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Should we move to a new OT after E3?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Wait for the Playstation 5

  1. Mikey Jr.

    Mikey Jr.

    Sony is publishing because they made a deal with Disney to allow them to have Spiderman in the MCU in exchange to make a Spidey game exclusive to the PS4.

    Insomniac, a third party, is making Spiderman. Sony has nothing to do with actually MAKING the game.

    Disney would not go to Sony to make a Star Wars game. What would be the point? Sony would obviously want it to be exclusive.

    Disney would go to Insomniac, and have them make a Star Wars game, and put it on every console.
  2. noctix


    Isnt he
    already dead? I mean according to the recent interview cory mentioned thor killed him. He is part of scenery now.
  3. StuBurns

    Banned Member

    Disney aren't publishing games.

    Who, other than Sony, is going to throw a hundred million at a Spider-Man game with no MTs?

    None of them.
  4. ReginOfFire


    yeah whats up with this
  5. Angie22


    I feel this was said so many times already, that is starting to be tiresome.
    First Marvel went to Sony. Because after the way Activision was treating Spider-Man, they wanted a publisher to give it full AAA threatment.

    Sony is payig for the game, Sony is publishing the game.

    Sony ws the one that contacted Insomniac, not Marvel, but Sony.

    Don't belive me, you can watch this video.
  6. FelipeMGM

    #Skate4 Moderator

    There is nothing that can confirm such deal happened this way, an explanation like that never came from the parties involved, so there is no reason to amuse that as fact

    What has been stated (like Angie said) is that Marvel Games approached SIE who then got Insomniac to develop the title for them. Sony is heavily involved and even lists San Mateo Studio as a collaborator on the project (most likely producers, QA's and design consultant roles)

    Here is Scott Rohde talking about it
  7. daniel77733


    Marvel appears to be going in a "quality" direction meaning that even if it's exclusive, so be it because they're more confident in regards to what the quality of the end product will be as opposed to before, where it was just thrown out there over and over.

    Very much interested in Spider Man now where as if it was just another licensed game published by Activision, I wouldn't even give a damn.
  8. Father Kratos

    Father Kratos

    Hope this is the case. Cant wait till 2020 for any of those games. Ghosts has a chance of slipping 2019, but if i remember correctly Shu or someone else had mentioned that the game is quite far in development.
  9. Ghost being 2019 is quite likely.
  10. Dadasch

    Self-Requested Ban Member

    Yep, I would rather single out Death Stranding as the game that could potentially miss a release for 2019.
  11. EssCee


    It’s not for “just the sake” of adding it in. I feel like they could do an interesting twist with the whole biker gang/crafting system that’s involved and obviously how unique the “freakers” are as enemies. Again, the setting makes it sound like it could have a very interesting co-op component.

    I could def see them adding some sort of co-op/online component to Horizon 2 - whether you want it or not. Again, a lot of these multiplayer modes don’t necessarily take away from the main campaign/single player component. There is no reason to get upset about the possibility of multiplayer being added to these games - at the end of the day Sony is in this to make a profit and these things help add to the longevity of the game. You also have the option to not play the online portions of these games
  12. Agreed, that'll be the Days Gone of next year. It could probably hit 2019 but won't.
  13. Majiebeast


    I think some people just underestimate what a publisher actually does.
  14. I'm playing Horizon again. I played the DLC last year but never played the whole game with the DLC. Now I get to finally do that and plan my skill tree accordingly based on the extra upgrades the DLC throws in.
  15. Desfrog


    Would Dying Light 2 be awkward for Days Gone if they launch in a similar time frame?
  16. I still need to get Frozen Wilds.
  17. NKnight7


    Frozen Wilds was great, one of my favorite DLC's in recent memory.
  18. SolidSnakex


    In terms of 2020, I wonder who'll be in positoin to have new games?

    Naughty Dog - If PartII has single player DLC then this seems like the year it'd be released assuming that PII launches next year

    Polyphony - It will have been three years since GTS. I really think we'll only get one GT this gen. So if the PS5 is ready in 2020 then it would be a dream scenario for Sony to have a GT ready at or near launch

    Horizon - Just like with Polyphony, it will have been three years since Horizon. I expect Horizon 2 to be a next-gen title, so this will likely depend on just how early they can really get to hammering away at PS5-type tech

    Media Molecule - This may seem like a long shot given how long Dreams has been in development, but I do think it's possible. That's if MM has a small team working on it as they did with Tearaway. They made Tearaway in three years with just 15 members. So, I think a smaller scale project is possible from them

    London Studio - Very likely as Sony seems intent on continuing VR and if the PS5 launches in 2020 they're going to want a showcase title for it

    Santa Monica - Unlikely

    San Diego - MLB

    Bend - Unlikely

    Sucker Punch - Unlikely

    Japan Studio - They'll have something for sure. Whether it's a big or small project is the only question

    XDev - Likely as they seem to always be working on some collaboration
  19. Dadasch

    Self-Requested Ban Member

    One thing is for sure: I'd be way more hyped for Dying Light 2.

    I STILL didn't play Frozen Wilds after like starting it 3 months ago for some 2 hours or so...I even praised how GG improved the animations within dialogues in such a short timeframe. And the snow deformation led me to wander/jump/roll around for a good 30 minutes.

    Still haven't played it. I don't get it.:D

    Right now I'm playing Ratchet & Clank, which is btw my first experience with the franchise. It's pretty good, I like it.
  20. I JUST finished another playthrough of that game this morning. How far are you into the game?
  21. Jacob4815


    he will be resurrected.
    There was an artwork with a massive giant alive in the background.
  22. Father Kratos

    Father Kratos

    Yet to play Horizon. Which is the better option? Play the whole game with DLC or in order of release?

    So usually how this works? If PS5 is indeed 2020 and with the long game development cycles these days, wouldn't these studios will need more time with PS5 dev kits? or they are already having it?
  23. Dadasch

    Self-Requested Ban Member

    Ratchet & Clank?
    I'm at the point where the Galactic Rangers attack some kind of Blargian planet I think (with Captain Qwark for the first time). I take my time with the game and try to clear the all the planets before starting a new level.
    The point I dislike the most as of now is the Magneboots thing where you get obstacles which you have to hit with your Omniwrench. The angle is so fucking bad that I get hit everytime. :D
    I play on Hard too, so it can get a bit tricky at some points.
  24. Well, the DLC adds another part to the map, so it works to just buy the Complete Edition if you don't own it yet. You'll come across the DLC during your playthrough, and the added upgrades, features, etc., you'll be able to use during your regular playthrough anyway.

    Hard can be, well, hard lol, especially the hoverboard races. Just remember to save your boosts for the end because the one negative I do have is the rubber-banding in the races. The second race is actually easier due to two shortcuts you can take.

    It sounds like you're actually 75% finished if you are where I think you are. What are the latest weapons you've purchased?
  25. Dadasch

    Self-Requested Ban Member

    That was the Warmonger I think. The last objective I had was to destroy the Hydroharvesters.
  26. -PyramidSong


    Naughty Dog still the most prolific studio for Sony. At the end of the generation they will have launched three games. (And im not counting the year they spent working on TLOU Remastered) Thats more than any other first party studio. I know these games are established IP but is still amazing.
  27. Looking forward to it. The last great DLC I played was LEft Behind. Granted, I don't buy a lot of DLC but yeah. I'm sure Old Hunters will be up there whenever I get to it.

    The quality of The Lost Legacy in ~1 year is crazy. For me, it is the best UC in the series, so it was very impressive work overall.
  28. Ah, yes, you don't have too long to go. NG+ is great, though. Glad you've been enjoying it! It's fun to watch the comparison videos, too.

  29. Dadasch

    Self-Requested Ban Member

    That moment is long overdue...
    I just started a new game today after 2 years of abstinence and destroyed that troll on my second attempt with just two well-timed shots, That feeling of the visceral attack is unmatched.

    NG+ is great to hear. I really don't think I can upgrade these weapons within my first playthrough. I don't get enough Raritanium, although I use the Pyrocitor quite often.
  30. -PyramidSong


    Yep. I'm just playing "The Lost Legacy" right now. I'm on chapter 7 and it's an incredibly beautiful game with nothing to envy Uncharted 4. Im really enjoy it And i know it will become one of my favorite Uncharted games. As you said: crazy for 1 year of development.
  31. The Lost Legacy, The Frozen Wilds, and The Old Hunters are all great. Hope God of War and Spider-Man get similar dlc treamtment
  32. SolidSnakex


    I'm pretty sure that even before they get dev kits they work on PC's that are targeted toward whatever specs Sony are aiming at. I mean, the first talk we heard of Orbis dev kits going out was in early 2012. There's no way that teams were putting together current-gen games in less than two years. So they had to have been working on some sort of target hardware before getting kits.
  33. Father Kratos

    Father Kratos

    Thanks. Wasnt sure how these teams handle cross-gen games.
  34. jayu26


    They are probably the best studio at making reused assets not look like reused assets.
  35. Father Kratos

    Father Kratos

    Original holds up quite well.
  36. JuanLatino

    Member OP

    im really curious what meaning Ghost has for the japanese market. Is it just another AAA Game from Sony in their eyes or does it actually have the potenial to become a systemseller with high sales numbers.

    we are talking and worrying so much about Days Gone (which should do perfectly fine), and here i am hoping the best for GOT to do well and prove the doubters wrong about AAA Games and Asian Settings.
  37. Majiebeast


    Have there been many games where a western developer takes on an asian setting?
  38. JuanLatino

    Member OP

    apart from Moba games i don't think so
  39. Monty Mole

    Monty Mole

    Sleeping Dogs was set in Hong Kong. And if rumours are to be believed, the next Forza Horizon will be set in Japan.
  40. jstevenson

    Developer at Insomniac Games Verafied

    If you want more about how Spider-Man game came to be, listen to Kotaku podcast of Jason Schrier interviewing Ted.

    Long story short: Sony came to us and asked if we wanted to work with Marvel. Sony and Marvel let us decide what character/universe we wanted to make a game based on. We chose Spider-Man.
  41. Holy crap y’all had a choice? Damn that’s amazing I didn’t know that part
  42. NinjaScooter


    Jade Empire too.
  43. v_iHuGi


    Great decision.

    Don't forget Ratchet too.
  44. Tonky


    Hmmm I wonder if Insomniac is not the only studio that Sony has made this offer to

    R* Iron Man pls
  45. Oh wow, they gave Insomniac access to the entire Marvel chest. Just imagine...
  46. Wandu


    Thank you for posting this. Clears some things up. Will give this a watch.
  47. That single quote opens up so many possibilities and theories lol

    Insomniac are y’all big fans of Black Panther
  48. Imagining a Hulk game by Insomniac...

  49. janusff


    I want a insomniac Black Panther game now.
  50. Sangetsu-II


    Holy Crap, that's thread worthy, does that mean that Sony has dibs on any Marvel property as long as they give Spider-Man movie rights for MCU movies? or if Spider-Man PS4 is successful you guys can make any MCU sequels?!!
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