buy all 15+ Sega Ages titles on Switch. Lolololol.
  22. Phoenom

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    This was my first thought as well. Skies might be too complex a project depending on the remaining assets, plus if its a dreamcast port then we'd miss out on the great Gamecube additions (but on the flip side get that wonderful OST a lot clearer).
  23. Musouka

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    It is also nice they have added several things to TFIV like Sega Saturn features, Kid Mode (you don't lose your weapons if you get hit), online ranking and the ability to play as FIRE LEO-03 STYX from TFIII (in addition to TFIV's FIRE LEO-04 RYNEX).

  24. dietpepsi

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    What Saturn games are worthy of this collection? The Saturn to me is a strange console, I never owned it and the only game that I know came out for it is a WipEout port.
  25. LordKano

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    NiGHTS Into Dreams, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Die Hard, Virtua Cop, Daytona USA, Virtua Fighter...
  26. dietpepsi

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    . . . right, of course. *sneaks away embarrassed*
  27. Chauzu

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    This is Switch so I have zero doubt it'll sell amazingly. Looking forward to Dreamcast games, never played a single one. In for almost everything.
  28. sir_crocodile

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    Revenge of Death Adder, Panzer Trilogy and Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram pls.

    I'd want the SF3 games but I suppose we'd only get the first, I doubt sega are going to pay for any translations.
  29. ArchedThunder

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    Guess I gotta buy some if I want Saturn and Dreamcast titles to happen.
    Not that I wasn't planning on it in the first place.
  30. fiendcode

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    I’d expect a lot of the Model 1/2 ports to show up in their original incarnations instead. That still leaves room for Fighters Megamix though. :)
  31. yo
  32. Amiibola

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    Ok, we get it, Taxman and Stealth are geniuses, and M2 are nobodies who mismanages Sonic.

    Please campaign to get the Taxman's Sonic games on Switch, and while you're at it do the same for Shenmue HD
  33. Wait wait wait...this involves Saturn and Dreamcast games?

  34. Red

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    There was a lot of work put into 3D conversions that’s sitting in limbo now. With the industry embrace of archiving and remastering titles I hope there is some pressure to bring a 3D feature back in the future.

    Panzer Dragoon on Switch... sounds good to me.
    me irl
  35. Gelf

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    Why are you so offended by this, both Taxman and M2's ports are great, many of us just prefer the Taxman ones a little bit more so would prefer that version to be the main one going forward. Not working on Sonic would free M2 to work on other ports sooner.
  36. LordKano

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    Would that mean that there's the possibility of getting Model 1/2 games within these 15 first titles if they're using the arcade versions first ? Technically they were trying to get Virtua Racing running on 3DS but eventually gave up due to the hardware.
  37. Qikz

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    Wait, does that mean we could get VIRTUA COP? OH GOD I NEED IT!
  38. Platy

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    Basically a new version of Sega 3D Classics on TV with easy 2 player, more games and possibility of Saturn and Dreamcast games?

    Look, I love shenmue games but I am starting to think Switch got the better deal here
  39. Krejlooc

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    "abloo abloo abloo"
  40. Jazzem

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    Kind of strange how we're back to the PS2/GCN/Xbox era of Sega with different platforms getting different releases, each worthwhile in their own way

    Of course I'd rather everything be on everything but at least Sega are prolific again :)
  41. Krejlooc

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    Before they touch anything model 1, 2, or 3.

    before they work on anything sega saturn

    before any of that


    Neither game has ever had a real port. And Outrunners is amazing. It's way better than Outrun. If Sega won't put Outrun 2 anywhere to download, Outrunners is an incredible alternative (that doesn't even have the Ferrari licensing problem).
  42. Emperor Ham

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    I finally get to play Saturn and Dreamcast games in the future on the Switch. Fuck yeah!!
  43. fiendcode

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    Switch definitely did, M2 is the retro jackpot. It’d be hilarious if they got to remastering Shenmue I/II as Ages titles too eventually.
  44. UmbriaPauly

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    This!!! I am so pumped
  45. Gelf

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    Yeah I do get mixed feelings about all this. Great we're getting this stuff but at the same time it sucks that to follow one companies back catalogue I have to aquire so many systems just like I had to back then. Broadly it's a positive from where we were though.
  46. Alright. I'm about as big a Sega fan as they come, but we need to start managing expectations here.

    Who ever said we are getting the Phantasy Star remakes? Model 2 ports? Panzer Friggin Dragoon?

    Honestly, there is nothing I want more than to be able to play my beloved Sega games in the modern era but you guys are getting way ahead of yourselves.

    They talked about Thunder Force IV, that's amazing... Look. I just don't want to see you guys get hurt.
  47. Jim_Cacher

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    Able to play Sakura Wars 1 to 4 on Switch will move me to tears. Do it!
  48. duckroll

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    The way they talked about it, I wouldn't even count on that. It sounds like a far off possibility if they successfully sell these older games first. M2's first love are old games. Older than Saturn. Leaning towards arcade. If they do eventually get to Saturn and DC, it could well be the next gen.
  49. Krejlooc

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    Nobody is talking about the phantasy star remakes. People are talking about the phantasy star ports they've already put out before, which included a bunch of rom hack changes. And they've already confirmed Phantasy Star is coming.
  50. TFW Sega is getting a VC presence on Switch before Nintendo...


    As a lifelong Nintendo fanboy, this could provide an opportunity to play some absolute gems I've missed out on over the years. Outside of a few Master System and Dreamcast titles, the Sega universe is largely a mystery to me. This is gonna be good!